Formerly known as the 10 Spot, The Spot Dispensary in Santa Ana has been serving licensed marijuana since 2017. They are a locally owned and operated business store in Santa Ana, CA, and the product delivery covers the areas of Orange County and the Inland Empire. One can find a wide range of cannabis products to suit their needs.

The Spot Dispensary is a state-licensed marijuana dispensary in California, and hence, they comply with all of CA Prop 2015 and Prop 64. Patients with medical issues and conditions that require marijuana products like flowers, gummies, and anything else can visit the store during open hours to get the product of their choice and requirements. Their staff assists patients in understanding the right way to purchase an ideal product.

More about the dispensary

The Spot Dispensary attracts customers from all over Orange County and Inland Empire, and it has been providing medical marijuana products for the last six years now. They are open for fixed hours during the whole week, but the timings can sometimes vary due to events and special occasions. Based on the timing preferences of the customers, there are different types of sales services provided by The Spot Dispensary. The details regarding the same are given as follows:

  1. Early Birds: 7 AM – 8 AM
  2. Doorstep delivery: 12 PM – 8 PM
  3. Night owl: 8 PM – 9 PM

The customer experience when buying marijuana products is just like every other marijuana store in other regions. The staff assists customers to ensure the purchase and delivery of the right type of product. They offer guidance as per the customer’s needs and preferences in terms of dosing, method of intake, and types of products. 

For regular customers, there is also the possibility to strike various discount offers and deals that make cannabis products easily accessible and more affordable.

The online product delivery services from The Spot Dispensary make the buying process even more convenient for their customers. While making a purchase online, the website also provides the buyer with details about product availability and the delivery process, along with payment methods. 

In addition to it, when making a physical purchase, if the customer does not have cash, they offer a variety of payment options, including online methods and card payments.

Doorstep delivery services

While providing convenient in-store products, the dispensary also offers affordable doorstep delivery. Those unable to buy physically from the stores can explore the menu online and make purchases to get easy and convenient delivery at their homes or offices. The delivery service range is around a 25-mile radius of the store locations, including Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Tustin, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, and Costa Mesa.

Products available at The Spot Dispensary

A wide range of cannabis products are available in a wide range of varieties on the market these days, and one can get all the variety at The Spot Dispensary. The product range includes different cannabis products, including flowers, concentrates, Cannabis edibles, gummies, vapes, topicals, and much more. The sourcing of all the products available in the store is done locally to ensure superior quality. The Spot Dispensary, Santa Ana, sources all its products from reputed and quality manufacturers locally. Their products meet quality and potency requirements to ensure the satisfaction of the customers.

While taking an order, be it online or offline, they provide extensive details on the brands and products available. In addition to it, they prefer disclosing information about the complete THC and CBD content of the products for buyers to make a well-informed purchase.

The cannabis products sold by The Spot Dispensary are medical grade and can satisfy a variety of needs for patients. Below are some of the products you can buy from The Spot Dispensary:


The dispensary sells a variety of cannabis flowers that can be used for smoking and vaping, and also to create edibles for those who prefer homemade items. Indica and Sativa are both options that can be found in the store. The brands you can find in this product line include Binske, Labs, Gold Cuts, Claybourne, and more.


Vapes are extensively popular, and one can buy a variety of vaping items from The Spot Dispensary. Vape carts and other vaping gadgets are available in their store, and one can place an order online or buy from the store directly. The vape brands available in the store include Stiiizy, 710 Labs, and many more.


Edibles are also available in their store, and one can choose a product as per their preferences. The most selling edibles include gummies, baked goods, chocolates, and more from brands like 710 Labs and Camino.


Pre-rolls are pretty popular among young users and can be found in The Spot Dispensary. These are pre-filled with cannabis flowers and can be bought online and offline as well. Brands that sell pre-rolls through The Spot Dispensary include Jetty Extracts, 710 Labs, Claybourne, and some others.


Cannabis extracts are extracted directly from plants and can be used for the treatment of various conditions or for their very high potency. One can get extracts with different concentrations at The Spot Dispensary from brands like Raw Garden and 710 Labs.


Tinctures are highly concentrated and fast-acting products. These are highly potent and, hence, are used for several purposes. Tinctures with concentrations ranging from 450mg – 1000mg are available from brands including Korova, Cream of the Crop, Papa & Barkley, and more.


One can buy a variety of topicals from The Spot Dispensary, including balms, salves, and lotions from brands such as Buddies Brand and Papa & Barkley.

The Spot Dispensary refreshes its stock regularly so that it can meet its customers’ requirements on time.