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The Ten Co. Dispensary

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480 Harley Knox Blvd Perris, California US 92571

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The Ten Co Dispensary

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in USA is a cannabis store in California. There is a diverse range of products available in this dispensary to meet the requirements of customers with various requirements in terms of products and experiences. 

In case you are in California and want to buy cannabis products, this place can turn out to be a suitable option for you.

Let us have a look at some features of this dispensary in California to know if it can meet your requirements.

The Ten Co Dispensary – additional details

The Ten Co Dispensary is located at 480 Harley Knox Blvd Perris, California, United States – 92571. The dispensary is well known for offering various products and services when it comes to cannabis. You can prefer visiting the store to buy your cannabis refill, or you can order online. 

Additionally, for ordering on call, you can contact the dispensary at 951-262-8727, and you can reach

Product range

The product selection at The Ten Co Dispensary in USA is wide, and perhaps anyone is looking for a cannabis product as per their preferences. They have cannabis flowers, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and much more. Moreover, there are various strains in every product, and you can choose from strains like indica, sativa, and hybrid. 

You can also fulfill your preference in terms of THC and CBD levels as they have products with different levels of these compounds. You can get well-known as well as lesser-known brands in a variety of products.


The location of The Ten Co Dispensary in USA is easily accessible from all locations in the city. The customer can easily locate the dispensary through mobile map applications, and it makes it convenient for tourists to locate the store.

Shopping options

The Ten Co Dispensary has shopping options available for customers looking for an experience and those who want convenience. This dispensary has both in-store and calls-for-delivery options available. 

You can either choose to visit the store and go through all the products personally or can place an order on call for doorstep delivery of cannabis products. While delivering the products, they maintain discreet packaging. This makes it easier for customers to buy cannabis products from them with convenience.

Pricing and offers

The product pricing at The Ten Co Dispensary in USA is carefully set as per the California cannabis market. The price points for products range from high to low to meet the budgets of buyers from various income groups. 

Generally, you can easily find products that have fair and reasonable prices with satisfactory product quality. They also have premium products to meet the demands of cannabis consumers looking for exotic experiences.

Privacy and considerations

The Ten Co Dispensary in USA follows safety and privacy guidelines as per the industry standard in California. They ensure that customers have access to cannabis products that are tested in third-party laboratories for recreational activities. It avoids any side effects from these items and offers a safe experience. Additionally, there are surveillance cameras installed in the dispensary. They store products carefully so that the potency and quality are not compromised.

Overall, The Ten Co Dispensary has satisfactory services with a wide range of products to cater to customer needs of all types. With competitive pricing and safety standards at this dispensary, customers can easily find what they are looking for while maintaining their budget and privacy. Furthermore, this dispensary is suitable for customers who are beginners as well as experienced with cannabis products.

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