The Treehouse Dispensary is a cannabis dispensary in California, and you can find many weed items here. To visit this dispensary, you will have to reach 3651 Soquel Dr, Soquel, California, 95073, United States.

  • Operation hours: The Treehouse Dispensary starts its operations for in-store shopping at 11 in the morning and offers the last purchase at 7 in the evening. However,​ if you are going for their drive-thru option, you ​can start buying at 8 AM, and you can get your last order at 9:50 PM. The timings​ are the same for all seven days of the week to avoid any confusion.
  • Ordering System: In this dispensary, you ​can make your purchase by visiting the store, and it has a drive-thru option available for​ customers. You can also decide to go for a pickup facility at the store, and you can order for the same by calling +1 831-471-8289. In case you want a home delivery option for your cannabis item, you can make your purchase from their official website – Additionally, they offer facilities like an ATM and ADA accessibility.

Deals and offers

The Treehouse Dispensary has many offers for customers so that they can make budget-friendly purchases of cannabis products. Here are some of the exciting offers you will get at this dispensary in California:

  1. Veterans are offered a discount of 20% on the entire order.
  2. They give a 10% Discount to medical buyers.
  3. Students and teachers get a 20% discount if they show a current ID.
  4. You can get a Wisdom Discount of 5% if you are a senior above 65 years of age.
  5. The early bird in the morning gets one cannabis item for just $0.01 only. However, it is only given to 1 customer per day.
  6. Buy an 8th Gram from any brand and get 1 g cannaBay Pink Guava Flavor for only $0.01 between 8 AM and 9:50 AM.
  7. Buy a PLUS Gummies and get a 100mg tin of sour watermelon gummies for just $1.
  8. Get a cran-pomegranate 10mg 2pack from Kanha for just $0.01 when you buy Any Edible from the Treehouse Dispensary.
  9. Spend more than $85 on Saturdays and Sundays and get a Yada Yada Ice Cream Cake 5 g only for $1 for the whole week.
  10. On Monday, get 30% OFF on concentrates by Breezle, Almora, CBX, Globs, and Splatter Labs.
  11. Purchase a Dabwoods item and get a 1g Biscotti Distillatillate Disposable for just $0.01.
  12. Spend more than $65 on Friday and get a Good Neighbor 1:1 CBD Pre-Roll for just $0.01.
  13. On Saturday, Buy an Emerald Sky item and get a 100mg pack of Wild Berry Gummies for only $1.
  14. On THC DAY, get 20% OFF on all items in the store and a 30% discount on select brands at Treehouse Dispensary.

While some of these offers may be available every week, others may be exclusive to a specific week or time. Make sure that you check their regularly updated deals and offers on the website or at the store.


The Treehouse Dispensary is among the well-known dispensaries for its distinct services like drive-thru and more. Additionally, they have a huge collection of products to offer to customers. You can buy products like cannabis tinctures, edibles, concentrates, vapes, and more.

They also have a variety of brands on their shelves, which allows both budget and experience-oriented buyers to visit here. It has both popular and lesser-known brands on the list, and here are a few of the names you will find on their shelves:

  • Stash
  • Lemonade
  • Mary Jones
  • Raw Garden
  • Ember Valley
  • Smoakland
  • Liquid Flower
  • Mary’s Medicinals
  • 1
  • Cosmic Treehouse
  • Santa Cruz Naturals
  • Agua De Flor
  • Albert Einstone’s
  • Almora
  • Amber
  • Artemis

These are a few brands you will see at Treehouse Dispensary, but the stock is not limited to these options. You can find more brands on the shelves of this dispensary, and there will be price variations as well. You can find one selling you an item for $250 and another selling you the same item for a lower price. This makes the Treehouse Dispensary a suitable place for the type of people who seek luxury and others who want affordability.

Here’s a best-selling item that you should try at the Treehouse Dispensary:

Gelonade 1g Pre Roll

This is a pre-roll from Ember Valley, and it is sold for $4 each in Treehouse Dispensary. It has a Sativa dominant hybrid strain and contains 28.4% THC and 0.1% CBD. The high effects of this pre-roll include euphoria, relaxation, and creativity, and if you have an overdose, you may feel paranoid and anxious. 

There are more products from verified brands at the Treehouse Dispensary that you should try. Visit their website to check out more.