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2110 S. Yale Street Unit A Santa Ana, California US 92704

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West Clinik Dispensary

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2110 S. Yale Street Unit A, Santa Ana

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West Clinik Dispensary offers both medical and recreational marijuana from a large selection of well-known brands. The dispensary is wheelchair-accessible and brand-verified. It provides a secure and helpful environment for cannabis users from all communities, including low-income or marginalized communities. 

The West Clinik Dispensary also has a dedicated YouTube channel you can visit to learn more about cannabis, cannabis products, and the store itself. 

Location: The West Clinik Dispensary is at 2110 S. Yale Street Unit A, Santa Ana. The store is easy to find and allows curbside pick-up. There’s free parking space available near the store and an ATM is available in-house if you need to withdraw cash to purchase weed. 

Operating Hours: The dispensary in California is open from 8 AM to 9.45 PM every day from Monday to Sunday. Call ahead if it is a public holiday to check whether it is open. 

However, curbside pick-up is closed at 8 p.m. every day. If you want to pick up and don’t want to get out of your car, you will need to be at the store before 8. 

Ordering system

The dispensary offers curbside and store pick-up. You can place the order online or call them directly. While there’s a section on delivery on West Clinik Dispensary’s website, there’s no information on their delivery services yet. You can check third-party delivery vendors to see if the dispensary’s products are available there.

This dispensary in California will only hold orders you make online until 9:30 PM the same day. If you don’t pick up the order, it will be placed back on the shelf and may sell out later. 

All orders must be paid in cash or debit card. Fortunately, there’s an ATM that you can use to withdraw cash on the store premises. 

To pick up the order, you need a valid government ID and if you’re a medical marijuana patient, you need a Medical Marijuana Identification Card. If you don’t have the MMIC card, the store staff will help you register for one. 

Special offers

West Clinik Dispensary has many interesting offers for both medical and recreational users. Some of these deals are very attractive as they offer deep discounts.

  • First-time visitors can get up to 50% off and get buy one get one free. However, daily state purchase limits still apply to this offer.
  • Veterans get 15% off on their entire purchase. 
  • Disability and Senior individuals over 65 years get 15% off on their purchase as well.
  • There’s a Happy Hour every day from 8 AM to 10 PM and 7 PM to 8 PM. You will get 15% off during this time. 
  • Munchie Monday deal is 15% off on all edibles
  • Terp Tuesday deal includes 15% off wax products.
  • Cart Wednesday deal offers 15% off on vape items. 
  • Topical Thursday includes 15% off tincture and topical products.
  • Fridaze is a promo Friday with product promo deals. 
  • Pre-Roll Saturday, as the name suggests, offers 15% off on pre-rolls.
  • Sunday Funday offers 15% off flowers and this doesn’t include pre-rolls

Not all brands are covered in these discounts. You may not get any discount if you buy STIIIZY, Plugplay, and Jeeter products. 


This dispensary in California has over 60 brands in its inventory, which means there’s no shortage of options for you. Some of the most popular brands in California are available, including:

  • Autumn Brands 
  • 420 Kingdom
  • Big Tree
  • Big Boy Dro
  • BLEM
  • Cali Lotus
  • Comic Fog Cannabis Co
  • Big Pete’s Treats
  • Cream of the Crop
  • CRU Cannabis
  • Emerald Sky
  • Extrax
  • Crown Genetics 
  • Gelato
  • Good Tide
  • FloraCal Farms
  • Dr. Norm’s
  • Dabwoods
  • Jeeter
  • Jetty Extracts 

The large collection of brands means you can from products that are under $25 and over $200 as well. The dispensary has something for both regular and premium users.

Best selling products

The West Clinik Dispensary has a collection of over 900 products. This naturally means you can find a product that suits your needs and fits your budget at the same time. The store offers everything from flowers to gear. Some of the products include:

1. Bubble Bath Flower from 420 Kingdom

Bubble Bath Flower is a hybrid that is flavorful and pure, thanks to the aeroponic cultivation technique. It is lab-grown and delivers a smooth smoking experience based on user reviews. 

2. Sunrise Tincture from Buddies Brand

Sunrise Tincture has an uplifting and sweet vanilla mint flavor with 1000mg THC. It packs a punch and will give you a clean high. 

3. Lemon OG Concentrate from 710 Labs

This tier-1 fresh-press live rosin comes in the popular Lemon OG flavor for a tart, citrusy hit. It is one of the purest forms of weed and can help you reach a good high. 

The West Clinik Dispensary also has pre-rolls, edibles, drinks, and accessories from more than 60 brands.

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