The Wild Seed Wellness dispensary in California has a wide array of cannabis products for enthusiasts. They sell both medical and recreational cannabis products, and their store location is 1109 Chestnut St, Marysville, CA 95901, United States.

  • Operating hours: They start operating at 9 in the morning, and you can buy the last product from Wild Seed Wellness at 9 at night. The timing is the same for all days of the week to ensure that there won’t be any confusion among the customers who are non-residents of the locality.
  • Ordering System: You can visit the store where you get your cannabis refill, or you can get a storefront order prepared within 30 minutes. To place an order for storefront pickup, you’ll have to call (530) 763-5657. Additionally, the buyers can place an order for home delivery at their official website – They offer additional amenities like ADA accessibility, storefront, and card acceptance.

Offers and deals

The Wild Seed Wellness dispensary in California is a renowned cannabis outlet, and it gives multiple offers and deals to its customers. Some of the offers that you can find at this dispensary are given as follows:

Monday Offers

  1. 35% OFF on all Halfpipe items
  2. 25% OFF on All Jeeter items
  3. 30% OFF on connected and Alien Labs

Tuesday Deals

  1. Get 25% OFF on all 530 Grower 5G
  2. 20% OFF on Mr. Zips 7 g, 14 g & 28 g.
  3. 30% OFF on Kanha.

Wednesday Offers

  1. 25% OFF on Heavy Hitter products
  2. Get a 25% discount on all Sauced
  3. Get 20% OFF on all Tough Mama products

Thursday Deals

  1. Get 35% OFF on all Wyld products.
  2. 20% OFF on all Glass House
  3. Avail 30% discount on Connect and Alien Labs

Friday Deals

  1. Get 50% off on all Halfpipe Cannabis products.
  2. Camino products are available here at a 35% discount.
  3. Lost farm products are available here at 35% OFF.
  4. 35% discount on all Pacific Stone items.
  5. Island products are available here at 20% lower prices.
  6. Buy Chew & Chill products at 40%  OFF on all items.
  7. Get Mr. Zips Flowers, Vapes, and Pre-Rolls at a discount of 35%.
  8. Time Machine products are available here at 35% OFF.

Saturday Offers

  1. Get 35% OFF on all Mr. Zip 7g, 14g, and 28g.
  2. 20% OFF on all Stiiizy items
  3. Get 25% OFF on ALL 530 Grower (5G)

Sunday Deals

  1. Get a 35% discount on all products from LIME.
  2. Get 25% OFF on all items from Casual
  3. 35% Discount on all Good Tide products
  4. 30% OFF on products from Torch Products
  5. 30% OFF on Grizzly Peak products

These are some daily deals you can avail of at Wild Seed Wellness to make some budget-friendly purchases. For other exclusive offers, visit the store and ask the staff.


The Wild Seed Wellness dispensary in California has a diverse range of cannabis products, and you can find everything from flowers to tinctures and edibles to vapes. 

When it comes to cannabis brands, there are many premium and budget-friendly options available in this dispensary. Let us enlist a few of the brands that you can get in this dispensary.

  • 36 North
  • 530 Grower
  • Absolute Extracts
  • Alien Labs
  • Allswell
  • Almora
  • Artisan Canna Cigars
  • Bear Labs
  • Big Pete’s Treats
  • Big Tree
  • Blue Prints
  • Buddies Brand
  • Cali Kosher
  • Camino
  • CAM
  • Casual Cannabis Co
  • CBX Cannabiotix
  • DOJA
  • Emerald Sky
  • Fig Farms
  • Friendly Brand
  • Froot
  • Heavy Hitters
  • Jeeter
  • Kanha
  • Grizzly Peaks
  • Island
  • Raw Garden
  • Red Eye
  • Souced
  • Terra
  • Time Machine
  • Turtle Pie
  • TYSON 2.0
  • Tough Mama
  • WVY
  • WYLD

These are some brands on the shelves of Wild Seed Wellness, and you can pick any of them as per your budget and preferences. You can buy products costing you as low as $10 and also something that will cost you more than $200.

Let’s now look at some staff-selected and most-selling items at Wild Seed Wellness.

Blueberry Dream Gummies

These gummies from Chew & Chill will cost you $10.50 and contain 100 mg THC per pack, with each gummy containing 1 0mg THC. You can get it from Wild Seed Wellness to have delectable flavors and euphoric sensations. These gummies are water soluble and are better than fat-soluble cannabinoids. These gummies take 15-20 minutes to show their effects and are suitable for indoor activities and fun.


It is a liquid diamond cartridge from Halfpipe, and you can get it for $15.50 from Wild Seed Wellness. It contains 92% THC content and gives a flavorful experience. The manufacturing process for this cartridge is carried on using cryogenically chilled ethanol, which makes the end product cleaner. It is considered for activities that require focus. It has the flavors and scent of fresh lemonade.

Apart from these, there are many others available on their shelves. To shop more of their best-selling items, you can visit their official website or walk into their store.