Zen Garden Wellness Dispensary Operates a licensed cannabis retail location in Stockton, California. 

  • Location: Conveniently located at 7632 Pacific Ave, the dispensary provides access to a variety of marijuana products for medical and recreational consumers in the Stockton area.
  • Operating hours: This dispensary in California is open 10 am to 8 pm daily, 7 days a week for accessibility.
  • Ordering and payment options: For convenience, the dispensary in California Offers online ordering through its website for in-store pickup or delivery. First-time patients receive 10% off their purchase. The dispensary accepts cash, debit, and major credit cards in-store. An ATM is on-site.

Product selection and inventory

Zen Garden Wellness Dispensary Provides a carefully curated inventory showcasing top California cultivators and manufacturers. Their menu includes a wide variety of options across flowers, vapes, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and more.

Featured flowers include stimulating sativa strains perfect for daytime use, mellow hybrids ideal for relaxation and creativity, and sedating Indicas for nighttime symptom relief.

This dispensary in California also carries THC and CBD specialty products catering to a range of consumer needs, from discreet micro-dosing options to powerful extracts. Patrons appreciate the dispensary’s diversity and customizability.

Top Selling Products

Zen Garden Wellness Dispensary customers rave about these current best-sellers:

  • Portable High CBD Gummies – Precise low-dose gummies with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Can be beneficial for pain, inflammation, and anxiety relief.
  • Jealousy Flower – A smooth, relaxing hybrid strain with grape and berry flavors. Provides euphoria alongside soothing body effects.
  • Bob Stash Sundae Driver Flower – This potent hybrid strain offers sedating qualities useful for treating insomnia and appetite issues. Offers sweet, creamy flavors.
  • Fortune Cookies Flower – An uplifting sativa-leaning hybrid that provides creative, energetic effects alongside citrusy diesel flavors.
  • Palms Pre-Roll Pack – Convenient 0.5 g pre-roll 5-packs including strains like Durban Poison, Skywalker OG, and Strawberry Cough.
  • Bananimal Flower – This pungent hybrid strain from Greenline provides a balance of euphoria and deep body relaxation with 29% THC and notes of tropical fruit.
  • Honeydew Live Resin – Puff Weiser’s sweet and mouth-watering Honeydew live resin concentrate offers an instant uplifting sativa experience with 90% THC potency.
  • Papaya Punch Hi-Burst Gummies – These juicy, sativa-leaning gummies deliver 100 mg THC in each pack for an energizing and creative cannabis experience.
  • Releaf 1:1 CBD – THC Tincture – Papa & Barkley’s versatile sublingual tincture combines 220 mg THC with 220 mg CBD for whole-body therapeutic effects and relief.
  • London Pound Cake Pre-Rolls – Pre-rolls of this delicious, cake-flavored indica flower from West Coast Cure offers a high 26% THC potency for relaxation.
  • Strawberry Slush Infused Pre-Rolls – Jetpacks’ Strawberry Slush infused pre-rolls provide sweet berry flavors complemented by relaxing effects.

Zen Garden Wellness Dispensary Offers regular weekly deals and discounts for veterans with valid IDs. Their product selection suits all preferences and needs.

In conclusion, Zen Garden Wellness Dispensary has established itself as a standout cannabis retail destination in Stockton, California, offering a welcoming and compassionate environment for both medical and recreational consumers. 

With an inviting atmosphere and quality product selection, this Dispensary Provides an excellent cannabis retail destination in California’s Central Valley.