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DIY the most powerful hits with Gravity Bongs – A complete overview

Gravity Bongs
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Although gravity bongs might sound highly advanced, they are simple DIY bongs that can give you strong hits. A gravity bong is a DIY or homemade bong where the water and pressure push the smoke into the lungs.

Look through the following discussion to know what they are, how they are different from regular bongs, how to make and use them, and all the other essential facts about gravity bongs. 

About Gravity bongs

You can call a gravity bong a Geeb, GB, bucket bong, or waterfall bong. 

When you light the cannabis, gravity tends to pull the cannabis smoke into the bottle with the water in the container to generate suction. We cannot know who was the actual creator of the gravity bongs, yet these are well-known and popular in use. 

You can use numerous types of household materials. And with everyday household materials, you can bless yourself with some of the most powerful hits.

How are gravity bongs different from regular bongs?

Gravity bongs are pretty different from regular bongs. The way they function differs from the way normal bongs function. The smoke compellingly passes through the water and this helps the smoke to filter and cool down effectively.

However, here is where the gravity bongs differ from the regular bongs. In gravity bongs, the water creates the suction pressure, and here, the smoke does not pass through the smoke.

Would you get better hits with gravity bongs?

Yes! The best part about gravity bongs is not that you can make them completely by yourself using everyday materials that you can find in your house. Rather, the best part is that it offers much stronger hits than regular bongs.

You need a smaller bowl, which means a smaller amount of cannabis. And with that smaller amount of cannabis, you get a limited amount of smoke. And with each hit, you can be sure about not using up a large part of your stash, which would be the opposite case for other smoking processes.

Also, each hit would be substantially intense and equally euphoric. These bongs produce larger hits that are far more concentrated than the smoke that regular bongs generate. However, an important aspect to consider here is that the water vacuum creates a force.

This force regulates and determines how rapidly and intensely the smoke will enter and fill your lungs. And this is one of the primary reasons why gravity bongs are so popular and widespread in use.

Steps for a DIY Gravity Bong

You can make a gravity bong with materials easily available in your house. You will need the materials in the list below to make your gravity bong.

  •   2-liter bottle with cap
  •   Container or a bucket that is larger than the above 2-liter bottle that you are taking
  •   An aluminum foil or small socket from a socket wrench
  •   Box cutter or a knife
  •   Lighter
  •   Cannabis
  •   Nail or any other powerful poking material

Now that you know what you need to make your gravity bong, the steps are as follows.

Step 1

Firstly, you have to cut the bottle, where you have to cut the bottom part. Here is the 2-liter bottle that we mentioned in the above list of materials that is needed. Use the box cutter or the knife to cut the bottom of the bottle. Be cautious not to cut a large part, as the larger you leave the bottle, the more smoke it will hold.

Step 2

Use the knife and poker to cut a hole in the bottle cap’s top. The hole should be only as big as the narrow end of the socket to fit in the hole and not more than that. The socket must fit ideally and tightly so that all the air you take in comes from inside and not around it.

If you are using aluminum foil, you have to cover the cap’s top with it. Then, use the poker to poke several holes in the foil and the cap. It will enable the air to enter the battle.

Ensure that you reshape the foil into the bowl to keep the cannabis at the center and prevent it from scooping out. Always remember that the cap requires screwing off for the bong to function. You can even use a bowl from a smoking piece of a regular bong if available and if you want to use it.

Step 3

After you fill the bowl, submerge the bottle into the water until the extent of the cap is reached. With the lighter, light the flame and hold it above the cannabis, which is inside the bowl. Then, gradually pull the bottle up.

You will be able to feel the pull that the water vacuum creates. You will also see the bottle fill with intensely concentrated smoke. Continue pulling it up and lighting it until you consume the cannabis or find that you have used up all the water. When you find that it has happened at the same time, it generally indicates that you have done it correctly.

Step 4

Now, you are just a step away from taking the most potent hits from your own gravity bong. You have to twist off the cap cautiously. Be very mindful about not pulling the bottle out of the water. Also, ensure that you do not push the bottle into the water. Otherwise, it will ruin all the above steps and efforts.

Now, place your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale the smoke into your lungs. You will be able to feel that the bottle is naturally pulling into the water while you are breathing the smoke in your lungs. Continue this until you find that the water is almost reaching the top of the bottle. It prevents the tar from reaching your mouth.

Why choose Gravity Bongs?

Using gravity bongs can offer you numerous benefits over regular bongs.

Better hits

Gravity bongs give some of the most potent hits which regular bongs can not offer. The smoke that gravity bongs produce is intensely concentrated. And thus, they offer potent hits.

Saves cannabis

You can save a substantial amount of cannabis when you are using gravity bongs. Small amounts of cannabis can create huge amounts of highly concentrated smoke. Gravity bongs prevent using up and burning through your stash rapidly, which would have been the case for other smoking procedures like smoking in a pipe.


You can readily make your own bongs when you want to use gravity bongs. You will need everyday items in your household to make the gravity bongs. Thus, it is efficient to make and equally expensive at the same time.

Now, getting high can be easy, inexpensive, and even more euphoric. Because now you know all about gravity bongs. Make your own bongs with the materials available at home. Get the best hits you can possibly have, and enjoy the delight of being high!

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