Do Weed Stems Get You High?

Weed Stems
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Unfortunately, weed stems do not make you high. Due to only trace amounts of THC – stems are ineffective at inducing a high. Additionally, you cannot smoke stems either. But here’s how you can make good use of them.  

Do weed stems have THC? 

THC is present in weed stems, although only in trace amounts. Because THC is concentrated in the leaves and flowers, smoking the leaves and flowers rather than smoking the stems will provide you with the most THC. 

Is it safe for you to consume weed stems?

While it may seem contradictory, stem eating is becoming more popular among cannabis enthusiasts who don’t want to waste any part of the plant. This trend does not include smoking stems. While taking pot stems isn’t as simple as eating a cannabis leaf or smoking a bud, it can deliver some of the same advantages as other methods of weed ingestion. Weed plant stems are made up of hollow fibers that contain high quantities of CBD, making them an excellent source of cannabinoids. However, the stems are high in chlorophyll, which can make them bitter. As a result, consuming marijuana stems in their unprocessed form might be challenging.

It is extremely important to note that it is not advisable to smoke weed stems. Smoking stems can harm the lungs and are relatively much harsher on your body. We highly recommend that you avoid smoking stems.

How can you consume weed stems?

Fortunately, there are a few methods for making weed stems more edible. Here are some ideas about how to consume weed stems:

Juicing is a popular method of consuming cannabis stems. Simply combine the stems with a little water and strain the liquid through a cheesecloth or coffee filter to achieve this. The juice can then be consumed on its own or mixed into a smoothie or other beverage.

Making tea is another traditional way to eat cannabis stems. Simply simmer the stems in water for around 15 minutes to do. You can drink the tea as is or add a sweetener or other flavors once it has cooled.

It can also be used to produce other edibles as well. Simply use a coffee grinder or blender to grind the stems into a powder. Once the stems have been pulverized, they may be used in practically any dish.

While weed stems are not as well-known as other plant components, they can nonetheless give some of the same advantages. Try one of the ways given above if you want to ingest cannabis stems.

Alternative uses

Since weed stems cannot make you high nor can they be smoked, here are some ways to make them useful: 

1. Cannabutter 

Cannabutter is an important component in many cannabis-infused recipes. It is simply melted butter that has been infused with cannabis. You can use weed stems to make cannabutter.

The weed stems can be added once the butter has been melted. The amount of weed stems to butter will vary depending on how strong you want the finished product to be.

After adding the weed stems to the melted butter, the mixture should be thoroughly mixed and let to boil for at least three hours. Once finished, it can be used in any recipe that asks for butter. It may also be kept in the fridge for future use. Cannabutter is a terrific way to add a little bit extra to your favorite dishes.

2. Topicals 

cannabis products

Cannabis topicals are topical cannabis products that can be used to treat pain and other problems. They are often manufactured with a mixture of CBD and THC, the two major active components in cannabis. Lotions, balms, oils, and other products containing cannabis tropicals can be applied to the skin. Cannabis topicals are a new product on the market, thus further study is required to confirm their safety and efficacy. 

However, they may offer a promising alternative to traditional medications for those who cannot or do not want to use them. Unlike smoking stems, this does not have any harmful effects on your lungs. 

3. Tea 

Cannabis tea is a type of herbal tea derived from the Cannabis plant. It’s sometimes referred to as ganja tea, cannabis tea, or just tea. The effects of cannabis tea vary according to how it is made. If manufactured from Cannabis plant stems, it will most likely contain very little THC and will not cause any psychotropic effects as weed stems do not get you high. If produced with Cannabis plant buds or flowers, it will most likely contain higher THC and may generate euphoric effects. However, unlike smoking stems, this makes good use of the constituents remaining in cannabis stems.