Does CBD Smell Like Weed?

does CBD smell like weed
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Confused about whether CBD smells like weed? Eliminate your confusion as the answer is Yes! there is a probability of them smelling alike. The primary reason behind them smelling the same is their origin from the same plant species and share the same terpenes.

Well, earlier we revealed how CBD bud smells like THC weed with the reason being that CBD itself is nothing other than weed. While numerous cannabis users might feel that cannabis and hemp are real plants, they are not. 

How Does CBD Smell?

CBD products often carry a smell that seems familiar to cannabis products; woody, fruity, and earthy. The reason behind the similar aroma is the use of full cannabis plants in the making of cannabis products, where every component plays its part in unison. Often such combined working gets known as the entourage effect. Every chemical in the cannabis component mixes symbiotically with each other. 

Every plant bud and flower together leads to the recognized aroma that justifies why the CBD bud smell appears to be so strong and prominent. Cannabis contains unique hydrocarbons that occur naturally in them. Such hydrocarbons get known as Terpenes; the component that is responsible for every herb and flower having their unique aromas and fragrances. 

The other components of cannabis plants, i.e. THC and CBD have no aroma. Thus, when you get some fragrance, consider the particular terpene to be responsible.

What is the aroma carried by CBD Isolate?

The CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD after extraction that comes in a white powder. CBD isolate does not have any terpenes and is pure oil. Its fragrance does not match with weed or hemp. talking about its unique smell, there isn’t any. CBD isolate is devoid of any odor but might smell like grass at the maximum.

Does CBD Always smell like Weed?

No, CBD will not smell like weed always. The various CBD organizations around the United States utilize their processing methods to give an enticing smell to the oil compound. Such initiatives are to attract concerned customers.

If the product carries the smell of marijuana, it testifies that the product quality got compromised. Properly processed CBD oil will not let out any raw smell that affects your consumption. When you look for such high-quality CBD oil, consider the following parameters;

  • QR codes to describe the CBD oil
  • Money-back guarantees.
  • Customer reviews
  • Company service contact.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the above information will help you eliminate all your confusion regarding the question “Does CBD smell like weed?” Now you can continue with your cannabis journey without hassles.


  • When does CBD smell like weed?

The CBD products made of full-spectrum and high-grade extracts smell like weed. Terpenes are responsible for the distinctive smell. Full-spectrum CBD oil carries a mild smell of weed.

  • When does CBD smell different from weed?

When we consider the broad-spectrum CBD oils, they carry the aroma of marijuana and not weed.

  • How is CBD derived?

CBD gets extracted from the cannabis plant followed by a dilution with hemp oil or coconut oil.