Does Delta 8 Smell Like Weed? All You Need To Know

Delta 8 Smell
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No, it doesn’t smell like a weed (to be precise). However, in some delta 8 products, you may find a herbal aroma due to its terpenes. The smell of Delta 8 varies from product to product. For example, tinctures may contain sweeteners and provide a lovely scent different from vapes or edibles. You will find different variations in various types of Delta 8 Cannabis. The smell of a Delta 8 Vape would be different from that of a gummy, and some may have stronger scents than others.

While some products may have sweet smells, others may have herbal or fuel-like smells. Hence, we can say that the Delta 8 doesn’t have a scent similar to weed. Instead, it smells like other cannabis products like Delta 9, CBD, etc.

Now that you know it doesn’t smell like weed let’s discuss its smells and other related information.

What Does Delta 8 Smell Like?

As discussed above, Delta 8 doesn’t have a precise smell. Its smell depends on the products or terpenes that are used with it. Most of the cannabis smell depends on terpenes, and you will find that the remaining fragrance is adapted from the plant compounds such as chlorophyll.

Different manufacturers use different methods of extracting or formulating Delta 8, which affects the smell of Delta 8. Now, there’s even a debate about the smell of cannabis. Some people suggest it smells like drugs, while others say it smells like pine cones. Some people even suggested the fragrance be a combination of herbal and sweet.

People may suggest the smell of smoking drugs will be good enough. However, the different types of fragrances that the edibles and other flavoured Delta 8 brings can be very delightful. After all, research shows that people tend to be more attracted to smell than food. Smell has a hand in contributing to moods and even improves the taste of products. Hence, you would likely love the sweet or pleasurable smell of cannabis rather than having a weird smell of smoke.

Delta 8 Products That Have A Discreet Smell

If you don’t want any amount of weed smell in the D8 product you are consuming, then you can opt for a tincture or edibles. Most of the time, edibles don’t have the smell of cannabis.

Instead, they smell like the sweetener or flavour added to the edibles’ ingredients. One of the most discreet-smelling Delta 8 products you can find is delta 8 gummies. They taste and smell like gummies but provide a high feel as usual Delta 8 products do. In addition, tinctures can also be discreet since they also don’t have the smell of cannabis.

Delta 8 Products Having Cannabis-Like Smell

Several products will have a smell like cannabis. Hence, if you want to try products that have a smell similar to weed or cannabis, you can try out these products. For example, a natural cannabis flower with Delta 8 concentrated in it will have a strong herbal smell. This can even mimic the fragrance of the actual cannabis flower.

You can also try out D8 vaporizers which have different types of smell. Although they don’t smell like weed, some of these products may have a natural cannabis-like smell to them if there are no added flavours. However, added flavours can change the smell of vaporizers or vapes.


Now that you know, Delta 8 doesn’t have a distinguishing smell and depends on its terpenes. If you want to choose a d8 product that smells good, like sweet or fresh, then you can try out delta 8 products with added flavours. Some products like edibles and tinctures have a lovely smell. However, if you want to try out the natural smell of cannabis with Delta 8 products, you can try out flavourless vaporizers or flowers.

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