Does Drake Smoke Weed?

Drake smoke weed
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One of the most well-known individuals on this planet, today among the various streams of work, is Drake. He is skilled as a singer and as an actor. He has broken and continues to break multiple records in the music industry. However, an important question to ask the community is whether Drake smokes weed. Yes, he does.

Drake is one among a select number of singers who have broken multiple Billboard records. Fans of his mainstream music and absolute purists of rap are big fans of his work. His new record, “Certified Lover Boy,” and a new single were also released very recently. These have garnered him a lot of attention.

Facts About Drake and Weed: What Does the Internet Say? 

A simple Google search can yield multiple results and can show a variety of opinions on the issue. The words “Drake” and “Weed” show interesting results. These results, however, like anything related to Drake, are a tad bit weird and are unintentionally hilarious.

Drake rarely ever raps about weed or centers his art around the substance. He, however, claims that he routinely does it in moderation, and has been rather open about it.

On-Stage Joint

Drake smokes weed with Lil’ Wayne during a concert in Queens, New York City on one of their tours. He maintained a strict off-stage policy until this show in front of a large crowd. Holding a microphone in one hand, and a joint in another, Drake took a long and deep puff from the joint before handing it off to Lil’ Wayne.

Although he is often said to use the substance, the Canadian rapper has maintained that he does not abuse the substance. He goes liberal with it and sticks to moderation. He has admitted that he would never go under the influence on stage, or not be straight-minded at any time.

The practice of smoking on-stage came on as a result of persuasion from Wiz Khalifa – a popular rapper who is an artist, also known for his interaction with marijuana. During a concert in Houston, Texas, Drake admittedly took a puff from a joint, claiming to the audience that he had never taken a smoke before that day. He was cheered on by Wiz and the audience as he took the puff.

Collaborations and Venturing Into the Cannabis Industry

An upcoming piece of news, however, was in 2019. Drake made a public announcement that he was partnering with a company to launch his own cannabis company. A cannabis business called ‘More Life Growth Company’, which derives its name inspiration from Drake’s commercial mixtape ‘More Life’ is something that is upcoming in the market. This company features collaborations from quite well-known artists like PartyNextDoor, Travis Scott, Jorja Smith, and Kanye West.

The company was to be launched by the artist in close partnership with Canopy Growth back in 2019. The majority owner of this initiative is Drake himself

Drake smokes weed – so say multiple reports and articles that have been published. He is still involved in the cannabis sector. This is despite the fact that he may appear supposedly ‘weird’ while doing so, as the common notion is that he perhaps strives a little too hard to maintain a clean image.

This amount of content must convince any reader that sure, okay, the evidence lines up enough to say that Drake smokes weed The photos and videos that are available on the open-source internet are enough to prove this fact. However, to whatever extent videos and images can prove a pretty compelling case, there may be some grey areas to it. Photoshop hoaxes showcase a variety of viral videos that may not have been actually true in the first place. It cannot all be trusted.