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Understanding Cannabis Terpenes: 5 of the most Popular Ones.

Cannabis Terpenes
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When you smoke cannabis, do you ever wonder what makes it smell and taste so good? The answer is the terpenes, a class of organic compounds found in cannabis of all varieties.

Cannabis essential oils or terpenes are the plant’s most fundamental component. 

Among cannabis consumers, myrcene, limonene, and linalool are the most common terpenes. This blog will be dedicated to the same and will have extensive discussions on their purpose, relevance, and more.

What is the purpose of Cannabis terpenes?

Terpenes in cannabis plants entail quite a unique purpose that is yet to be proven. Some believe it saves the plant from severe climatic conditions and animals. 

Some research has also shown that terpenes found in cannabis along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabis compounds produce distinct effects among various strains in the form of flavors, aroma, and color.

Therefore, if we trust this research, it would not be wrong to say that some of the most common terpenes are the key differentiator when it comes to identifying cannabis strains, despite similar or the same level of THC or CBD contents in them.

Terpenes and their association with other cannabis compounds

A plethora of research has been conducted to determine the vital reason that gives a ‘high’ or the intoxicating effect in cannabis and one of the research talks about the ‘entourage effects’.

This effect talks about the role of various chemical compounds involved to provide a psychedelic and comforting experience in the plant where terpenes play a significant role. Terpenes alter the binding process between the CBD and brain receptors which then disseminate throughout the body, thus, affecting the high and feel of any particular strains.

However, some studies have also advocated the fact that the presence of terpenes increases THC’s efficacy further.

So, it would be right to say that terpenes, CBD, and THC, work in tandem to produce the effects.

Cannabis Terpenes and their Effects on the human body

Terpenes also play a significant role after being consumed as it interacts with the chemical agents present in your body leading to varied effects of strains.

Most common terpenes are known to relieve pain and are anxiolytic. To prove further check out the points mentioned below:

  • Relieve pain

Terpenes are recognized for their therapeutic effects due to how they interact with the human endocannabinoid system, which consists of protein cell receptors. This connection is comparable to how CBD reacts, which may also be felt through its effects.

  • Anxiolytic 

Multiple research has demonstrated that linalool, one of the most common terpenes, reduces anxiety.

Check Out! The 5 Most Common Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis Terpenes

Terpenes can be considered the most underrated chemical constituent in a cannabis plant, usually, overpowered by THC and CBD. However, terpenes are the potent force behind the lovely aroma and flavors of cannabis which ensures a wonderful experience. 

The wide spectrum of scents ranging from sweet and musky myrcene to refreshing and energizing limonene in the terpenes have been the focus of much research and have proven to have a substantial effect on the user’s mind and body. 

So, do check out the list mentioned below of some of the most common terpenes.

  • Myrcene

Also known as Humulene, Myrcene is quite prevalent in ingredients like mango, lemongrass, hops, thyme, verbena, and so on. This terpene is known for its refreshing smell, often found in air or room fresheners. 

Some of the most common cannabis strains which are myrcene-dominant are:

  • OG Kush
  • Pineapple Express
  • Blue Dream
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Mimosa

These myrcene-rich strains are known for their ‘couch-lock’ effects leading to relaxing sleep and alleviating various symptoms.

  • Linalool

Regarded as one of the most common terpenes found in aromal stuff like lavender, rose, basil, neroli oil, and others. Its flowery smell makes it a standout terpene which not only gives a breath of fresh air but when mixed with the following sativa or indica-induced strains, its effect are just amazing. 

Some of the linalool-rich strains include

  • Durban
  • Red Haze
  • Wedding Mints
  • Xena
  • Candy OG

This terpene is a natural mood uplifter, along with its soothing feel and effect.

  • Caryophyllene

This delectable-smelling terpene can be found in rosemary, hops, clove oil, cannabis essential oils, and so on. Though, its smell can’t be exactly like linalool, as it is quite unconventional yet strong.

Some of the popular cannabis strain which constitutes caryophyllene terpene is as follows:

Its effects consist of an increase in appetite and sleep and also lead to a phenomenal relaxing feel which can combat any sort of pain and stress.

  • Limonene

As the name suggests, this terpene is known for its citrusy smell found in citrus fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruit, and so on. The smell and taste of limonene are not only citrusy but also give peppermint effects which makes it a must-used ingredient in mouth fresheners.

So, these are the most common cannabis strains which are rich in limonene terpene:

Similar to the myrcene effects, limonene also ensures nice blissful effects ensuring an elating and relaxing mood.

  • Pinene

This terpene is quite closest to nature, usually, found in pine essential oils, basil, and dill plants. Known for its airing properties.

You could encounter pinene terpene in the following strains:

  • Big Smooth
  • Cotton Candy Kush
  • Grape Ape
  • Harlequin
  • Kosher Tangie

Unlike, the most common terpenes, Pinene always plays second fiddle in a cannabis strain composition, but its role is integral in providing a strong piney smell which leads to alleviating pain and stress and gives a phenomenal soothing high.

It’s important to note that other than cannabis strains, CBD, and THC composition, terpenes play a fundamental role in ensuring a potent high among cannabis enthusiasts.

So, next time when you wonder what’s the leading cause of this rejuvenating aroma and taste, just remember these most common terpenes mentioned here.

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