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When someone talks about smoking Marijuana or weed, the underlying benefits appear to be subsidiary. The primary focus gets laid on the immediate effects and feelings after consuming that smoke inside. Yes, Marijuana gets you high and takes you to a different world altogether.

People often hold the assumption that getting high after a smoke would make a person misbehave and do stuff that might get them embarrassed. Well, on the contrary, that is not the case always. Experts believe that Marijuana can trigger parts of the brain that induces deep thoughts and analysis.

Getting into the Intricacies of Marijuana’s Effect

Marijuana and weed experts claim that smoking marijuana holds the ability to turn anyone into a deep-thinking philosopher who might delve into the various thought intricacies. Under normal circumstances, getting a smoke tends to ease the nerves and induce that much-needed relaxing effect after the day’s work.

Nevertheless, the cannabinoid content of the vaped marijuana does not allow every corner of the brain to rest. On the contrary, it activates them to another level that amplifies your thought process and speeds it up like that of a train. Thus, you might find yourself getting obsessed with an idea and thinking about it for hours together.

In his novel Infinite Jest, the author late David Foster Wallace brought this fact to perfection through his protagonist, who was seemingly addicted to weed. He wrote that this tendency of abstract thoughts is often termed “Marijuana thinking”. The so-called “motivational syndrome” holds the ability to overshadow a day’s practical functioning with reflective abstraction created randomly.

Things to Consider Before Initiating Marijuana Consumption

While indulging in weed or marijuana consumption, it is necessary to track your tolerance levels. Knowing one’s tolerance levels and limits assures them of a safe vaping experience that includes transcending to the philosophic levels. Another aspect to consider is the purity of the product in use. When you use a flawless, the chances of side effects might go to the minimal levels.

Having the right mental preparation and strength to undertake the relaxing experience is a necessity. Provided you start the consumption with negative thoughts and inhibitions, the weed might initiate negative thoughts.

Experience High Thoughts With The Following Products

Wanting to experience that philosophical side of yours? Under such circumstances, you might have to consume the best cannabis products on the market. Let us have a look at the products that might consider purchasing for the philosophical experience;

  • Increase your curiosity with Delta 9 THC Gummies

When you start consuming the Delta 9 THC Gummies, curious thoughts might come to your mind. Did the chicken come first or the egg, and why did it come first? This was just one of the numerous curious thoughts that might revolve in your mind. The potency of the gummies is more than enough to transcend your thoughts to the next level.

Branded companies like Bundle bring high-quality gummies that help you gain such extraordinary experiences. Their gummy packs contain 20 gummies, which are a perfect mix of various terpenes and compounds. Every gummy comes with a 50mg CBD content, along with 10mg THC which might be enough to give you the desired experience. Mango madness, Fruit punch and black raspberry offer flavour options for people to enjoy.


  • Smoke in philosophy with Delta 8 Vapes

Looking for an enjoyable way to get philosophical? What better than smoking a vape and getting to thinking! Here a disposable vape appears to be a good option that you can enjoy within the comforts of your home. Established companies like Daze D8 brought disposable vapes containing 2g of marijuana. Available with any marijuana strain of your choosing, the dual-core ceramic heating might ensure a flawless user experience. The product in the vape gets derived from the organic weed farms of Kentucky and Colorado, ensuring they are high-quality. The smooth northern lights oil, along with customized terpene flavours might give your mind the much-needed flight.


  • Get royal with a 2-gram caviar blunt

The 2-gram caviar blunt provided by the esteemed company named Elyxr contains 400mg of Delta 8 that might help you gain the experience of a lifetime. They grow their hemp on the organic farms around Colorado, California and Oregon. Their growing methods ensure that the highest quality hemp goes into making the product.


The blue razz flavour appears to be one of the best companies after work or during the night when people wish to relax. The fuzzy and warm feeling of high is what numerous cannabis users around the United States crave.

Brands to opt for while buying cannabis

When you set out in the market to search for reliable cannabis brands, there is a lot to deceive your vision. Not all companies provide high-quality hemp and might emerge as a waste of money. Thus, the best option would be to conduct market research about the best CBD brands available in the United States. Following are some brands you might consider before getting your desired cannabis products;

  • Exhale Wellness
  • American Sharman CBD
  • CBDistillery

All such brands bring products with the legal quantity of THC allowed in the USA and give desired results. The flavourful options emerge as added benefits to help you choose as per your taste preferences.

The CBD products come in the form of gummies, vapes and pre-rolls. The hemp concentration varies on the company chosen and brings associated relaxations wanted.

What does the effect feel like?

As mentioned above, the brain goes inactive after the initial stage. Nevertheless, cannabis activates a part of the brain that helps the diverse thoughts run around in an amplified state. Smoking weed might get you obsessed about a particular idea and make you go-rounds about it.

Often such thoughts revolve around the circumstances in our everyday life, with diverse storylines. Sometimes, it might help you find solutions to the problems and mysteries that have been bothering you for a long.

Final Thoughts

Getting high with marijuana is a feeling that one might think of experience in their life. You don’t know what mystery you might unfold through your philosophical subconscious mind!

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