How is THC-O made?

How is THC-O made? | Hemoercamp
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There was a time when the hemp industry consisted of just CBD. But, now in 2022, we have a ton of options available to serve all your needs. These products have different potency, tastes, and effects on the body, and it’s worth trying them all. One of the recent products in this space is THC-O and today in this article we will talk about How is THC-O made.

What is THC-O?

ATHC is also a hemp-derived cannabinoid. It is identical to DELTA-9 and is also known as O-acetyl-delta 9-THC. Also, the effects of this compound are very similar to that of DELTA-9. It has a stronger bind to the body as compared to other cannabinoids and is more intoxicating as compared to DELTA-8, DELTA-10, and HHC. Similar to another cannabinoid, THC-O also has various products such as vapes, oils, edibles, and flowers. 

How is it made?

You may have read in various articles, that THC-O is not natural and is synthetically made. But it’s not that easy to make THC-O and has a complex process, which is why different people have different opinions about it.

It is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is found in hemp plants. However, It is a minor cannabinoid and is found in very small quantities in the hemp plant. Due to its low presence, brands convert CBD into DELTA-8 and add other compounds into the mix resulting in THC-O. The effects of consumption of THC-O are 3-4 times more potent than DELTA-9 THC.

Similar to DELTA-8 THC, which is also found in very low quantities naturally, producing enough volume is an issue. it is synthesized by converting CBD, which is found in abundance in hemp plants. Here’s the process of how the THC-O is made-

  1.     Industrial hemp is cultivated on farms.
  2.     CBD is found in abundance and is extracted from hemp stalks through a process using heat and pressure.
  3.     Then the DELTA-8 is made from CBD.
  4.     After that, acetic anhydride is added to DELTA-8 THC resulting in the formulation of THC-O.

This is a very complex process, and the views on whether the resultant THC-O is synthetic or natural are mixed, and you may also decide for yourself. 

Is it safe for consumption?

Although the process may be complex and the name of the chemicals would seem frightening, its effects are similar to that of DELTA-8, just stronger. On consumption of THC-O, you may experience effects 3-4 times stronger than those of DELTA-9 THC. And THC-O is still an enjoyable cannabinoid. But here are some of the facts that you should keep in mind before you consume THC-O-

  • Always buy THC-O from trusted websites/stores, it would be advised to not buy any discounted THC-O products from shady websites/stores.
  • Make sure you check the contents of the products; it would be better if you buy products that are organic and free of additives.
  • Also, it would be better to start with a small dosage and then gradually go your way up, as to not suffer any severe effects due to high dosage.

Warning- This is just advice and users are advised to conduct their part of the research before consuming any products.

Some of the best THC-O products that you can buy-

  1.     Golden Pineapple OG THC-O Cartridge-

If you love Vapes, then this is the product you can’t miss. This is a hybrid flavor made from the classic strain Golden Pineapple OG and provides a fruity tropical flavor. Each pack has a net content of 1ml, and the cartridges are disposable. This cartridge is compatible with the 510 Thread device. The product contains THC-O distillate, DELTA-8 distillate, and terpenes. The suggested use is 1-2 puffs to establish individual tolerance. 


  1.     THC-O Mixed Gummies by Binoid-

These gummies are the ones you need to try. They come in mixed flavors. So, you can try a different flavor every time you pick up a gummy. The gummies are vegan-friendly and have a potent dose of 25 mg of THC-O per unit of gummy. The pack comes with a total of 500 mg of it, and the serving suggestion is to start small with 1/2 gummies per day. The gummies are made from 92% it extracted from natural hemp. And all the products are lab tested, results of which can be found on their website. Also, they provide fast, free, and discreet shipping. 


  1.     Granddaddy Purple Cartridge by 3CHI

3CHI is one of the most reputable brands in the world of hemp and serves some of the best products. The THC-O vape cartridge comes with a CCELL cartridge and is compatible with 510 Thread devices. The net content of the products is 1ml, out of which 95% is THC-O oil, and 5% terpenes. Also, the product is free of any additives. And the products are lab-tested, results of which can be found on their website. Along with the classic strain Granddaddy Purple, there are 3 more strains available- Blue Dream, Melonatta, and Pineapple Express.


  1.     Natural Flavor tincture by Binoid-

If you are looking for premium quality products, then Binoid is the place to find them. One of the products offered by Binoid is their Natural Flavor tinctures, which you are going to love. The net content comes in 2 different options. 920 mg or 2300 mg of THC-O. The products are made from 92% premium distillate, which has been made from natural hemp. The suggested dosage is to take 1/2 drops to see effects in an hour. Each ML of liquid consists of 33.33 mg it.


  1.     THC-O Gummies by KOI

If you are a beginner with THC-O products, then we would recommend you start with Gummies by KOI. With powerful potent THC-O, this product would ease you. KOI gummies like most of their products are in accordance with cGMP regulations and are third-party lab tested verifying their compliance and purity. Each gummy is packed with 15 mg of Hemp derived THC-O and a jar consists of 20 gummies totaling 300 mg of THC-O. The recommended use is to consume one gummy every 6 hours, or as needed. KOI offers exciting flavors for you to choose from- Blue Razz, Strawberry, Watermelon, Mango, and Lime.