What is Weed Hangover? How to Cure Weed hangovers?

How to Cure Weed hangovers
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Drinking too much alcohol the night before makes you unproductive, with mood swings when you get up in the morning. A similar situation exists with weed though the effect is a lot different than that of alcohol. Learning about the symptoms of a weed hangover will help you avoid it to the fullest.

What is a Weed Hangover?

Weed hangovers arise when you have used enough marijuana to exceed your tolerance limit. Only you understand what this implies for your body, as tolerance levels fluctuate widely from one person to the next. 

Another aspect that influences whether you get a hangover and how bad it is, by the strain you drank last night, as well as the amount of THC in it. Higher quantities of THC in cannabis make hangovers more apparent, especially if you have ingested them beyond your tolerance level.

Furthermore, if you’ve ingested edibles, you’re more likely to get a hangover because they metabolize slowly in the body and should still work the next morning. As a result, a weed brownie or cannabis cookie may trigger more hangover symptoms than a joint. 

If you’re making edibles, make sure you stick to a recipe that won’t push your boundaries. weed smoking or vaping appears to cause a hangover in a reduced amount, yet the possibility exists.


The major cause of a weed hangover is excessive cannabis usage, particularly strains strongly in THC. The strains that contain 20% or more THC are the most likely perpetrators. White Fire OG, Chemdog, Sour Diesel, etc. are a few of these THC-heavy strains.

Other things may also influence your hangover. Someone who has a poor diet and does not exercise is more likely to become ill after a weed party. The healthier you live, the more likely your body chemistry will be balanced and flexible enough to avoid negative consequences.

Cure for weed hangover

  • Stay hydrated

Water will never harm anyone unless you dive into a pool without knowing how to swim. Although sipping drinks will not cure your weed hangover, it may help balance some dehydration or weariness from the night before. Perhaps you were dehydrated before you began smoking, or you neglected to drink water while intoxicated. If this is the case, drinking water before, during, and after smoking, weed will help you avoid some of the unpleasantness of a hangover.

  • Choose the right weed

Sometimes the best approach to avoid a cannabis/weed hangover is to start with the correct strain.

There are two main varieties of weed available – 


Indica produces a stronger effect making it the best strain to smoke before bed to help you fall asleep quickly. This may be why it is called “Indica, in da couch.” Taking indica before a daytime activity can deplete your energy.


Sativa is more suited to physical activities. You can get weed hangover symptoms if you use the incorrect strain for the wrong moment. For example, Sativa before bed can keep your sleep disrupted, leaving you with a hangover in the morning. 

Try Delta 8 THC, a hemp-derived compound that is said to be a milder version of THC. It delivers just enough effect which may help to reduce any negative consequences the next day. 

  • Moderate Consumption

Selecting the right cannabis is as important as finding the right dose. If you use marijuana recreationally regularly, then stick to moderate doses. Repeated high doses can produce longer-term alterations to your receptors. Building a tolerance will require consuming more weed and, most likely, a lot of hangovers.

If you use marijuana for other purposes, then consult with your doctor to find the right dose for your needs.

  • Balanced diet for breakfast

Breakfast like a king is just what you should follow. You only need the right amount of carbs, healthy fats, and lean protein to get over your cannabis hangover. Then drink some orange juice to wash off your throat, you’ll probably feel a lot better than you did before.

  • Good sleep and a healthy routine

Sleep is the most effective treatment. If you’re fortunate enough to have a flexible working schedule, it’ll be best if you take time off work to recover from a wild night of partying. The most basic and effective way to unwind and recover is to return to bed and sleep for good long hours.

If you’re not able to sleep, then do the exact opposite. Working out stimulates the flow of blood, causes sweating, and makes you feel more invigorated and alive. Well, it may sound tiring and horrifying to leave the bed and start jumping, but a little jog will also do wonders. All you need to do is sweat profusely. And then nothing is as refreshing as a hot water shower. 

Final thought 

Finally, the frequency with which you consume weed may influence the likelihood of a hangover. Cannabis users should cut back on their consumption and practice moderation. 

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