How to Get Rid of Stoned Eyes Fast

How to get rid of Stoned Eyes Fast
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High eyes are a sign of both over-exposure to marijuana and long-term use. Many users want to know ‘how to get rid of stoned eyes fast?’. The good news is that there are several natural ways to reduce stoned eyes to a normal state. Here is a list of steps that need to be taken into consideration.

How to get rid of red eyes

The most common method for treating bloodshot eyes caused by smoking is to use over-the-counter allergy eye drops. 

Eye drops can immediately reverse this impact, returning your eyes to their typical whiteness and assisting in the relief of red eyes. This is a safe way to get rid of bloodshot eyes, and it is recommended that you read the handbook thoroughly to understand how to use them effectively.

Regular use of eye drops will prevent it in the future. 

Does Eye drop?

To treat red eye, use the following eye drops no more than twice daily:

  • Once a day, in the morning
  • Once before going to bed

Vasoconstrictors diminish redness and can be used for up to 72 hours safely. The use of this type of eye drop on a regular basis is harmful to your eyes. Consult your prescriber if you require them every morning.

Other options

There are more options that can help constrict blood vessels and reduce redness. 

This includes eating extra chocolate, salt, and even coffee. This can help reduce the redness and puffiness.

Here are some other popular remedies for red eyes:

  • Allergens should be avoided. Because allergens are a prevalent cause of red eyes, merely avoiding or limiting exposure to them can minimize the frequency and severity of red eyes.
  • Use freshly laundered bedding and towels on a daily basis. This decreases the possibility of bacteria and other irritants entering your eyes and producing inflammation.
  • Use a humidifier. A humidifier will Damp the air, reducing the likelihood of dry eyes. Overall, this can lead to decreased eye dryness and fewer red eyes.
  • Close your eyes and place cool compresses or washcloths over them. This can help to calm your eyes and minimize redness.

Notably, these treatments are mostly intended for red eyes induced by cannabis. Artificial tears may still assist enhance your home treatment in many circumstances.

What to avoid?

One common misunderstanding is that drinking more water would help you reduce eye redness. Unfortunately, this is completely incorrect. Because bloodshot eyes are not a sign of dehydration, no amount of water can help you get rid of them.

What causes “Red Eyes”?

To begin, many people believe that red eyes are caused by the smoke exhaled after smoking marijuana or vaping, but this is not accurate. Although smoking definitely produces a lot of smoke that can get into your eyes, this is not the cause of your red eyes. Your eyes will turn red regardless of how you consume cannabis.

Does Sativa make your eyes red?

Yes, Sativas can make your eyes red. This is the effect of cannabis’s higher concentration of THC than CBD in the plant. THC is the molecule that gives you the euphoric high you’ve come to expect from smoking, and one of its consequences is that it lowers your blood pressure. 

This eventually causes our blood vessels to dilate, allowing more blood to travel around our bodies. In the case of the eyes, it signifies that our ocular capillaries have dilated, allowing more blood to enter. Because the blood vessels are bigger, the white of the eye looks red, hence the name.

The degree to which your eyes “turn” red varies from person to person. If you smoke the same strain as someone else, you may observe that their eyes remain relatively white while yours turn bright red or vice versa. A variety of factors can influence this, including your genetics, gender, health, and how frequently you smoke. The redness is fully dependent on your blood pressure.

Common signs and symptoms of bloodshot eyes include:

  • itchiness
  • tearing
  • burning

Bloodshot volume varies from person to person.

If you and those around you smoke cannabis on a daily basis, you’ve definitely observed that the same strain has various effects on different people. These varying effects are caused by a number of fundamental elements such as heredity, sex, overall health, and frequency of ingestion (increased frequency causes cannabinoid tolerance). You may have seen the same thing with your eyes. Some people’s bloodshot eyes are very noticeable, while others are barely noticeable or don’t even have them at all.

The degree of redness is entirely determined by the individual’s blood pressure. For example, if you have high blood pressure, THC will not be able to lower it sufficiently for your eyes to turn extremely red. 

Aside from the redness, when the session includes numerous joints and blunts, you can also have leg weakness and symptoms such as fainting. This, of course, is caused by a complex equation of factors such as age, sex, health, heredity, and so on, rather than just low blood pressure.

Allergies can also contribute to the overall “bloodshot volume,” since many people are extremely sensitive to smoke in general. Cannabis allergy is another cause of redder eyes, but for people with this sad condition, red eyes are the last thing on their minds. 

You should not be concerned about the redness in your eyes because it is not serious. There’s nothing to worry about, and you won’t suffer any bad consequences if you have red eyes, but it can be concerning if you’re scheduled to attend a meeting or a work-related event.

So, in a nutshell, grab some eye drops! They’re the quickest and simplest way to get rid of bloodshot eyes, and you can usually get them in your local drugstore or convenience store!