How to Make Cannabis Gummies? Weed Gummies Recipe Guide

How to make cannabis gummies Weed gummies recipe guide
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Do you want to learn how to make cannabis gummies? If so, our guide for weed gummies recipe will help you. This article will discuss the steps to make weed gummies at home.

Making weed gummies is really simple, and they offer the ideal tasty, bite-sized way to enjoy. The act of pulling out a tin of your very own cannabis candy is fantastic and feels great. What is the greatest benefit of learning how to make cannabis gummies at home? Let’s move on to the specifics.

Why make weed gummies?

So, why learn how to make cannabis gummies? As mentioned earlier, edibles like marijuana gummies are among the most well-liked methods of cannabis consumption. So why do people lean towards cannabis gummies in the first place?

  • The health concerns associated with cannabis smoking are not at all present in edibles like gummies
  • There won’t be any lingering odour on your clothing or breath, adding more to the discreteness. 
  • It is significantly simpler to get high covertly while using edibles.
  • The high is more manageable when using edibles. 

Everyone has reached the threshold at which they are unable to function. While that can be entertaining, there are times—especially when you’re in public—when it might not be the smartest move. So after learning how to make edibles, you would easily be able to regulate your dosage and prevent overdosing.

What equipment is necessary to make weed gummies?

Preparing your own weed gummies at home isn’t tough as long as you follow the weed gummies recipe effectively. However, ensure that you have the following equipment at your home before that. These include: 

  •     Whisk
  •     Mixing Bowl
  •     Saucepan
  •     Dropper/funnel/squeeze bottle
  •     Gummy Mold

Ingredients for the weed gummies recipe

  •     1 pack of flavoured jello
  •     ½ cup cannabis-infused oil
  •     ½ cup cold water
  •     2 tbsp unflavoured gelatin powder
  •     ½ teaspoon soy/sunflower lecithin

Steps on how to make cannabis gummies

If you want to know how to make cannabis gummies, then you’ve reached the right place. You can follow the weed gummies recipe and enjoy your own gummies at home! Let’s get to it.

1. Mix cannabis-infused oil with water

Add the ½ cup of cold water to the saucepan, then add ½ teaspoon of soy/sunflower lecithin and ½ cup cannabis-infused oil and turn it on low heat. 

2. Add gelatin powder

After that, you can continue stirring the ingredients together in the pan until the oil melts completely. Once you see a consistency in the texture, add 2 tbsp of unflavored gelatin and 1 pack of flavoured gelatin. Then, continue stirring the mixture on the same heat. 

3. Heat on low

Continue stirring it for at least 10 or 15 minutes. Once the gelatin is dissolved into the mixture and thoroughly combined into the mix, you will notice a smooth texture. However, ensure that it doesn’t reach a boiling point. That’s why you have to keep stirring and when you see that there’s a bit of foam at the top, lower the flame and remove the foam.

4. Fill up moulds

Once your mixture is ready and well-combined, you can fill up the gummy moulds. The mould can be of any shape you desire. Use a squeeze bottle or funnel (whichever is available) to fill up the mould.

However, don’t let the mixture get cold, as the oil will start separating from the mix if that happens. Hence, keep the mixture on low heat and quickly fill up the moulds. The quicker you work, the better the results.

Freeze them

Once you have filled up all the moulds, you can put them in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. After that, check if the gummies are a bit firm yet with a tacky texture, you can take them out of the moulds and place them on a dry surface like paper to air dry them.

So, these were the steps on how to make cannabis gummies. Hope this weed gummies recipe helps you in creating your own delicious gummies. This is especially perfect for people who like trying out different things at home or didn’t get gummies in the store.