How to Make Cannabis Ice Cream

Cannabis Ice Cream
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Cannabis-infused ice cream is the kind of product that doesn’t depend on the weather to enjoy it. Every cannabis lover can desire it because it provides you with the effect of chillness along with the high kick touch of cannabis.

What is Cannabis Ice Cream?

Cannabis-infused ice cream is generally termed weed ice cream.

Cannabis has the great property of getting infused with ice cream edibles properly and easily without any hard process; this property is the main reason for the development of THC ice cream.

Customizing ice cream with your favorite cannabis strain makes your consumption of cannabis delicious. All THC ice creams will provide you with super-high effects and give you the experience of traveling across the cosmos.

Making weed ice cream doesn’t require many steps, and you have not needed any kind of expensive equipment or ingredients. In this article, we provide you the entire information regarding the top most popular flavors of cannabis ice cream; these are:

  •   Vanilla flavor ice cream
  •   Chocolate flavor ice cream
  •   Banana flavor ice cream

These three flavors are the most classic and delicious treats for every cannabis user. So from now onward, we will learn how to make these flavors of ice cream with the easiest steps. So let’s get started. 

Ingredients required to make THC ice cream: 

For vanilla and chocolate flavor

  •   Half teaspoon salt
  •   2 cups of Cannabis infused whipping cream
  •   Half a cup of cocoa powder ( if you want to make the chocolate flavor ice cream)
  •   One teaspoon of vanilla extract (if you’re going to make vanilla flavor ice cream)
  •   Two cans of condensed milk.

For banana flavor

  •   500g banana
  •   500ml heavy cream
  •   10g ground cannabis flowers
  •   Half teaspoon salt
  •   Five teaspoon honey
  •   Two teaspoon butter
  •   Nuts or sprinklers (optional)

Do we need raw eggs in the cannabis ice cream recipe?

It is totally optional; if you are comfortable with raw eggs only, then you can add it; otherwise, you can skip this ingredient too.

The only function of adding raw egg into the THC ice cream recipe is to provide smoothness and richness in texture, but it is not compulsory, and you can easily make delicious cannabis ice cream without it.

Equipment required to make cannabis ice cream

  •   Two large saucepans
  •   Large bowl
  •   Parchment paper
  •   Mixer
  •   Grinder
  •   Large sheet pan
  •   Oven 

Decarboxylation of cannabis flowers

Before moving to the Cannabis infused ice cream recipe, we need to perform a simple process which is known as decarboxylation. It is defined as the process of converting the toxic THCA into THC. Decarboxylation will provide your cannabis flowers the potency, which helps you for getting high. It is the most important process of any cannabis ice cream flavor because, without it, you are not able to enjoy the high kick effects of cannabis.

To perform decarboxylation, you need to perform some simple steps which will take only half an hour to be completed:

  •   First, preheat your oven to the temperature of 220-245 degrees Fahrenheit (105-110 degrees Celcius)
  •   Grind your cannabis flowers with the help of a grinder until it takes the shape of fine particles.
  •   Take parchment paper and apply it on the baking sheet ( it protects the ground cannabis flowers from sticking); now, put ground cannabis over it.
  •   And place this baking sheet into the oven for almost 30-45 minutes.
  •   When the weed turns a golden brown color, turn off the oven and remove the baking sheet from the oven.
  •   Let it cool for some time, and your decarbed cannabis is ready for use.

Strains of cannabis that are best for cannabis ice cream recipe

These strains are one of the best suggestions for making weed ice cream, but if you are already done with your selection of strain, then you should definitely go with that strain because, in the end, it’s your choice.

Some of the popular strains of Cannabis:

  •   Gelato Strain

It has a very dense and textured flavor, which will provide you the super sweetness in your ice cream along with a smooth kick of Cannabis. It will also provide you with a little taste of mint and lemon to your tastebuds and give you a pleasant experience of consumption.

  •   Strawberry Banana Strain

If you want long-lasting and smooth effects of Cannabis, then you should definitely go for this strain. As its name indicates, it will provide you with the potency of a banana and the sweetness of a strawberry. Its aroma is one of the most pleasant aromas of all strains.

  •   Choco Haze

It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will provide you with the flavor of sweetness that will be perfectly infused with ice cream to make the taste of weed ice cream delicious. Rich chocolate in this strain will give you the smooth and classy effect of cannabis.

How to make Cannabis infused ice cream

Banana flavor cannabis ice cream recipe

To make banana flavor ice cream, you just need to perform simple steps, which take around half an hour it’s complete.

  •   Take a saucepan and add the whipped cream into it, and put the saucepan to simmer with medium flame.
  •    Add butter, salt, and sugar into another saucepan, and put it onto medium flame too. Now regularly stir the mixture in order to mix them well.
  •   After the butter mixture starts to melt, add Decarbed ground cannabis into it. Stir them well so that the weed gets distributed equally on all corners.
  •   Now, as the whipped cream is about to boil, remove the saucepan from the simmer and add the cream into the saucepan of the butter mixture.
  •   Mash the banana into the container; once the mashed banana takes the shape of a paste, add it to the butter mixture.
  •   Add other ingredients into it, such as honey, nuts, and other preferable ingredients.
  •   Now mix all the ingredients properly; you can use a mixer for the perfect mixing of ingredients until the entire mixture takes the shape of a smooth paste.
  •   Place the mixture into the container and cover it with a lid and shift it to the refrigerator for 5-6 hours.
  •   When the mixture becomes solid and smooth, remove the lid and serve it on the plates.
  •   Your banana flavor weed ice cream is ready to use.

Vanilla and Chocolate flavor cannabis ice cream recipe

  • Firstly infuse whip cream Decarb cannabis: Take a saucepan and add Decarb Cannabis into it along with whip cream. Place the mixture at a simmer on a medium flame for around 45 minutes. Make sure to stir them well. Now your whip cream is infused with Cannabis properly.
  • You can also use a double boiler to infuse whip cream with Cannabis. Take two cups of whip cream and put it into the container along with Decarb Cannabis. Now take another big container, add water into it, and place the container containing the cream mixture into the bigger container holding water. Allow the bigger container to heat at medium flame for 40 minutes. Keep adding water into the container as the water level decreases because of evaporation. Now your whip cream infused with Cannabis is ready.
  • Now take condensed milk into the bowl, add vanilla flavor extract if you want to make vanilla flavor cannabis ice cream, OR add cocoa powder to make chocolate powder cannabis ice cream.
  • In a separate bowl, add Cannabis infused whip cream, put sugar into it, and whip it with the help of a mixer until firm peaks start to form.
  • Now add both the mixtures of bowls. Blend them well until a uniform paste is formed.
  • Here you can add some extra flavor extracts such as cardamom seeds, strawberry extracts, etc., only if you want, as it is completely optional.
  • Now put the mixture into the air-tight mason jar. And placed it into the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.
  • After the mixture gives you a smooth and solidified look, remove it from the refrigerator and serve it in the cups, and you are now ready to enjoy the excellent flavor of your Cannabis infused ice cream.

How to store THC ice cream?

Now, after the preparation of cannabis ice cream, you need to take some precautions while storing it. The best option is to put the THC ice cream into an air-tight container and place it in the freezer. The freezer will increase the life of ice cream to 4 months. Never place a cannabis ice cream container in a hot, humid temperature room, as it will decrease the ice cream’s life to only a few days.

How much cannabis ice cream is to be eaten?

It’s hard to tell the exact quantity of ice cream to be eaten by cannabis users. It all depends on the potency of the strain used and the ability of a person to tolerate the dose of Cannabis.

Usually, if you are using 3-4 grams of Cannabis in your ice cream, then one scoop of ice cream will be enough to give you strong kicks. Again it depends upon the capacity of the person to tolerate it.

If you are a beginner, you should try with 3-4 spoons of cannabis ice cream and wait for over 1-2 hours; if nothing happens, then you should go for 7-8 spoons of weed ice cream. Remember, there must be 2 hours gap between two eatings of weed ice cream.

Can we add hemp oil to the ice cream?

Nothing stops you from doing experiments; you can add cannabis oil instead of Cannabis infused cream only if it will provide you the same effect of Cannabis as provided by cannabis whip cream.

The main difference can be seen with cannabis oil is the loose texture of cannabis ice cream, due to which it is preferred to use whip cream instead of cannabis oil.

Can we order cannabis ice cream online?

In the U.S., there are various companies that will provide the online service of both CBD and THC-infused ice creams. So you can order it directly from the websites.

The most famous company to sell cannabis ice cream in the U.S. is Mellow ice cream; you can visit their catalog and order the flavor of cannabis ice cream you want to eat.