How to Make Cannabutter Step by Step Guide

How to Make Cannabutter Step by Step Guide
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You don’t need to be a skilled chef or cannabis enthusiast to produce authentic weed butter. All you need to do is be organized, patient, and well-informed. Making cannabis butter is, in the end, just a really effective way to consume marijuana. It’s inconspicuous, versatile, and approachable. We are going to discuss the steps on how to make cannabutter efficiently. Let’s learn how.

With cannabutter, there are countless ways to prepare food that contains cannabis; you can use it in place of butter or other fats in any recipe. While a well-rolled joint is excellent, edible cannabis products can be genuinely exquisite. Making your own cannabis butter, often known as “cannabutter,” is the best way to always be able to whip up a quick batch of edibles or simply mix a tablespoon in your tea when it’s time to relax on the couch.

But, how to make cannabutter? That’s the question most of you would have in mind. Let’s get into details below. 

What is cannabutter?

Making edibles with cannabis-infused butter, also known as cannabutter, is one of the easiest and most popular methods. Butter is the perfect carrier for cannabis infusion because it tastes great, is easy to use, and has plenty of fat molecules, which THC requires to attach to (as well as oils such as coconut, olive, and vegetable oil).

Even novices can produce cannabutter using this method because the infusion procedure only takes a few hours. 

Step-by-step guide on how to make Cannabutter

Follow the steps below to cook up the best cannabutter and enjoy it with unlimited options. However, before that, look at the ingredients and equipment you require.

Ingredients for cannabutter

  •     1 cup water
  •     1 cup unsalted butter
  •     1 cup ground cannabis

Note: It’s best to use a 1:1 ratio of butter and cannabis when preparing cannabutter.

Equipment for cannabutter

  •     Oven
  •     Baking sheet
  •     Parchment paper
  •     Cheesecloth or mesh strainer
  •     Container
  •     Cannabis grinder (optional)
  •     Saucepan

Cannabutter recipe steps

Step 1: Decarb

Decarb your cannabis by baking it in the oven. First, you have to preheat the oven to 245ºF. Then, put the parchment paper on the baking sheet and place your broken cannabis pieces. After that, let it stay there for about 30-40 minutes. Ensure that you mix it for 10-15 minutes so that all the parts of the cannabis get baked evenly.

Step 2: Grind your cannabis

Once you Decarb the cannabis, you must break down those pieces consistently. You can use a grinder to break it up. However, if you don’t have it, you can just break it up using your hands. However, ensure you don’t make it into a fine powder as it can get out through the strainer.

Step 3: Melting the butter

Once the preparation with the cannabis is over, you can start by melting the butter. First, put 1 cup of butter in your saucepan on low heat. After that, add a cup of water and keep on stirring. This will be efficient in preventing the butter from scorching.

Step 4: Add crushed cannabis and simmer

Once your butter melts down, you can start by adding the decarbed cannabis that you broke down earlier. After adding it, begin to simmer the mixture on low heat. Don’t let the temperature exceed 200ºF, or else it can burn the cannabinoids. Keep simmering for at least 2-3 hours, and don’t let it boil.

Step 5: Strain the mixture

After simmering, place your strainer over a container and pour out all the mixture from the saucepan. Put it all in the container and throw out the plant material left in the strainer.

Step 6: Freeze

Lastly, put your container into the fridge and let the product cool down for about a few hours or overnight. Remember that if you notice water at the container’s bottom, remove all the butter and drain the water.

These were the steps on how to make cannabutter at home with only three ingredients.

Hope this article helps you get all the basics of how to make brownies recipe at home. Once your delicious cannabutter is ready, you will be exposed to the world of ultimate goodness– use it with bread, put it on dishes, and use it with any food idea or baked goods you want. You can make peanut butter cookies and brownies or simply use it with bread. All the deliciousness is in your hands now! What’s the wait? Use these steps on how to make cannabutter and enjoy a marvellous cannabis consumption experience!