How to Make Snow Bong

Snow Bong
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Winter has arrived! And it’s time you embrace this biting and icy cold with some fun and relaxing moments by building your own snow bong. 

A snow bong is a homemade smoking device made out of snow in which you add your preferred strains and enjoy a marvelous and intoxicating high. 

Let’s examine the materials and procedures required to make a snow bong.

What are the materials required to make a snow bong?

Making a snow bong can be an exciting task. It needs some pre-requisite materials to form it. So, here is the list of things:

  • Snow – Primary material

A snow bong is only possible with snow. Before beginning construction, you must ensure that you have a large snow pile. The greater the amount of snow, the greater the odds of crafting it flawlessly.

  • Bowl – Foundation material

This provides a solid foundation for our bong. However, this material is optional, without its availability, you could directly construct it in the snow. If you face difficulty in choosing which bowl will be the best, you could go for a look-alike of a cereal bowl.

  • Dowel – Important for structural integrity

Dowel aids in keeping together other parts of the snow bong and further provides the space to make the snow chamber. The unavailability of a dowel can easily be substituted by anything resembling a long and narrow appearance. It can either be a thin rolling pin, wooden log, curtain rods, etc. 

  • Skewer – For shaping or carving 

A skewer is an extended thin and sharp piece, similar to a long toothpick, that serves to give the bong its bowl shape by carving it out. You might also use to cloth hanger, pin, ice pick, etc. for the same.

What are the steps for making a snow bong?

After gathering all the important materials for constructing a bong, it’s time to bring theory into practice. 

So follow the steps mentioned below to make an effortless and fully-functioning home-made snow bong:

  1. As a first step, accumulate a large amount of snow and put it into a bowl. If you are short on the bowl, you could directly start constructing it in a heightened snow mound.
  2. Once you have gathered the snow, now it’s time to gently push the dowel into the snow and compress it. Be careful, while compressing as you need to leave 5 cm (2 inches) of snow between the dowel and the base of the snow bong.
  3. It’s now time to be creative and build an excellent structure by adding additional snow to the dowel until it reaches the appropriate height of your choice.
  4. When you are fully sure that your bong can hold its structural integrity it’s time to carefully remove the placed dowel from it.
  5. Now, you must create a downstream that permits a suction pressure that pulls smoke through the mouthpiece upon inhalation. For this purpose, a thin skewer is inserted into the pipe’s chamber at the base of the bong.
  6. After inserting the skewer, try to meticulously carve out a smaller bowl with it.
  7. You have done all the hard work! It’s time to dive deep into the euphoric high and soothing effects of your preferred strain.

What Strains to use in the snow bong to enhance the feel and experience?

The 20% THC content of this Indica-dominant hybrid strain gives a robust high and strong intoxicating effect. This strain is ideal for your snow bong, as its lemon and spicy perfume will not only brighten your day but also induce a euphoric state which will aid you in enjoying this snow season in a relaxed manner. 

  • Blue Dream

Blue Dream’s sweet blueberry flavor is a natural mood booster. With its excellent THC level, this sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain is ideal for boosting creativity and relieving stress in this freezing weather.

The combination of blue cheese and blueberries is always pleasing to the palate. Not only is this strain delicious, but it also has the potential to work as an anxiolytic. Therefore, during the winter season, prepare your snow bong and fill it with Blue Cheese, as things will be calming and cozy.

Due to its exceptional THC concentration, fragrance, terpenes, high, and flavor, OG Kush also known as Gorilla Glue, has already reached the list of the top strains of all time. This strain not only gives a superb and intense high but also induces a calming sensation throughout the mind and body. This allows you to enter your high without being bothered by the freezing temperatures outside.

We trust that you and your snow bong will have a fantastic time getting stoned together. However, you should be warned that your bong might start melting in a matter of seconds.

Before it gives out entirely, enjoy it to the fullest with your preferred strain.

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