How to Market Your Dispensary in 2022?

How to market your dispensary in 2022?
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Every business wants to get as many customers as possible, so why not dispensaries? However, with the cannabis retail industry becoming more competitive every day, you can’t anticipate traffic of new clients the moment your doors open. You’ll need an effective marketing approach to capture your clients’ attention and generate new revenue for your dispensary.

In comparison to other industries, cannabis brands have limited opportunities for traditional and digital marketing. As a result, adopting a technique that works for your dispensary necessitates a thorough understanding of the marketing restrictions and the best strategies for functioning between them.

Following are some of the marketing strategies that can be used to build up a brand image for your dispensary. 

How to Market a dispensary in 2022 in the US?

Target your audience – niche and location 

Every dispensary will entice a distinct group of customers. Some places are focused on health and wellness, while others are focused on recreational cannabis usage, and a few are a mix of both. If your clinic specializes in crafted, small-batch cannabis your sales strategy should cater to consumers who are looking for crafted cannabis products.

Suppose you’re a small-batch cannabis dispensary that specializes in locally grown products. This is likely to appeal to cannabis consumers in a certain geographical area. Your marketing setup will be more cost-effective if your client persona is more defined. Your dispensary location should influence your marketing strategy.

Website creation – purpose and design

New clients must first be aware of your existence and know where to find you to do business with you. Each of these parameters can be checked by establishing an online presence and making your dispensary easily searchable. It’s estimated that Google processes over 60,000 searches each second, therefore if someone searches “dispensary near me,” you’d like to pop up first on the search page.

Create profiles and listings on any places where your customers might go online to look for you. Make online profiles on Google listings, and Yelp, and ensure you have the correct information so that when people search, you come up. Making yourself visible online is not only an easy way to connect with new consumers, but it may also be far more efficient than other marketing methods.

Make your online menus shoppable and easily drive transactions wherever your clients are searching. Using creative and easy online ordering or a menu to introduce on your website will help your consumers flow to a checkout page smoothly which will further enhance your sales. When they’re ready, take advantage of the opportunity to educate them on your product selection and accessibility to stimulate product browsing and connect their online and offline experiences.

Lure customers – loyalty, reward programs, and email marketing

CBD and recreational dispensaries are constrained in how they interact with potential new consumers. This makes it even more critical to keep and upsell your current customers. A loyalty or incentives program will encourage long-term relationships with your dispensary, enhancing each client’s lifetime value.

On-site lead capture is critical to your success in developing an ongoing relationship with your customers. Allow customers to opt-in for promotional emails, newsletters, product updates, and tips by putting their email addresses in the queue for an e-receipt. Installing tablets that allow consumers to complete orders and fill in data themselves at the register is a terrific strategy.

You can provide a variety of discounts and promotions to attract new customers and encourage them to visit your dispensary. A selection of the most well-known include: 

  • Discounts for first-time customers. 
  • Referral discounts
  • Birthday discounts
  • Themes discounts on specific days. 

Social Media Campaign – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Storytelling 

Your relationship with website visitors will begin with a glance at your site, but active social media accounts are a wonderful way to keep engaging them and growing your community. On the homepage, include excellent connections to all social media you use.

Consider what social media platforms the company is currently using, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Next, consider whether these platforms are optimized, which means they have content, videos, photographs, a bio, and a link back to the website.

Following the optimization of all social media accounts, content should be shared daily throughout these channels. A company should have an emotional content collection schedule. This keeps the audience interested in the company and aware of the services it provides.

To sum up

Cannabis retail is fiercely competitive if you consider the US market. However, with these methods, you’ll have everything you need to capture your desired audience’s attention and bring in new consumers.


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