How to Roll a Blunt? A Brief Guide

How to roll a blunt ? | Hempercamp
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Rolling blunt is super easy, and this feature will rightly tell you how to do it effortlessly. But, many folks don’t know what a blunt is. So, continue reading.

What does a blunt feel like?

A blunt looks like a joint; however, it is a simple marijuana cigarette. Blunts are different from joints because they are rolled with paper made of tobacco leaves. They are not rolled using standard rolling papers, which makes them more different. The tobacco leaf blunt paper provides most of the unique features of the blunt. It influences the burn time, effect, smell, and taste of the blunt.

Rolling a blunt: What do you need to know?

If you want to know how to roll a blunt, you need to learn that you’ll need a few essential instruments. There are key toolsets that you need to help you roll a blunt like a real weed head. One of these is your preferred cannabis strain. You will also need a grinder to help you grind the buds before you roll them into a blunt. You will also need a rolling tray. Lastly, make sure you have your rolling papers.

How to roll a blunt: Your step-by-step guide

These effective steps show you how to roll a blunt. It is important to know that this is a process that requires finesse and diligence.

  • 1) Grind the weed: Before you roll your blunt, you have to do some prep work. You should have a proper ground weed. Get a grinder to give your weed a very consistent grind. This produces even burns for the best smoking experience. No grinders? No problem. You can break down the weed by using your fingers.


  • 2) Select a good wrap: If you are a weed head, then you can easily choose your blunt wrap like a professional. If you are a beginner, there are many brands that you can try. There are wraps with different sweet flavours. Try them and see which one works out best for you.


  • 3) Break your wrap down: As soon as you get your wrap, you may want to break it down. The best way to do this is to get a razor blade. With your blade, split the wrap lengthwise down the centre.


  • 4) Get your wrap moist: You should slightly moisten your wrap. For tobacco leaves, you get a more pliable blunt that can be rolled up easily. Using your saliva or water is sufficient for this. However, try to avoid getting the blunt wrap shopping wet to avoid damaging it.


  • 5) Place your weed inside the wrap: If you know how to roll a blunt, you will know that this step is important. Hold the tobacco wrap and carefully put it in the weed. Use the wrap to form a trough with a U-shape. Simply, place your weed inside the wrap.


  • 6) Roll up the blunt: With both hands, carefully rock your wrapping paper to move back and forth. While you are doing this, you should ensure that you get to tamp down and even out your marijuana. Using this technique means that your blunt will begin to form into a cylindrical shape which gives it a uniform thickness. Soon as you have formed the right shape, one edge of your wrap should be brought up and all over the weed. Tuck this edge underneath the other side of your wrap. This would encase your marijuana.


  • 7) Seal the blunt: Get that edge of your wrap that is now above the other edge and dampen this with your tongue. Use your tongue to lick the inner part of this wrap. If you have added enough moisture try to press down this edge over the other edge. With this moisture, your tobacco wrap should be able to seal your blunt shut. This seam should be made along the whole length of your blunt.


  • 8) Get some fire to seal up the blunt: Finally, get a fire that allows you to apply some heat up and down across the seam. This creates the right amount of heat that helps to dry out the tobacco. This locks your seam properly and holds the blunts in place as you smoke it.


  • 9) Light up the weed and enjoy it: After spending enough time rolling up your blunt, you can now sit back and enjoy it. At this point, choose the right end to light up. You should try to inhale the smoke from the other side of the blunt.

Bottom Line

Blunt is very popular among regular and amateur cannabis users. It is useful because of the fact that it can induce effects instantly. Moreover, it also looks interesting and entertaining without the use of tobacco.

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