How to Roll a Joint?

How to roll a Joint ? | Hempercamp
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If you want to consume cannabis, then smoking or rolling a joint is the way to do it. If you are a novice to cannabis, then you may want to know how to roll a joint. You can go through this guide to understand all about joints and how to smoke it to get its benefits.

What is a joint ?

A joint(s) is a cannabis cigarette rolled in the form of a cone. It is usually hand-rolled. When you buy cannabis joint that has both tobacco and cannabis, it is referred to as a spiff. When cannabis is rolled on dark and heavy tobacco papers, then it is known as a blunt. The word joint has a French origin with the original word meaning ‘joined’.

How to roll a joint or roll – A Guide

This guide on rolling a joint tells you all you need to know about smoking weed. To start with, you need to have a few things ready with you. These are the things you need to have:

  • You need cannabis; approximately one third gram is needed per joint.
  • You need rolling papers, which are fibers whose source are non-wood (eg: hemp, flax, rice straw, etc.).
  • A rolling tray.
  • A chopstick or anything shaped similarly.
  • A filter or crutch.

The following explains how to go about rolling a joint.

1) Grind the cannabis

You need a grinder to grind the cannabis so you can smoke it. In case you don’t have a grinder, you can use your hand to take apart the bud. You need to take care, so there is no damage. Also, try to make all the pieces the same size.

2) Get the crutch ready

The crutch is the front of the joint. You can get a ready crutch for use. You can even go ahead without a crutch but using it can help you hold the joint easily. It also reduces the risk of inhaling cannabis bits or getting your lips burnt.

If you want to make a crutch, you can use a business card. Fold half-inch paper into the shape of an accordion. Then wrap the paper around the accordion part to make the crutch ready. 

3) Load the cannabis

Place the rolling paper on the rolling tray. Let the sticky side be away from you. Let the crutch be where you want the mouthpiece. Now start sprinkling cannabis keeping it in line with the crutch. Spread uniformly without over spreading the cannabis.

In case you want to make a cone joint, then add lesser marijuana at the mouthpiece and increase the weed towards the tip. 

4) Time to start rolling

It is now time to roll the joint. Make sure that the sticky or adhesive side is away from you. Pinch the paper like a taco shape and ensure the cannabis is spread uniformly. Roll it into a cylinder shape. 

Some weed may spill out, it is ok. While rolling a roll or joint, ensure it is not loose that it would be uneven. Similarly, let it not be too tight, so airflow is restricted. Once you complete rolling, lick the adhesive completely and then seal the joint. Now take the chopstick and pack the marijuana towards the mouthpiece. 

If any of the weed had spilt out, this is the time to put it back in. Take care to stick it properly. Finally seal the joint by twisting the paper near the tip. Your joint is now ready.

5) Enjoy your joint

You have now successfully rolled the joint filling it with marijuana. All that remains is for you to enjoy your smoke. Light the join and inhale using the mouthpiece. 

Bottom Line

Rolling a joint is easy as you would have learnt from this guide. It is a great experience that you will enjoy making you feel energetic, refreshed, and also feeling calm. Remember that no one is an expert; it may take some time to master it. Practice will make you perfect, and you will soon become a pro in rolling a joint.

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