Best Ways To Smoke Your Marijuana Flower: Tips, Tricks And Methods

How to smoke marijuana flower
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There are many different methods of smoking weed related products, like blunts, bongs, joints, and pipes. With the wealth of options that a user can avail of, it can often become quite overwhelming for a newcomer to choose the best ways to smoke marijuana flower. 

So we’re going to take a closer look at these different methods along with their advantages and disadvantages, which can help the user make an informed choice.


First up, we will discuss the method of using joints, its pros and cons, and the exact ways to use them.

Joints are prepared by rolling weed up into a paper, which is typically made of rice, paper, or hemp. Most users add a filter to the roll on the off chance that it burns their fingers while they’re smoking it. Since most of us know how to roll a joint here is how to smoke the joint, which is a skill in itself. 

  • First up, you have to place the end which contains the filter into your mouth. Doing this will help you protect yourself from the heat as well.
  • After this is done, you can light the other end of the joint with your lighter or match.
  • Whilst doing this, suck at the joint like it is a straw; gently and quickly, which helps the joint light up.
  • Once this is done, be careful with the amount of smoke you are inhaling. Taking one or two drags i.e. inhaling once or twice is enough. Smoking it constantly like you would do with a cigarette is not the greatest idea.
  • Slow consumption of the joint will give the user the best effects.

The choice of paper that you use is also quite vital. Many of the papers that are available commercially can contain a lot of chemicals and pollutants that can be very harmful to the user’s lungs. 

How do you check for that? 

Any papers that are branded as flavored, bleached, or fast burning usually contain such contaminants. Therefore, being on the lookout for these traits can help the user buy papers that are much safer. Now, if the kind of exposure that these papers have is a real issue, alternative smoking methods can be used instead.


Next up we have bongs, which is among the best ways to smoke marijuana flower.

Bongs are a very popular method of smoking weed. They are also known as water pipes due to the fact that they use water to filter and cool the smoke that the weed produces. As the smoke is much cooler than usual, users can take much longer hits, which also produces a lot more smoke in terms of volume. Bongs are large bowls that have a glass pipe in the form of a cylinder attached to it. This pipe is called the downstem. When the users hit the bong, the smoke goes down the downstem after which it gets filtered through water. The smoke then travels up the neck of the bong to the mouthpiece. 

Now we see how to smoke the bong

  • Firstly, make sure that the position you’re seated in is comfortable. Newer users should ideally have a table or stand to place it on, along with a window close by in case they start coughing.
  • Additionally, make sure that there are no flammable items near the bong. Now, you should hold the bong with your non-dominant hand. Having a strong grip around it is essential.
  • Now, inhale and breathe through the diaphragm so that you have a good amount of oxygen in case you feel the need to cough.
  • Place your lips inside the mouthpiece and make sure that there aren’t any gaps in the mouthpiece so that the smoke doesn’t have a chance to escape.
  • Now, light the match or lighter with your dominant hand and then bring the flame to the bowl. Also, make sure that only the edge of the weed is being burnt so that it lasts for way longer.
  • After this is done, inhale the smoke slowly and stop lighting the bowl of the bong once you feel like there’s enough smoke in the chamber.
  • Then remove the bowl from the stem and take in all the smoke that remains in the bowl. After this, hold the smoke for a few seconds before releasing it. Now you can relight the bowl and start the process all over again.


Now we’ll take a look at blunts, the way to use them and their pros and cons.

Blunts are another popular way to smoke marijuana flower. They are quite similar to joints, however they usually last much longer due to their larger size. Another major difference is the fact that cigar wraps are used instead of the rolling papers that are used in joints. These cigar wraps are made out of the leaves of tobacco, which means that blunts contain nicotine in addition to the cannabis that they already contain.

This is another method that requires rolling. The thing to note is that the inhalation process is quite important. Here are some bong smoking tips

  • Practise by using a straw beforehand. This can really help when you’re smoking the blunt itself.
  • Next up, holding the inhaled smoke in your lungs also makes the experience better, so having some idea of how to do it is also essential.
  • The consumption of water is also really vital when it comes to these blunts. Actively drinking water before and after smoking the blunts is very important. Smoking weed tends to make the mouth and body dry, so constantly drinking water is ideal.
  • Blunts are quite large, so taking your time with them is not detrimental at all. Not being able to finish the blunt isn’t a problem either. Knowing your limits is important.


Finally, we have one of the oldest methods, which is the pipe.

Pipes are one of the oldest and easiest ways to smoke marijuana flower. They are also known as spoons and bowls due to their shape. When it comes to their structure, pipes contain a bowl, a stem and a mouthpiece, making them somewhat similar to bongs. The major difference is that the size of most pipes is much smaller than that of bongs. Some versions of pipes also contain holes known as carb holes, which can be covered or uncovered with the user’s finger so that the pipe can be cleared of any kind of residual smoke.

  • First up, take a test draw to make sure that the weed is not packed too tightly. If air doesn’t flow well when you take a draw, then it means it’s too tight. Otherwise, you can go ahead and get ready to light it.
  • Now, using either a pipe lighter or wooden match is ideal. After lighting it, take a few seconds and then start smoking slowly. Keep the match on the surface of the pipe and keep moving it circularly. 
  • Once the pipe is lit up evenly, let the light go out. Then go ahead and relight it, after which you are ready to fully smoke it.
  • Go slow, making sure that you don’t burn your tongue. There is no need to worry if your pipe goes out a few times while you’re smoking it, just keep using the above process and it should be easy.

If the pipe is being shared by multiple people, then cleaning the mouthpiece with alcohol can make sure that the spread of any kind of germ is eliminated.

Vape Pens

Finally, you have the most popular product when you’re looking at trends, which is the vape pen.

Vape pens are basically smoking devices that can be transported with ease. They are increasing in popularity day by day due to the fact that they can be used without additional lighting and their portability. They are also easy to carry and quite discreet.

All a user needs to do is take the vape pen and start smoking it through the mouthpiece. It has an inbuilt battery that can even be recharged depending on the kind of vape pen that you purchase. First time users should space out their puffs so that they know the amount of weed they can take at once when using the vape pens. 

The potency of the vape pens can also vary, so there is a good chance that there will be a noticeable lack of a really potent high right at the outset. However, that should improve pretty quickly. They usually have inbuilt airflow control, which makes it easier to use them as well. The heating coil that they contain also produces a smooth, consistent amount of smoke that gives the user a really nice and smooth experience overall.

Therefore, these are the different ways to smoke marijuana flower. 

Looking at these methods and their nuances can help you make an informed choice about which way can suit you the best.

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