Best Way to Smoke Resin

How to Smoke Resin
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Cannabis is legalized in many states across the United States. The demand for Cannabis has been rising every day and with an increase in demand comes different expectations from consumers, who are always looking to try out something. Today in this article, we will talk in detail about how to smoke resin and other relevant details about the different types of cannabis resin.

What is Cannabis Resin?


Cannabis Resin is the sticky brown part found on the Cannabis plants. Resin is found on the trichomes, and usually contains high levels of THC. For those unaware THC is the compound responsible for the feeling of being “high” while smoking marijuana. So, if you are looking for strong effects then the resin might be a good option for you. 

However, there is a lot of confusion as to what is actually resin because more than one substance is referred to as resin so it would be better if you understand the difference between different types of resins-

  1.   Rosin– this is also referred to as resin, this is cannabis resin extracted from the plant using heat and pressure. For those interested in extracting it themselves, Green Thumb Depot offers a selection of quality rosin presses.
  1.     Resin or reclaim- Also known as weed tar, this is cannabis resin extracted from the residue left behind after smoking weed using tools like a pipe or dab rig, after smoking
  1.     Hashish- Also known as Hash, this is cannabis resin that is extracted from the plant and dried into a pressed powder form.  

All three Hash, Rosin, and Reclaim are usually referred to as resin and can be smoked. So, there is confusion among all of them. But it doesn’t matter which resin you are looking to smoke; we have got you covered.

Things to know before you start smoking-

The methods of smoking are the same for all and you can smoke all types of resins by using the different methods below. With Rosin and Hash, you directly go for any of the methods.

But if you are looking to reclaim, then you would need to follow this step first. You would need to scrape off the reclaim from your tool. Then, find a bobby pin or paperclip and take a small plate or bowl. Heat up the surface of the bong or pipe so that the resin gets warm. Now you can scrape off the resin using a paperclip or bobby pin. Collect all the resin and then create a lump. Then you are all set to go. Also, remember that if you are using a dry pipe, you can directly heat it up and smoke it. You don’t need to scrape off the reclaim.

Different ways to smoke Cannabis Resin-

These are some of the most popular ways of smoking resin and are safe too. Here given below is a detailed explanation of each of the methods, highlighting the pros and cons of each one. So, the only job left for you is to read and find out the most suitable method to do so-

  1.     Dry Pipe

smoking pipe

This is one of the most convenient methods to smoke resin. Under the dry pipe method, you just have to light up the heat on the outer surface. A lighter would do the job. This would lead the resin inside the pipe to vaporize, and then you just have to inhale it and enjoy it. If you choose this method, make sure you don’t touch the pipe, as it will be hot. Using an oven mitt would do the job. Also, an oven mitt helps your hands, but ensure you don’t directly touch your lips to dry the pipe.

  1.     Bong


A bong is also very similar to a dry pipe in use. You may have used a bong before to smoke your cannabis as well. If you plan to use a bong, then the first step would be to pack your resin into the bong bowl. And if you’ve used a bong before, you know the process. But for those who are using it for the first time, you would need to first pour some fresh water into the Bong, then place your resin, heat up, and enjoy. Also, a bong is a perfect alternative for a dry pipe and is safe. And a bong would help you reap the best out of your resins, especially if you are using a resin type that has a higher concentration of THC.

  1.     Dab Rig

dag rig

A dab rig is also similar to a bong, but there is a difference you smoke flowers using a bong, while a dab rig is used to smoke concentrates. A dab rig also uses water to filter concentrates vapour. For smoking resin, you will need to collect the resin and roll it into small lumps, otherwise, it won’t properly fit into a dab rig. Then you need to vaporize the resin by lighting up the heat, below the base where the resin is placed. Also, to derive optimum results and for safe use, it would be best if you use fresh water before every use.

  1.     Hot Knife

hot knife

This is probably the craziest method to smoke resin. Also, this method is far more advanced as well as less safe, as compared to other methods. So, it is advised to use this method as a last resort. Although it is weird, it’s a unique and very effective way to smoke your resin, provided it is done correctly.

For this method, you would require resin, and 2 knives (a wide-blade would be preferred). Start by heating up both knives. Now take one of the knives, then place resin over it, and then place another knife over it. You just have to hold resin between both knives. This would result in the burning of resin and would produce smoke. Now you just have to inhale the smoke. But this is a potentially dangerous method, and as you would expect, less effective as well.

Also, to get the best taste, you can use a pipe to direct the smoke into your mouth. If you don’t have a pipe, here is a DIY solution, take a bottle, cut off the bottom and then you can place the front end in your mouth and smoke the resin.