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Are You New to Grinding Weed? Here’s How to Use the Right Weed Grinder!

How to use right weed grinder
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When you are a weed lover, it becomes important to invest in the right weed grinder. It is a device used for breaking cannabis bugs into smaller parts to smoke it. 

However, it is not as simple as you think it to be. You must know various details about weed grinders so that you can do the grinding the right way.

Let us tell you everything you must know about grinding weed with the right weed grinder.

Types of grinders

In the category of weed grinders, you can find various types, with each one of them having its pros and cons. Here is some information about the different types of weed grinders you need to pick the perfect one.

Two piece grinders

These types of weed grinders for grinding weeds have two parts, the top, and the bottom, which fit perfectly into each other and create a grinding chamber in between. These are considered ideal because you do not have to work hard to use them. These are very easy to use but sometimes can be harder to clean. Additionally, these are preferred to produce coarse grinds of cannabis to smoke.

Three piece grinders

three piece grinder

This type of cannabis grinder has three chambers. The first one is the grinding chamber itself; another one is a collection chamber for the ground weed and a screen for separating the kief from cannabis.

These are used for getting finer grinds of cannabis and have more versatility as compared to the two-piece grinders. Cleaning challenges are higher, and the screen used to separate materials can get clogged with time.

Four piece grinders

Three piece grinders

Four-piece grinders are just like the three-piece grinder but have an additional part used to collect kief. This compartment is used for collecting the highly potent elements of the cannabis flower that break off during the grinding process.

You can save it and use it later to get the high effect of cannabis. These may be the right weed grinder for everyone, as they produce the finest grinds and are versatile, but at the same time, they are expensive.

How to choose the right weed grinder?

It is important to keep in mind that every right weed grinder you can get from the market will not work equally. Therefore, being careful about choosing one for yourself is necessary, and for that, there are some considerations you must keep in mind.


There is a variety of weed grinders you can find online and offline, and they all come in different sizes. The variety ranges from pocket-friendly grinders to tabletop grinders, and you can pick one as per your preferred size.

You must know how much cannabis you need to grind every day. If you need just a small amount, the pocket-friendly small-size grinders may be the right one for you. On the other hand, if you need to grind large amounts of cannabis in one go, a larger one should be your preference.


In order to make a choice for the right weed grinder, it is important to check the material as well. Weed grinders are made from different materials like wood, plastic, and metal. The ones made with metal are more durable and efficient, while the plastic and wood grinders do not offer you durability.

Moreover, the grinders made with wood or plastic wear down over time, making them a wrong choice. On the other hand, wood grinders can be aesthetically pleasing and have better style in comparison to the others.


The tooth of a grinder is an important thing to consider, as it breaks down the cannabis for you. Grinders that have more teeth are better, as they can provide you with a finer grind, and it is considered better if you use it for vaporizing.

On the contrary, grinders with fewer teeth tend to produce coarse grinds that you can ideally use for smoking through pipes and paper. So, consider what type of device you will use to consume your cannabis, and then choose the right weed grinder for you.

The right way to use a weed grinder

Now that you are well aware of choosing the right weed grinder, let us get some information on how to use it the right way.

Prepare your cannabis

The first step starts by removing any stem or seed from your cannabis and breaking them down with your hands if necessary. It ensures that the weed is easier to grind and will also give a more consistent grind.

Load your grinder

It is important, and you must ensure that you don’t rush this step. Lift the top part of your grinder and place your cannabis in the grinding chamber, then close it. You must ensure that the top fits perfectly on the other part. If it is not closed properly, it can ruin your cannabis. Additionally, make sure that the chamber is not overfilled, as it may lead to inconsistent grinding.

Start grinding

When the grinder is all ready, it is time to start grinding. Start by twisting the knob back and forth to grind the cannabis. There will be some resistance as the teeth break down the cannabis into smaller pieces, but there is nothing to worry about. Keep grinding until you reach the desired consistency.

Collect your cannabis

When you are done grinding, open the lower piece of your grinder, where the cannabis is collected. If you are using a three or four-piece grinder, the kief will be separated from the grinds, and you can collect both of these things separately.

Clean your grinder

To ensure the grinder’s long life and good condition, it is important to clean it regularly and prevent any buildup. You may use a toothbrush to remove debris and residue from the teeth, screen, and other chambers. To get a better cleaning, you can also soak the right weed grinder in isopropyl alcohol and wash it with warm water.

Time to enjoy

Once you are all done with the process, it is time to enjoy your cannabis. You can use it in a variety of ways as per your choices. You can smoke it with a pipe or a joint, vaporize it, or add it to edibles like chocolate or cookies.

Tips to get the most out of your grinder

  1. Do not grind the cannabis too fine if you want to smoke it. Coarser grinds make it easier to prevent clogs and uneven burning and ensure a smooth smoking experience.
  2. You can use a scraper to collect the kief from the grinder and use it to add extra potency to your cannabis. The best way is to sprinkle it in your cannabis in joints to get an extra kick.
  3. Store the ground cannabis in an airtight container to ensure a longer shelf life and prevent it from drying out.

Choosing the right weed grinder will greatly impact your cannabis smoking experience. So before you get one for yourself, make sure to consider all the different types, sizes, materials, and teeth. Make sure to pick the grinder that best suits your needs.

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