Indica vs sativa: A definitive guide

indica vs sativa
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If you’re someone who has purchased or used cannabis before, you might be aware of its three commonly available strains: indica (high in THC levels), sativa (high in CBD levels), and hybrid (the balance of THC and CBD levels). Let’s delve into differentiating the two strains, Indica vs Sativa, and get your vague facts cleared so that you are not required to ask the budtender for strain suggestions anytime you visit a dispensary.

Before delving deeper into indica vs sativa, let’s get an overview of both strains.



It is often believed that indica strains are physiologically sedating and are best for unwinding with a movie or as a nightcap before bed.


As far as indica vs sativa is concerned, Sativa strains are stimulating with uplifted mental effects that go well with exercise, social gatherings, and creative endeavors.

However, the effect of both indica and sativa isn’t the same on all consumers. This implies that not all users would get a body buzz after consuming indica. Similarly, not all consumers would get energized by the consumption of sativa.


Growing pattern:

Let’s read how Indica vs sativa is portrayed in their growing environments!


Indicas are known to be soothing and were historically grown in chilly, northern climes. As impacted by their surroundings, they grow short and thick. 

Their growing season is shorter, due to which they may be picked before the cold and rain of fall and winter arrive. Typically, indica strains don’t grow to higher heights. They have thick, wide, dark-green leaves and grow short and bushy. 


However, if we study indica vs Sativa, Sativas are naturally grown in warm, humid, mostly tropical environments. They are slender and grow long, so they could dry out and not absorb as much moisture. Their growing season ends before it turns cold and rainy. Their mild growing environment allows them to take a long time to develop, blossom, or generate buds. 

Sativas prefer highly lit conditions. As long as temperatures don’t rise over 85 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity stays between 55 and 65 percent relative humidity, the more sunlight they consume, the better they respond. Sativas often react better to low fertilizer levels and infrequent feedings.


Let’s now study the benefits of indica vs sativa.


Indica consumption can make you feel calm, euphoric, cheerful, and drowsy (when need be). Indicas are frequently used to relax and unwind towards the end of the night, earning them the nickname “nighttime strains.” It generally leads the consumer to a calming high. 

It is believed that indica is more tranquilizing and that it might contribute to feelings of relaxation and slumber.  

Most preferred strains of Indica:

Having discussed its effects you should also know that the following indica marijuana strains would be available in most dispensaries because they are often requested by customers.

Girl Scout Cookies, G-13, Couchlock, Granddaddy Purple, Hindu Kush, and Northern Lights, etc.


Sativa strains frequently provide cheerful, uplifting, euphoric, and energetic sensations. Sativas are frequently considered to be used during the daytime. It is utilized for feeling industrious, imaginative, and focused as well as for completing tasks. 

The consensus is that it leads some individuals to a more invigorating and creative high, while it might make other individuals anxious. 

Sativa can also be beneficial for people who are experiencing sadness, headaches, nausea, or loss of appetite. However, some sativa strains could give you a boost of energy while others might not. 

Most preferred strains of sativa:

Having discussed its effects you should also know that the following sativa marijuana strains would be available in most dispensaries because they are often requested by customers.

Durban Poison(The most popular among sativa cravers), Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Jack Herer, Green Crack,  etc.

Things to consider

This might not be indica vs sativa, but this is something that you should keep in mind before purchasing your desired strain.

Think about body chemistry:

Everyone’s body is made up differently which makes it difficult to predict how a strain will influence a particular person. Your body may respond to cannabis quite differently from someone else’s, even if you use it as regularly as they do. 

A friend could be able to burn down an entire joint, while you might only need one or two puffs. People are prone to anxiety, if you ask us about indica vs sativa, we’d suggest you can try indica as an option.

 Are you tolerant?

If you are a beginner, start with consuming in less quantity and less strong strain and go slow. Regular consumers will have a considerably higher tolerance than occasional consumers and frequently be able to take far more or stronger marijuana without experiencing any negative effects.

 What’s your consumption technique?

How you use marijuana will also alter how a strain makes you feel. One vape puff is typically believed to be lighter and to have fewer effects than one joint puff. Dabs usually aren’t for novices since they have rapid, strong effects. Consider edibles if you want long-lasting benefits, but start low and progress slowly.

 Always good to get extra: Additional info and FAQs

Let’s talk about some FAQs regarding indica vs sativa which will definitely make your facts clearer!

Are sativas energising?

Sativas are thought to be uplifting and euphoric, yet there is no scientific proof to support the idea that they give you energy.

Are indicas sedative in nature?

Generally speaking, indicas are considered to be calming, which can cause you to feel tired.

Do sativas cause a body high?

Sativas are frequently believed to give the consumer a head and body high, although every person’s body chemistry is unique.

Does indica cause your eyes to go red?

Depending on one’s physiology, indica or sativa strains may cause one’s eyes to turn red. 

Need some interesting facts?

Towards the end, you might be pretty clear about your indica vs sativa facts for the next time you visit the dispensary. Why not end it with some interesting facts too?


        There are about 250+ strains out of all cannabis strains that are indica strains.

        Physical effect of indica on a person is more than its mental effect.

        Indica got its name from “Cannabis from India” as it was first exported to Europe from India.


        Sativa plants have extremely tall growth potential of 20 feet!

        Sativa strains have more mental than physical effects on a person.

        A Swedish botanist came up with the word “Sativa,” which originally meant “cultivated.”

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