Is Delta-8 Sold Over the Counter?

Delta-8 Sold
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Delta-8 is one of the most popular products sold over the counter out there. And after the legalization of hemp, new rules came into effect, which led to a lot of changes regarding the legality of products such as Delta-8. 

But the main problem is people are still not completely aware of the laws associated with buying and possession of Delta-8 and today in this article we will talk about one of the important questions “Is Delta-8 sold over the counter”

What is Delta-8?


Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as Delta-8 THC, is a minor cannabinoid that is found in cannabis plants. The effects of Delta-8 are very similar to that of Delta-9 THC. But, unlike Delta-9, the effects of Delta-8 are mild. 

Delta-8 is found in both marijuana and hemp, but only the Delta-8 made from Hemp has been legalized provided it contains less than 0.3 Percent of THC by dry weight. The consumption of Delta-8 may lead to euphoria (high) and some other effects. There are various options available for you to consume Delta-8 such as vaping, edibles, oils, etc.

 What is an Over-the-counter purchase?

Over-the-counter, means drugs that can be bought without a prescription from a doctor. Usually, this term is used for medicines. For drugs that are sold over the counter, you wouldn’t need permission from a doctor and you can purchase them whenever you like. Usually, common medicines are sold over the counter, and medicines with high dosages or extreme effects require a prescription.

. There are two sub-types under this, recreational marijuana/ hemp and medical marijuana/ hemp. Medical marijuana/ hemp would require a doctor’s prescription and is provided to tackle some kind of disease. Recreational marijuana/ hemp is permitted for everyone, you wouldn’t require a prescription for that.

Can you buy Delta-8 Over-the-counter?

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The simple answer to this question is “YES” and all the Delta-8 products that you buy online are over the counter, but if you are looking to buy Delta-8 locally over the counter, then it would depend on various factors that you need to consider.

  1.     First of all, is the product itself, only Hemp products that are federally legal can be sold (products that contain less than 0.3%).
  2.     Based on the state legality, if Delta-8 is legal in your state, then there are chances that you can buy it over the counter.
  3.     Depending on state laws regarding sales of Delta-8 products.

These are the major factors that determine whether you will find the product locally over the counter. Sometimes you may find products over the counter illegally, but it is advised to stay from these products.

Where can you buy Delta-8 over the counter?

There are various places where you can buy Delta-8 over the counter, such as dispensaries, convenience stores, vapes shops, and gas stations as well. But the best option would be to buy them online. There are a ton of websites that sell Delta-8 products online to meet all your needs. They are easy to purchase and you can get them delivered to your home. Also, you get lab reports of various quality checks and reviews from customers, which would assure the quality of products.

If you are looking to purchase products locally, then the best option would be to purchase them from licensed dispensaries. You do not require any medical prescription for that as well. So, it can be a great option. You will get expert guidance and assurance of good quality products.

Is Delta-8 bought over-the-counter safe?

This factor depends on the source of your Delta-8 products. If you buy it from a licensed dispensary, then you will be fine as they serve legitimate products and they won’t do any harm to your body. But it is advised not to buy from any local gas stations as you can’t guarantee the quality of products and there are high chances you may end up with unregulated substances.

If you plan to buy online, then you can go for it. This is the best option as you get the products in the comfort of your home and also can check the lab results to be assured of quality. But please be aware that there are many scam websites out there, so it’s better to buy products from well-known trusted brands.

What do you require to buy Delta-8 over the counter?

As Delta-8 can be purchased over the counter, you wouldn’t need a medical card. However, you would need an ID card to show proof of your age. The required age may differ from state to state. And when buying from licensed dispensaries, it is a must to have age-proof. In case you are buying from a local gas station then, they probably won’t need an age proof. While if you are buying online some websites may ask you for age verification, but this differs from website to website.

If you are buying Delta-8 products such as Vape, then you will need age-proof for both online as well as offline purchases. As it is a federal law that disallows the sale of Delta-8 vape pens to anyone under 21. However, you never know if the local corner store abides by such laws.

Should you consult your doctor?

Yes, indeed, you don’t require a doctor’s permission or prescription to consume Delta-8 products. However, it is in your best interests to consult a doctor before starting to consume Delta-8. As sometimes you may be on certain medications and consuming Delta-8, can lead to side effects. Also, you may have decided to consume Delta-8 products to tackle certain problems, so your doctor can help you understand if that would be the correct choice for you. A doctor can also help you find the right choice of product and the right dose for you.

Also, sometimes your doctor may prescribe you Delta-8 products for problems such as anxiety and lack of sleep. So, it is best to consult a doctor before starting with Delta-8 products.