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Is Delta-9 THC Legal in Georgia?

Is Delta-9 THC Legal in Georgia
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Is Delta-9 THC Legal in Georgia? People living in Georgia have been waiting for so long to expect the legalization of Delta 9, and it is here. Now, cannabis products with Delta 9 containing a THC level of 0.3% or lower are deemed legal in Georgia.

But the consumers have to follow some set of rules in order to enjoy it. In detail below, we will cover this set of rules along with the products which contain Delta-9 THC.

Note: Delta 9 from marijuana is still illegal under Georgia state and federal law, but hemp-derived Delta 9 is legal.

The current legalization of cannabis and Delta 9 in Georgia follows a long history of prohibition of such substances. This post will enlighten you on some of the most important details regarding federal law and the legalization of Delta 9. 

Delta 9 and the Federal Law

There is a long legal history of cannabis in the USA. It can easily be illustrated as a series of events if defined with each and every detail. 

  • Before legalization, cannabis was prohibited in all states of the USA for 75 years. 
  • Initially, the federal prohibition changed when the law was changed in California, and the medical use of cannabis was made legal in 1996.
  • Later on, Washington State and Colorado also decided and gave a green signal to the legal use of cannabis in 2012. 
  • By now, each and every state in the USA has its own cannabis laws. Hence, now you can use cannabis products, including Delta 9 in Georgia.

The products made from Delta 9 that are derived from hemp are legal in Georgia, and it came into effect under the 2018 Farm Bill. In 2019, the government signed off on House Bill 213, which legalized the production and use of derives, extracts, cannabinoids, and isomers derived from hemp. However, it is important to note that there is no concentration limit on Delta 8 and CBD, but there is still a limit of 0.3% on Delta 9 THC in Georgia.

Delta-9 THC Legal in Georgia.

Though Delta-9 THC is legal in Georgia, there are some rules to be followed by every D-9 THC consumer. 

  • Georgia’s Federal law didn’t approve the direct consumption of Delta-9 THC legal products but they approved all the Hemp products that contain Delta-9 THC in appropriate quantities.
  • The products made from hemp rather than marijuana, containing Delta-9 THC, are all protected under the law to consume in Georgia.
  • The products containing Delta-9 THC must contain this cannabinoid in less than 0.3 percent THC.
  • In medical cases, a patient can buy Delta-9 THC-containing products with a concentration of D-9 THC of more than 5 percent.
  • The products which are to sell have more concentration of CBD than THC.

Penalties under breaking the law.

is delta 9 thc legal in Georgia

 If a person doesn’t follow the rules we discussed above and is found with a quantity of natural Delta-9 THC, he will be sentenced, and a fine will be charged against him.

  •       For the amount of Delta-9 THC less than 1oz: a one-year jail sentence or a fine of $1000 will be charged
  •       For the amount of D-9 THC between 1oz to 10 lbs. : A jail sentence of up to 10 years will be given
  •       For more than 10 lbs. : Up to 7 years of imprisonment along with a fine of $5000 will be charged
  •       Under trafficking of Delta-9 THC:
  •       10lbs – 2000lbs.: $100,000 fine with five years of imprisonment
  •       2000lbs – 10,000lbs.: $250,000 fine with 7 years of imprisonment
  •       +10,000lbs. : $10,00,000 fine with 15 years of imprisonment

Delta 9 THC Legal products in Georgia

Weight is an important factor in the legalization of Delta 9 in Georgia. With the legal dry weight of the content, only a few cannabis products can be made. Only 0.3% in proportion to the product weight can be added, and it makes it impossible to make vapes and flowers that contain Delta 9. Some Delta 9 legal products that you can get legally in Georgia are given below.

Delta 9 thc legal

  • Gummies

As per the level limit for Delta 9 products, gummies are the most suitable products as companies can make them with very low levels of cannabinoid content. Therefore, you can buy a 4-gram gummy that will contain 10mg of delta-9 THC content. It is enough to enjoy a significant high from the product.



  • Tinctures


Another very popular cannabis product containing Delta 9 THC that you can buy in Georgia is tinctures. As the carrier oil’s weight is not too much, it is easier to add a legal amount of Delta 9 into the product. Tinctures come in droppers of 750 mg and contain a good amount of Delta 9 THC, i.e. 25mg.

Tinctures work the best as they are absorbed into the blood vessels under your tongue, giving an instant result from the product. This method is faster than the other cannabis edibles you can find in the market. You can also add tinctures to other food items to get a taste of the desired effect of Delta 9 THC in Georgia.

Safety and Delta 9

It is important to know if Delta 9 products are safe for everyone above the age limit for buying and consuming them. 

There is nothing to worry about for people who consume products that are made with Delta 9 content as long as they mind the limit. Make sure to always exercise moderate consumption of Delta 9 and avoid any serious activities after consuming it. You should strictly avoid driving a car or operating any machinery when you are under the influence of Delta 9 products or any other cannabis product.

Where can you buy Delta 9 THC Legal products in Georgia?

As all Delta 9 products are close to their legal concentration limits, it is important to buy them from the right place only. You must never get these products illegally, and here are a few details on buying the Delta 9 THC which is legal in Georgia.

  • In-person

There are various dispensaries and vape shops. You can get your Delta 9 THC in Georgia product from these outlets by visiting them in person. It is also necessary to keep in mind that making a purchase from a reputed and licensed store will get you good quality items. Currently, Georgia has two licensed medical cannabis dispensaries, Botanical Sciences, and Trulieve Georgia.

Also, do not forget to check labels for third-party lab results, and if it is not visible on the label, refrain from making a purchase there.

  • Online

Buying cannabis products from licensed online sources can be way easier and more convenient than buying them in person. Also, when you make an online purchase, the order is delivered directly to your door, saving you a lot of time. 

 Availability of Delta 9 THC Legal products in Georgia

There are several dispensaries in Georgia, from where you find hemp products. Some of them are listed below:

 In Atlanta

  •   Hemp Mind and Body: Located at 7 Dunwoody Park. Here, you will find all the products related to hemp such as hemp capsules, gummies, etc.
  •   Medical Marijuana Store: Its location is at 140 peachtree street. It will provide you with medical products related to hemp or marijuana.
  •   ATL Dispensary: Located at 728 Monroe, Dr. NE Suite B


  •   Green Diamond CBD: 129S hill st, Griffin, GA 30223


  •   Hemp Heaven ATL: 2765 E College Ave, Decatur, GA 30030


  •   Vape City: 3895 Cherokee St NW Ste 330, Kennesaw, GA 30144


  •   Sam’s Paradise Vape: 3380 sunset ave, Hapeville, GA 30354

Tip for buying Delta 9 Legal products

There are a few things that you must keep in mind to make the right purchase of high-quality Delta 9 products, and they are given below.

The reputation of the company

There is little regulation over hemp-based products and companies, making it easier for shady companies to enter the market. Therefore, regardless of the mode of purchase you are going for, always make sure to get the products from reputed companies, online portals, and dispensaries.

Check third-party testing labels.

Lab testing is a pretty crucial part of cannabis products, and all the information about the same must be given on the label. Make sure to read the labels and find information about third-party lab testing on it.


Reviews are highly helpful when you are buying cannabis products for the first time. When it comes to cannabis products, especially Delta 9 in Georgia, make sure to check for the experience of previous customers and consumers of the products.

Get reviews about the brand and the particular products you want to buy. It will ensure that you get the best items for the best experience from Delta 9 THC.

You can buy the products according to your preferences and get the desired experience. Hemp-derived delta 9 THC which is legal in Georgia is a full spectrum hemp product category. Therefore, lawmakers always have their eyes on it. Refrain from buying anything that is illegal, even in the Delta 9 category, and enjoy the experience without facing any legal action.