Is Medical Marijuana legal in Texas?

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Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Texas. The Texas legislature first authorized medical cannabis in 2015 with the Compassionate Use Act, which allowed for the prescription of low-dose THC. Low dosage THC is a medical marijuana product that contains less than 5% THC by weight and concentration. This implies that the most frequent type of medical marijuana sold in Texas is a tincture, which is an oil compound containing two active ingredients: 

CBD and THC. Both of these components come from the marijuana plant. Other low-dose THC products will be available in Texas, including an oral spray for those who choose not to take sublingual medication.

More About Medical Marijuana in Texas

While recreational marijuana remains illegal in Texas, medical marijuana with up to 0.5 percent THC by weight is permitted for those who meet the Compassionate Use Program’s criteria. As Texas legislators prepare for the 2021 legislative session, the program could see some expansions this year.

If passed, legislation like Texas House Bill 1535 would allow more Texans to benefit from medicinal marijuana by raising the proper proportion of THC to 5% by weight.

The process for new patients is made simple by one of Texas’ major medicinal marijuana companies.

To discover a doctor in the area who can prescribe, simply fill out the form. An email containing local and telemedicine options will be sent to you by the team. Please check your spam or promotional folders as well.

One can even contact any friendly dispensary team after your appointment, and they’ll schedule you for a pick-up at one of their four sites across Texas or arrange for delivery straight to your door. Many provide various discounts on the first few orders. Take advantage of the first-time patient discount to save 20% on your first order and 50% off your second order; get 50% off when you buy one. Whatever you select, you can rest assured that the medicine is created by Texans for Texans, with a focus on quality, consistency, and purity.

Marijuana is illegal under federal law

Other states have chosen to retain medical marijuana lawful for medical purposes, granting access to qualified patients who consult with state-licensed doctors. Texas is quite popular a state here. Each state decides which medical illnesses are allowed to be treated with medical marijuana. Each state also decides whether medical marijuana can be obtained with a medical card or through written prescriptions. Finally, state legislation dictates the route of administration, which means that some states enable medical marijuana users to pick how they wish to take their dose – vaping, smoking, etc. 

Thousands more Texans can now be prescribed medical cannabis oil with low THC levels, the psychoactive element. The THC maximum allowed under the program was also increased from 0.5 percent to 1 percent. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a component in marijuana that has a psychoactive effect.

Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, but some states have legalized it for medical or recreational use. As of 2019, Texas has not legalized marijuana for any purpose. However, the state has enacted laws that reduce penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana and allow the use of low-THC cannabis products for certain medical conditions. Despite these steps, public opinion remains divided on the issue of marijuana legalization in Texas. Some individuals argue that Marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes, as it has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of conditions. Others contend that Marijuana legalization would lead to increased crime rates and substance abuse. The debate is likely to continue in the legislature in the coming years.

Final Say

Even though over 85 percent of Texans believe marijuana should be legalized for both medical and recreational purposes, policymakers have taken a cautious approach. And the program will only expand to the extent that the Legislature permits.

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