Smoking Blunt: What to Know Before You Roll Up

Smoking Blunt
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What is a Blunt?

A blunt is a cigar that has been hollowed out and filled with marijuana. It is wrapped with Tobacco leaves. A Blunt is different from a joint, which uses rolling paper. From different sources, blunts originated in New York, United States as a method for smoking pot.

Due to the presence of Tobacco leaves that covers it, the blunt seems to be in brownish colour and they are one of the dankest smokables that one can smoke up.

Types of Blunts:

  • Backwoods Blunt – It is the most commonly used blunt and it is the most affordable and easily available blunt. This type of blunt is made of rolling natural tobacco leaves.
  • Cigarillo – It is the simplest and easiest method of making a Blunt. It is just the cigar that has been split into two pieces and emptied of its tobacco content and rerolled with pot.
  • Hemp Blunts – It is a type of Blunt in which the Marijuana is rolled with Hemp leaves or Hemp-based paper. It is a good way to avoid Nicotine. 

How to Roll a Smoking Blunt:

Step I: Start With a Fresh Wrap to Smoke a Blunt

If you have a cigar with tobacco, you would have to cut open the cigar and take out the Tobacco If you want a flavour keep a small amount of tobacco inside the wrap. Cigar smoke is held in the mouth and then exhaled for flavour.

If you have a wrap that is just the outside leaf of Tobacco which comes by itself, you need to remove any lining which comes with the leaf. You will notice that blunt wrap is narrower than the joint paper which helps it to be thicker and burns smoothly.

Step II: Grind Your Marijuana

For getting a perfect Blunt grinding should be perfect. The right amount of grinding will get you the perfect size and burn correctly in the blunt. The marijuana should be a medium grind in order to burn smoothly.  

Step III: Wet the Wrap

Blunt wrap will be dry and crisp when you start with the one that contained tobacco in it. Wet the wrap by getting your hands wet and running your fingers across the blunt paper or the tobacco. Shape the Blunt paper or the wrap to a ‘V’ shape so as to hold the ground Marijuana.

Step IV: Load the Blunt

The way to load a blunt is to sprinkle the marijuana evenly across the cavity in the wrap and evenly add tobacco into the marijuana to get a smooth flavour experience. Once you settle your mix in the blunt it’s time for a roll-up.

Step V: Roll the Blunt and Look at How to Smoke a Blunt

Start by squeezing and rolling the blunt between your two fingers with both hands. Keep squeezing and rolling down the length of the blunt. Once the blunt is shaped tuck the bottom side and roll it up to a cylindrical shape The wetness from the blunt should be kept together once you fold it so as to stick well when you roll it up.

If the blunt feels stiff or begins to crack gently apply a drop of water to the needed areas. Don’t be scared of the marijuana being wet inside because we are going to dry out the blunt before smoking the blunt.

Light Up and Enjoy Smoking a Blunt

Once the blunt is dry it’s time to light up one end and get to the next level. A perfectly rolled blunt will burn longer than a Joint You may want to save it for more than one session, but keep in mind the resinous flavour will intensify the next time you smoke it.

The bold flavour and more extended session make blunts excellent for enjoying with a group of friends. Also, if you are smoking indoors remember that the smell from a blunt is very distinct and will linger longer than a bong rip or even Joint smoke. 

How to Get Started; How to Smoke Blunt?

Step 1: Get the Supplies for Smoking Blunt

Assemble your supplies, gather your gear- fire, ashtray, ground marijuana lubes and Learn How to Smoke Blunt.

Step 2: Inhale

Try breathing through a straw for a minute or two to get the hang of it and, remember if the smoke doesn’t make it to your lungs, you won’t get high.

Step 3: Hold the Smoke

Once you’ve mastered the inhale, kick it up a notch and try holding the smoke in your lungs for longer than you normally do. This gives your lungs extra time to absorb more of the Marijuana and Tobacco into your bloodstream. Thus, making a more quick and intense High.

Step 4: Take It Slow on Smoking Blunt

The average length is around six inches (that’s twice as long as most joints) Blunts are big.  The girth (the distance around the outside) is about the size of a dime. So, take it slow and don’t be afraid to stop if you’re already feeling your best high.

Step 5: Don’t Exceed Your Limit While Smoking Blunt.

If you’re flying high after a toke or two off a joint, there’s absolutely no way you’re going to make it to three or more off a blunt (remember, Smoking Blunt gets you much higher than a joint). Know your limits — and, by all means, push them now and again.

What’s the Difference Between a Joint and a Blunt?

So, What Is a Joint:

Like a blunt, the insides of a joint are marijuana and nothing but marijuana. It can be whatever strain you choose, but it’s always and only Marijuana.

The outside of a joint (or “exterior” for those of you who are into highfaluting words) is rolling paper or cigarette paper. These papers can be composed of widely different materials, from the classic wood pulp to the more exotic rice to hemp. Joints are usually white or light tan because of the rolling paper, but you can also find other colours, like gold, grey, or polka dot. 

Most rolling papers are about three inches long. When rolled and sealed, they typically resemble a cigarette. That said, they can be thinner or thicker depending on the paper you use and how much marijuana you pack inside. The flavour of a joint will come from the strain used to roll it rather than the paper. This is because most rolling papers are flavourless. That allows you to experience the full taste of your content without the paper getting in the way.


In contrast, a blunt is a type of joint that may be more than a Joint wrapped with Tobacco leaves it is brownish in colour and have the size of a cigarette, Specialty is that blunt can have a flavour combination of Tobacco and Marijuana. Thus, allows you to experience the full taste of the Flavor that you added.