Kush Mints Strain Review

Kush Mints Strain
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In this post, we will be discussing various evaluating factors of the Kush Mints strain and dwell into its legendary status in the cannabis community:

What is Kush mints strain 

Kush Mints is a marijuana strain that is known for its unique blend of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush which showcases a staggering THC content of 28%.

This psychoactive strain provides amazing euphoric effects to the user owing to its solid and minty aromatic flavor with hints of earthy and diesel-like smell.

Among the wide variety of strains falling under the hybrid bracket, Kush Mints enjoys a special place given its varied therapeutic benefits and effects which could alleviate stress in minutes and get you relaxed.

Who bred Kush Mints (history)

The Kush Mints was bred by Seed Junky Genetics, a Southern California-based cannabis brand that crossed Bubba Kush pollen with their clone-only Animal Mints strain to provide this wonderful weed miracle.

Why do people buy this strain?

People have been praising Kush Mints for its unique flavor and terpene profile that gives them the right zing. The high THC content along with its strong inclination towards a minty tone makes it a favorite among its users.

One thing that separates one strain from the other, is the effects it can produce on its users. With Kush Mints, you can be perfectly satisfied on this front as this hybrid strain gives the absolute high with the right punch of high THC content.

Effects of Kush Mints Strain

Looking for a cannabis strain that provides calming effects that run deep throughout your body? Well, try a few drags of Kush Mints, as its high levels of CBD and THC ensures some exciting effects of consuming.

– Relaxation

The CBD content in Kush Mints provides you with a pleasing and calming experience that directly deals with your level of stress and anxiety.

– Improved sleep

Users have noted a great night’s sleep with  Kush Mints. The one aspect that helps Kush Mints to achieve a definite edge is that not only soothes the body but profoundly relaxes the mind as well.

– Mood Enhancement 

According to users, this hybrid strain is known to act as a mood enhancer and positively affect one’s state of mind.

Side Effects of Kush Mints Strain

We have already mentioned its positive effects in the above-mentioned section, now it’s time we concentrate on the flipside.

Well, it wouldn’t be correct to say Kush Mints will always show these side effects, especially if you are a seasoned cannabis user, but if you are new to the community, then the chances of you experiencing these can be significantly high.

Some common side effects of Kush Mints are as follows:

  • Dryness of mouth and eyes
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Rise in anxiety levels
  • Increased heart rate
  • Paranoia 
  • Hunger

Terpenes, flavor, and appearance

Another striking factor that makes Kush Mints a stand-alone strain is its terpenes and flavors which add a completely new experience to the user’s experience.

In Kush Mints, the major terpenes found include limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene. Linalool is a calming agent that is frequently found in aromatherapy ingredients. 

Various medical types of research have demonstrated that the citrus peel compound, limonene, possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Furthermore, the presence of caryophyllene can also be spotted which is a prevalent terpene in Kush Mints that contributes to its black peppery aromas, adding to its spice. 

However, barring the terpenes in Kush Mints, another noticeable feature is its spotless flavors produced by the surprising blend of earthy coffee and cookie undertones to complement the fresh mint flavor. 

Kush Mints are a favorite garnish for edibles because of their incomparable and distinctive aroma. Its taste has been likened by several users to that of a cannabis-induced minty, menthol-rich confectionery.

Kush Mints’ nugs are covered in a thick layer of white ice crystals; they are soft to the touch and have a dark green hue.

What users say (Review)

Kush Mints strain has been tried and tested by a plethora of cannabis lovers. They all have highlighted its distinctive qualities, ranging from its potent high, significant aroma and taste, and magical ability to alleviate symptoms and make you feel euphoric and relaxed.

The Kush Mints strain is highly suggested for first-timers because of its moderate intoxication level and high-quality psychoactive effects, without being too taxing on the body. Even seasoned pot smokers have sung its praises, saying that it provides a unique and wonderful high that they haven’t experienced with any other cannabis kind.

Furthermore, some users were even spotted considering the high from this strain to be the finest they have ever encountered.

Any strain’s effects vary greatly from person to person. One cannot expect the potency of one strain to be universal, ultimately it depends on the user’s metabolism, other bodily functions, physical attributes, and so on.

Kush Mints is a wonderful hybrid for anyone looking for a fun strain. With its wonderful appeal and zesty appeal, this is definitely on your shopping list, the next time you are at the nearest dispensary.

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