Everything you need to know about Liquid THC

Liquid THC
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Liquid THC is ultra-concentrated marijuana that has been taken from buds and processed into an oral tincture or vape juice that is inhaled at low temperatures using a vape pen, or other types of vaping device.

Liquid THC contains 90% of the THC, depending on the extraction and various methods utilized during the infusion process. 

THC liquid

Liquid THC is an ultra-concentrated form of marijuana with an abnormally high THC concentration. Unlike most marijuana strains, which have a THC concentration ranging from 12%-35%, most “regular” forms of liquid weed contain up to 70% THC content.

If you’re looking for a technique to make a liquid THC, there are a variety of options available, some of which are safer and more “suitable” than others. 

Making of THC liquid

THC liquid is made in three different methods –

  1. Room temperature;
  2. Freezing/Cold method;
  3. Hot method

Room temperature

This traditional approach doesn’t use any modern technologies such as refrigerators or stoves. Instead, it’s like making tea, choose your solids, adds water, and let it sit. 


  • Decarboxylate your plant materials in a 230°F oven for 35 minutes, then place it in a quart (32 ounces) mason jar.
  • Pour 32 ounces of the strongest alcohol you can find. However, Isopropyl alcohol should be avoided at all costs.
  • Tightly cover the jar and shake well. 
  • Store the mason jar in a drawer or closet in a brown paper bag. The tincture is kept from rotting by storing it in a bag in a dark place.
  • Keep an eye on where you keep your brew. Warm/room temperature is preferred, and not hot.
  • Allow 30-60 days for the mason jar to mature (the longer the better).
  • After the steeping period, strain the leftover liquid through a cheesecloth to remove the plant matter.
  • Store it in an opaque bottle out of the sun.


Freezing/Cold method

The freezing method is used to speed up the process, otherwise, the process is the same as the room temperature method. 


  • Decarboxylate and dry your plant materials.
  • Grind the material and keep it in a zip-top plastic bag and freeze it for a few hours.
  • Put your alcohol bottle in the freezer as well. 
  • In a mason jar, combine 1 ounce of cannabis with 1 quart (32 ounces) of alcohol after the plant matter is frozen firm.
  • Shake the jar for 5 minutes after sealing it tightly and place it back in the freezer
  • Continue shaking and storing after every 2-3 hours in this manner for the following two days.
  • Extract the solid substance through cheesecloth after 48 hours to separate it from the liquid.
  • Then strain the liquid through a coffee filter to remove any remaining plant residue.
  • Finally, keep the tincture in an opaque bottle away from direct sunlight.


Hot method

Instead of letting the mixture sit for weeks, heat is used to speed up the process. The whole production time is reduced from weeks to hours. However, there are dangers involved with this process. There is a possibility of alcohol catching fire during the heating technique. Thus, it should be tried in a safe area and only under the supervision of an experienced user. 


  • 1/8-ounce cannabis – dried and decarboxylated.
  • Combine the chopped cannabis and 2 ounces of the highest-proof alcohol and place in a 1-pint mason jar.
  • In a medium saucepan, add about 1 inch of water, and bring it to a boil.
  • Place the quick read or candy thermometer in the mason jar before submerging it in the simmering water.
  • Bring the temperature of the liquid in the mason jar to 170°F.
  • Pure ethanol has a boiling point of 173°F, so keep yours just below that.
  • Cook for 20 minutes in this manner, keeping the alcohol temperature at about 170°F.
  • Using a mesh strainer or cheesecloth, remove the plant matter from the liquid THC after 20 minutes.
  • Store the tincture opaque dropper bottle.

How to use THC liquid?

The most common way to take a liquid THC is by mouth, but it can also be vaporized in an electronic vape pen and stored like other e-liquids.

  • Oral

Oral intake is the most traditional and common technique for experiencing the effects of a liquid THC. Begin by putting 2-3 drops of the tincture under your tongue. The abundant blood supply to the soft tissue beneath the tongue, allows the liquid to be absorbed quickly. 

  • Edibles

A cannabis-infused meal can also be made with a liquid THC sprayed on food. Start with a couple of sprays on your favorite dish. However due to the lengthy digestion process, the result at the beginning may be delayed, but they will stay much longer.

  • Vape pens

Vape pens are a relatively new type of overwhelming liquid THC. The liquid THC is volatilized inside the pen and maintained like traditional e-liquids.

Final Thought

Liquid THC is the best way of consuming a product that is full of ultra-potent THC concentrates. Many individuals use it for recreational purposes. Always try to buy it from a dispensary or make it on your own. Some online retailers provide THC liquid at a comparable price. If they provide third-party lab reports and maintain transparency, then try your luck with them.

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