Best Ways to Lower Your Weed Tolerance

Lower Your Weed Tolerance
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Cannabis doesn’t feel the same way or high isn’t a “high” anymore? Chances are you have been so used to cannabis that you have developed a high tolerance. This means your body is so used to cannabis that it doesn’t yield the same effects anymore. And it’s common if you have been consuming more and more cannabis in order to feel the same effects as you used to before with a very low dosage. This can cost money and time. 

But what if we told you there are ways you can lower your tolerance? 

YES, you heard that right and this article will help you do that. But first, let’s make sure you have a high tolerance. 

How to Identify if You Have High Tolerance?

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Tolerance is a catch-all term for bodily adaptation to a chemical, in this case, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using cannabis or need to gradually raise your dosage because you can no longer feel its benefits, these are two signs that you have a high tolerance.

Through regular, daily, or even more frequent usage of cannabis, people typically build up a high tolerance to it. Tolerance to cannabis may also be induced by consuming cannabis products with high THC concentrations. 

The number of cannabinoid receptors, especially CB1 receptors, in your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) might be decreased if you routinely take THC. But this is the case with most substances, for example, if you have been drinking for a while, you will come to a point where the alcohol will start losing its effect on you, so you will always end up drinking more to spin your head a bit. So of course, having a low tolerance will always result in your favour. 

Why Is Low Tolerance Better? 

Lower weed tolerance provides advantages even if you can’t chain smoke joints like an experienced smoker. The major benefit is that it is less expensive. You will spend less money at the dispensary since less cannabis is needed to achieve the desired results.

A lesser tolerance will also increase the effects, which may lead to a better “high.” More products are available to you if you have a lower weed tolerance. Someone who dabs frequently, for instance, could be let down if they attempt to smoke flowers with their friends or consume an edible that was given to them. It’s evident that having a low tolerance is good, but how do you come back to that point if you’ve already consumed a considerable amount of weed? Here are some tips we have mentioned that you can use. 

4 Best Ways to Lower Weed Tolerance

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There are several tactics to reduce your tolerance to weed, some of which are more enjoyable than others. You should try these four techniques to lower weed tolerance if you find yourself using more marijuana than usual but not feeling any higher.

Give it a Break 

Taking a vacation from your high tolerance is an effective strategy for reducing it. When you refrain from using marijuana for a full 21 days, you have taken a break.

Why 21 days? For THC to completely leave your body, it takes roughly 21 days. You won’t experience the effects of cannabis until after a complete 21 days have passed after your last use, at which point you will start to feel them.

Mood swings and anger are a few withdrawal symptoms you could face. In comparison to taking a one-hitter to smoke cannabis, quitting smoking is beneficial but far from as simple as daily smoking. 

Exercise—It’s Always Beneficial

Exercise not only makes you feel better immediately after using cannabis, but it also lowers your tolerance. THC is fat soluble, which is the science behind this. If you’ve ever prepared edibles, you’ll be aware that fat is a crucial component for allowing your body to experience the effects of THC absorbed through food.

During exercise, fat cells are burned. Some people who are trying to pass a drug test might even work out just before. Watch the benefits of attempting to get at least 30 minutes of brisk activity every day. Debunk the myth that marijuana makes you sluggish! Powerlifters, long-distance runners, and swimmers, all utilize cannabis to speed up their recovery times and achieve a sense of flow when competing.

Smoke More CBD and Less THC

Choosing a cannabis strain with more CBD than THC is another approach to reducing your tolerance. You may lessen the withdrawal symptoms you might normally feel while taking a break from cannabis by selecting a strain with a greater CBD content.

You may be aware of or have heard about how smoking CBD will counteract the high you desire to experience from smoking THC. As a result, even if this is a fantastic way to lessen your tolerance to marijuana, you could decide that using a one-hitter is preferable. 

Lower Your Dosage

If you don’t want to cut back on how frequently you smoke in a day, cutting back on how much you smoke for each smoking session can have a comparable impact, but not as severe. Smoke a pipe instead of your usual bong if you usually do so. The quantity of marijuana needed to achieve the same high is practically cut in half for those who use vaporizers, who get the most value out of a little bowl. Alter your smoking technique to smoke less.

To avoid developing high tolerance, it may be helpful to keep the THC dosage low or to only take it before night. Consuming a high dosage might be entertaining, but ingesting high-THC products continuously is a certain way to quickly develop tolerance.

Getting your tolerance in control may not be as fun as it appears to be, chances are, you will think about giving up and going back to your earlier dosages. Just remember you don’t have to take a tolerance break to lower weed tolerance. Using the tactics mentioned in this article is the ultimate way to get your tolerance back down and keep it down. Along the way, once you learn what works for you, you can continue doing that.