How to Make Cannabutter at Home

Make Cannabutter at Home
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Cannabutter is the best way to consume cannabis, even if you don’t want to consume it directly. And to make a cannabutter needs only 4 simple steps, and does not even need many types of equipment.

Requirements for Cannabutter Recipe

  •                 Cannabis flower (6 grams)
  •                 One stick or cup of butter( 8 ounces)
  •                 2 cups of water
  •                 Cheesecloth
  •                 Grinder
  •                 Mason jar

Some Quick tips:

  •       Better quality Cannabis flowers will provide you with better taste and fragrance
  •       The quality of butter determines whether your cannabis recipe will give a better texture(Preferably use Unsalted butter for better results)
  •       Calculate the amount of THC present in your cannabis flower(25% THC is preferable)

How to Make Cannabutter

Before going into the cannabutter recipe, you need to perform some steps:

Decarboxylation of cannabis flowers

It’s the chemical reaction achieved by heating cannabis at shallow temperatures (up to 245degree Fahrenheit)

 The Easiest Way to Decab Cannabis Flowers

  • Grind your cannabis flower: Grind them with the use of a grinder and grind them until they take the shape of fine sand-like particles make sure that you will wash your cannabis flowers then dry them well under the sunshine before grinding.
  • Heat them at 240degree Fahrenheit: To heat the cannabis flowers, the oven suits the most with a non-stick pan as a tray, for almost 30-40 minutes. Try to maintain the temperature accordingly because if it gets more temperature (more than 240degree Fahrenheit), then the taste of your Cannabutter will become bitter.

Now that the decarboxylation of cannabis flower is completed, we can move to the four simple steps that show us

How to Make Cannabutter?

Step1: Melting of Butter

Step one can be performed by two different methods.

  • Crockpot Method
  • Double Boiler Method

 Both methods are highly effective in performing the first step as they can control the butter’s heating temperature, so the butter doesn’t get overheated.

  • Crockpot method: Take a saucepan and put it on medium heat(nearly 150degree Fahrenheit). As the pan seems to be getting hotter, add one cup of butter and two cups of water to it. Stir them well until they get mixed with each other appropriately, and bubbles start forming into the solution.
  • Double boiler method: Take a saucepan and pour two cups of water into it; now take another heatproof container and put it into the first water-containing saucepan. Put them on medium flame (nearly 150 degrees Fahrenheit). Now in this method, add only butter to the heatproof container and allow them to heat the butter until white foam starts to appear on the whole surface of the container (it usually takes 30-40 minutes). After that, remove the white foam from the top of the container so that only butter is lefts out.

Precaution: During the whole making of cannabutter, Always keep an eye on the quantity of water, as water evaporation takes place; if you feel the water quantity reduces a lot, then add water into it regularly until bubbles or foam is not observed and don’t add cold water during the whole cannabis recipe as it alters the texture of butter.

Step 2: Add Decarboxylated Cannabis Flowers

After the butter melts, add the ground decarboxylated flowers into the container. And stir them properly so that it gets mixed with the butter.

Put the flame on medium heat for around 4 hours. Stir them and check the water level on a regular basis (preferably, check after every 90 minutes).

Quick tips: Try to maintain the temperature of the solution to 180degree Fahrenheit for 4 hours in the case of the double boiler method, while 150degree Fahrenheit for 3 hours for the Crockpot method to make the cannabutter recipe better

Step3: Filter the Solution

After 3-4 hours of heating, the cannabutter’s fragrance came out of the solution when the solution seemed to be thick. The next step, which is straining the solution, is to be performed. For straining, use a strainer, but only a strainer is not helpful as very fine particles pass through it; hence use cheesecloth or filter paper with many layers of them to filter the butter properly. Filter the butter solution into the Mason jar, and squeeze the cheesecloth properly so that the whole cannabutter will come into the jar.

Step 4: Cool the Cannabutter

After straining, all the cannabutter solution should be collected into the mason jar and placed at room temperature to make its temperature a little bit cooler. After the cannabutter solution comes to room temperature, set it into the refrigerator until it gets frozen.

    After the freeze, you will clearly see the mason jar’s two layers. The upper layer (on the surface) seems to be solid, which is our cannabutter, while the layer below it appears to be liquid is water that gets separated from the cannabutter. With the help of your hands or a spoon, gently collect the solid portion of the mason jar into another utensil and remove the leftover water.

Now that your cannabutter is ready to use, eat it with any edible item with which simple butter can be used; it will provide you with the best experience of eating butter and cannabis.

Tips to Store It: After you learn the cannabutter recipe, you have to know how to store it so it can last for two to three months. First, put the cannabutter into air sealed jar, and place it into the refrigerator at a temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Always try to place it in a dark and dry place so you can Enjoy the Cannabutter for a long time.