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New York Dispensaries

New York has a quite progressive approach when it comes to cannabis legislation, so finding dispensaries that provide quality products across the city is easy. 


The Farm Bill made a big difference for cannabis and hemp stores all around the USA, but the New York Compassionate Care Act has been in place for way longer. 


Cannabinoids like delta 8 THC and CBD products have become completely legal, and this opens up pathways for multiple new stores that can cater to many different kinds of patrons.  


Since its decriminalization in 2014, the opportunities for cannabis stores have gone up, so let’s have a look at some of the dispensaries that New York has in order to locate some of the more prominent ones with a lot more ease.


1. FP Wellness Dispensary NYC (Manhattan)

Located in Manhattan’s midtown district, FP Wellness offers good quality products at prices that have earned them a loyal customer base. It is a small store in comparison to most others, but their customer service and product supply have more than made up for it.


They have a wide variety of items like vape cartridges, capsules, lozenges, tinctures and so on. 


Location: 2 E 30th St, New York, NY 10016


2. The Botanist

The Botanist, located in Queens, is reputed for its professional customer service and product delivery. They also offer online orders, which can be picked up at the store or delivered to your doorstep for a nominal fee.


They offer products like cartridges, sweets, topicals and tinctures. 


Location: 138-72 Queens Blvd, Jamaica, NY


3. Columbia Care Brooklyn Dispensary

Columbia Care, located in Brooklyn, as the name suggests, is known for having a nice ambience to their store. Their customer service and Go Green motto have given them a large customer base. Brooklyn has a good amount of stores and this is one of the more prominent ones.


They offer a wide array of items, mainly concerned with CBD. A marijuana ID isn’t necessary in order to buy their products either.


Location: 44 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201


4.Curaleaf NY Queens

Another dispensary from Queens, Curaleaf has good value for their products, along with staff willing to help consumers with every detail. Orders can be made online and picked up in the store as well.


They offer a range of products like edibles, topicals, tinctures and cartridges.


Location: 10718 70th Rd, Queens, NY 11375



MedMen has pharmacists on call who have a solid understanding of the products that they’re selling. The store has a nice ambience and also has excellent customer service. 


They have many different versions of cannabinoids on offer, giving consumers a large array of products to choose from.


Location: 433 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016


6.Velvet Recreational Dispensary

This dispensary has a large selection of products with prices that are quite reasonable. They sell products that are mostly based around CBD and have customer service tailored towards this type of product as well.


The Velvet dispensary also has online ordering available, which can either be picked up or delivered to the consumer’s home for a fee.


Location: 44 Spring St, New York, NY 10012


7. Verilife

Verilife, which is based in the Bronx, has staff that help consumers select the products that are best suited to their needs. They have cashless payment, walk-ins and online orders, along with good parking. Online orders can be picked up or delivered based on the user’s preference as well.


They offer products like ingestibles, topical salves, tinctures, and flowers.


Location: 27 W Fordham Rd, Bronx, NY 10468


8.Smoker’s Cave And Convenience

Based in Brooklyn, Smoker’s Cave has quite a lot of local pull. Their customer base is largely from the Brooklyn area, and their customer service is a big reason for that.


They sell products such as liquids, tanks, vaporizers, and Japanese cotton, among others.

Location: 2749 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235


9. Empire Cannabis

New York’s first cannabis dispensary, the Empire Cannabis Club, has a reputation that most store owners would love to have. They offer a wide range of items like flowers, tinctures, pre rolls and vapes.


They’ve got online delivery methods as well, which makes the process of buying cannabis much easier.


Location: 147 8th Avenue,New York,NY 10011


10. Sunnyside

The Sunnyside dispensary in New York is one of the four outlets that the company has. Their staff and in house pharmacists are very helpful and help clients choose the best possible products. Online orders and pickups are available as well.


They’ve got a large variety of products on offer.


Location: 345 Route 304, Bardonia, NY 10954


So these are some of the stores in New York that are definitely worth having a look at. Since New York has a very lax approach when it comes to cannabis law, there are new stores popping up as each day goes by. The streets of New York are dominated by shops that are growing more and more in quality.  


By using this guide, the process of choosing a store is a little bit easier. All a customer needs to do is check these stores according to their requirements and location in order to find a dispensary in New York that is most well suited to their needs.