In North Carolina, there are many recreational dispensaries. So it may be hard to choose the best one. That’s why we decided to help!

Best North Carolina Dispensaries in 2022

Choose the best-recommended hemp dispensaries near you in NC with the help of this list:

Recreational cannabis is gaining popularity and is even legal in several states in the USA. It would be great to walk around with a bag of cannabis products without fearing it being illegal (because it’s not). However, you would want to get the best products, so you have to find the best shops.

If you’ve never bought cannabis at a dispensary or are just looking for the best North Carolina dispensaries, you’ve reached the right destination.

1. Carolina HEMP Cabinet

Carolina HEMP Cabinet

Carolina HEMP Cabinet is situated in Charlotte, and if you live in the area or around it, it’s a must-visit. They provide holistic and herbal CBD, kratom, hemp, and delta 8 THC products. All of their products are natural, and keep in mind the health and wellness of the consumers.

The place has a classy vibe to it, with products present on the shelf. From the outside, it looks so cool with shades of green. They are open from 10 am to 7 pm, and you can walk in anytime.

Location: 3625 Mount Holly-Huntersville Rd. Ste 407 Charlotte, NC 28216

2. Persessi Hemp & CBD Boutique

Persessi Hemp & CBD Boutique

If you live in the Durham area and don’t want to walk far to reach a dispensary, you can try going to Persessi Hemp & CBD Boutique. They offer a wide selection of CBD products and are a chic hemp boutique specializing in CBD and hemp products.

The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable. In addition, the dispensary accepts both online and offline orders. You can either pick it up from the store or deliver it to your doorsteps.

Location: 714 9th Street, Durham, NC 27705

3. Brevard Hemp

Brevard Hemp

Brevard Hemp provides high-quality products that are made specifically to provide customers with the purest and safest products. They provide natural products, and all the employees are helpful and knowledgeable. The place gives a cozy cafe-like vibe that will provide you with a friendly feel.

Since its opening, the place has been a hub for people who love hemp and always provides the latest hemp products. They have carefully chosen products on the shelves that offer consumers a wide range of selections.

Location: 19 N Caldwell St, Brevard, NC

4. Rooted For Life

Rooted For Life

Rooted For Life is the first hemp store in Roxboro, North Carolina. Their products are healthy and made using hemp from North Carolina itself. They always come up with the latest events, offers, deals, etc., making going to this store even more appealing. Their natural products are said to be safe to use.

Their products are formulated with care and have therapeutic properties good for usage. On top of that, the place is classy and looks luxurious. It’s impressive how down-to-earth and green-loving this North Carolina dispensary is. The wood stands and the stylish wall decor looks marvellous, making you feel the touch of elegance in them.

Location: 44 Gordon St #20. Roxboro, NC 27573

5. Clover CBD Dispensary

Clover CBD Dispensary

Clover CBD Dispensary is situated in Asheville, North Carolina, and is the place’s finest cannabis dispensary. They offer different types of Delta 8 THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid products of various kinds like edibles, hemp flowers, and tinctures. The shop has been going on since 2018 and aims to provide the most refined hemp products. Their staff is kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable.

They are usually open from 10 am to 9 pm every day, and 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays. If you live in the area, you can stop by their store, and their lovely appearance will also feel fantastic.

Location: 1129 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28806

6. Cannabliss Dispensary

Cannabliss Dispensary

Situated in Chapel Hill, the Cannabliss Dispensary will provide you with the blissful experience of cannabis shopping. Upon entering the shop, you would notice the great smell of their merchandise. The staff members are professional and knowledgeable. The lovely stars along with the beautiful walls – everything is marvellous about the place. You would love high-quality cannabis products, especially caramel edibles.

The staff can help you answer your questions and choose the best cannabis product for you. Their products are organic, and they even offer free delivery across the USA.

Location: 102 S Merritt Mill Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

7. VLife Cannabis Hickory

VLife Cannabis Hickory

The locally owned cannabis dispensary is located in Hickory, as the name suggests. They are a premium cannabis dispensary in North Carolina ready to serve its clients with the best quality cannabis at affordable rates. Their products are third-party independently tested. They partner with top-tier growers and processors to ensure satisfactory products.

They also help by providing you with enough knowledge about cannabis products so that you can decide on which one will be the best suited for your requirements.

Location: 283 2nd Ave SE, Hickory, NC 28602

8. CannaBuddy CBD and Delta-8 THC Dispensary

CannaBuddy CBD

Several cannabis consumers consider CannaBuddy CBD and Delta-8 THC Dispensary one of the best CBD North Carolina dispensaries. They provide different offers, rewards, and discounts every now and then. They offer holistic Delta 8 and CBD products to promote a balanced life for cannabis enthusiasts.

Their shop has a classy vibe to it with various CBD and Delta-8 THC products. The white walls inside add a bright look, and the shelves beautifully showcase the products.

Location: 10800 Independence Pointe Pkwy Ste. A Matthews, NC 28105

9. The Hippie House

Hippie House

The Hippie House is a CBD dispensary in North Carolina owned by a family and located in Winston-Salem. As the name suggests, this place has a hippie vibe, with black, purple, and neon all around. You would find excellent lighting in the place with a black floor and wall. The white light puts focus on the products.

They offer a wide variety of products from salves to tinctures, edible and whatnot. You can either walk in to buy the stuff or get free shipping (under certain conditions).

Location: 13 W Clemmonsville Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27127

10. Crowntown Cannabis

Crowntown Cannabis

Crowntown Cannabis is one of the best North Carolina dispensaries that provide both in-store shopping and in-store pickup. They are very creative with the decor because the store has an artistic vibe. The bright brick-style walls on the outside and the marvellous wooden showcases add an aesthetic view to the store.

Their products are of different types, from edibles to flowers and more. The company was founded by three pioneers who focused on ending cannabis stigma and showing people the benefits of CBD.

Location: 119 Country Club Dr NE, Concord, NC 28025


Choosing the best North Carolina dispensaries can be difficult. Whether you are confused about selecting from a wide range of products or simply don’t have enough knowledge of where to go, this list shall be helpful for you. Herbzdepot ensures that you get knowledge about the best North Carolina dispensaries without searching through the internet for hours.