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Everyone who loves cannabis knows about a One-hitter. It is a useful accessory for cannabis lovers; if you haven’t heard of it yet, today is the time to get one. However, before you go for it, it is important to have in-depth information about what it is and how to use it properly.

A One hitter is a small pipe-like accessory used to smoke cannabis, and it is the choice of people who like to be discreet and do not want to waste even a single splinter of their cannabis stock.

The right way to use a One-hitter

Firstly, it begins with loading the one-hitter with the cannabis you have. Thanks to the incredible design, it is very easy to load. While loading, it is important to ground the cannabis as you fill the one-hitter. This will ensure that, while smoking, the cannabis burns evenly and is not wasted.

Packing follows loading, and it is important to make sure it is packed more toward the area closest to the mouth of the one-hitter. It will prevent the cannabis debris from flying back and give an incredible smoking experience.

Tight loading and packing give you a great hit with every puff. When the one-hitter is filled and packed up to the amount of your preference, it is now time to begin smoking by lighting the end with a reliable flame. A lighter is preferred for even lighting the cannabis inside the one-hitter.

Keep the bud lit by taking small and quick puffs as long as the cannabis in the one-hitter turns completely into ash. It is also important to note that using the one-hitter too much can make it hot, making it difficult to hold and smoke.

Cleaning the one-hitter after smoking

Resin and bacteria buildup can be prevalent in the one hitter if it is not cleaned properly after use. Therefore, you must frequently clean the one-hitter after every use to avoid bacterial buildup.

Cleaning frequency for a one-hitter depends largely on how much cannabis you smoke daily. A variety of solutions are available to clean the glass one hitter. Some of these solutions can also be easily found at home.

Commercial cleaners for glass one-hitters include the 420 formula, which is basically used in cleaning glass pipes and bowls. Most of these commercial cleaners are quite expensive, and if you are a more frequent cannabis smoker, you must be looking for a less expensive one-hitter cleaning agent.

Cleaning the one-hitter at home could be done by using items that are easily available at home. To do the cleaning of one hitter at home, you’ll need a ziplock plastic bag, a sealable container, salt, water, and rubbing alcohol. The directions for cleaning a one-hitter are given as follows:

  1. Put the one-hitter in the ziplock bag and add alcohol until the pipe is fully submerged.
  2. Add one tablespoon of salt.
  3. Shake the bag slowly and gently so that the solution made by combining salt and alcohol passes through the one-hitter multiple times. Salt will scrub the resin build-up inside the pipe and clean it thoroughly.
  4. After this, soak it in the solution for 5-15 minutes for a gentle cleaning. In case the one-hitter has more resin buildup, one can also prefer soaking for 60 minutes or more.
  5. Rinse the pipe thoroughly with warm water after the soaking time is over, and it is ready to use again.

Why do you need a one-hitter?

A One-hitter is quite popular these days among marijuana lovers. However, popularity alone cannot be the reason for anyone to buy it. 

There are a variety of practical benefits of using a one hitter because of which you should also get one for smoking weed. The top 3 reasons why you need a one-hitter are given below.

Discreet and easy to carry.

One hitter pipe is made with a slender design that is pretty easy to carry along anywhere you go. You can easily pack it up in your pocket or carry a bag. In case you are traveling for work, it can be easily taken along without any trouble. While you are driving, perhaps having a blunt or bong could be impossible, but a one-hitter will help you get a hit of daily marijuana.

For someone who is not open about smoking marijuana, it is not practical to use a bong. However, with the help of it, it is easier to get a quick hit even without letting anyone know about it.

Maintain tolerance and lung health.

Using a blunt or joint to smoke weed can sometimes lead to wastage. It is, therefore, perhaps not so convenient. On the other hand, using a one-hitter pipe to smoke weed will help you get a perfect and quick hit instantly with a smaller amount of cannabis. It is a result of better cannabis tolerance control which can be maintained with a one hitter.

It is important to keep your weed tolerance low so that you can put your health first. You get better hit with lesser weed, and this is how tolerance is built.

Save cannabis and money.

Not everyone has got plenty to spend on cannabis, and hence, saving as much as possible is the goal while smoking weed. When weed is saved from being wasted, your money is also saved, and it needs to be kept in the picture. One-hitter is the perfect device you need to save both cannabis and money, as it helps you save precious buds.

When you smoke marijuana with a one hitter, it allows you to microdose your marijuana, and you never over smoke. It gives you the right amount of smoke that you need to get high and hence. It helps you to push your tolerance limits further. 

Materials used in making a one-hitter

One hitter is found in both online and offline markets, and you can buy the one made out of a material of your preference. Each material used in making different one-hitters has its own advantages and disadvantages. The different materials used in making one hitters are given as follows:

  • Glass – with Glass one hitter, you can see the herb through the glass, and it can be a plus point for some users. On the other hand, these are fragile and more prone to damage.
  • Metal – these are tough, strong, and durable, which makes the metal one-hitter an ideal choice for traveling. These are easy to clean, but while smoking, the metal becomes hot. It can lead to an uncomfortable smoking experience.
  • Wood – in order to get a classic and natural experience of the smoking experience, one hitter weed pipe is preferred. These are lightweight and easy to carry along. However, these require more maintenance than one-hitter made with other materials.

A One hitter is a convenient device that helps increase the quality of your cannabis-smoking experience. You can enjoy your favorite flower with the one-hitter made with a material of your preference.

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