Elevating Your Smoke Sesh: Blending Cannabis with Botanical Allies

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Smoking pure cannabis flower can be great, but mixing in other herbs to smoke with cannabis and botanicals takes the experience to the next level. Complementary plants lend their aromatic flavors, sensory effects, and health benefits to a smoke session with expanded possibilities.

Rather than just firing up the same old bowl, get creative with your consumption by blending in herbs to smoke with cannabis. Let’s explore some of the top smokable herbs to mix with your cannabis to enhance and elevate your smoke sesh.

Lavender – Floral and soothing

Known for its sweet floral aroma and calming properties, lavender makes an excellent complement to cannabis’ more pungent flavor. Adding a pinch of dried lavender buds provides a light, fragrant upgrade to any smoke blend.

The abundance of terpenes like linalool and linalyl acetate give lavender anxiety-reducing qualities that can help balance out any paranoia or racing thoughts from THC. Beyond flavor enhancement, lavender’s calming capabilities enhance cannabis’ mellow effects.

Opt for culinary lavender rather than ornamental varieties, which may be chemically treated. Welcome this fragrant flower into your smoke rotation for good taste and vibes.

Lemon balm – Zesty and uplifting

Lemon balm is another one of the great herbs to smoke with cannabis, lending a bright citrusy essence and mood-lifting properties to your blend. Just adding a pinch infuses a refreshing lemony flavor while also providing balancing effects.

Abundant limonene in lemon balm bolsters mood and delivers calming, yet energizing properties that counteract anxiety or sluggishness from THC. Combining lemon balm promotes relaxation with an uplifting twist – perfect for daytime enjoyment.

Blue lotus – Euphoric and tranquil

For a more potent enhancement, the blue lotus flower imparts a woody, spicy flavor along with herbs to smoke with cannabis that synergize with cannabis’ effects. Rich in aporphine alkaloids, blue lotus is known for reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Adding bits of dried blue lotus can amplify THC’s euphoric qualities while also enhancing sensory awareness and tranquility. It’s the perfect choice for those aiming to reach deeper meditative states or heightened cosmic consciousness.

Damiana Leaf – Passion and playfulness

Native to Mexico and Central America, dried damiana leaf has been used traditionally as an herbal aphrodisiac. When smoked, damiana imparts a mild, slightly bitter herbal flavor along with thymol compounds that provide uplifting effects.

Damiana enhances cannabis’ ability to relax and boost mood while lowering anxiety making it one of the great herbs to smoke with cannabis. The mix of damiana leaf with THC creates a fun, euphoric experience perfect for social gatherings or intimate evenings.

Peppermint – Cooling and invigorating

For a brisk flavor twist, dried peppermint makes one of the most pleasant and functional herbs to smoke with cannabis. Peppermint’s minty menthol kick helps counterbalance sluggish indica strains that lead to “couch lock.”

The sharp aroma also overrides lingering weed smells. Beyond taste, peppermint’s cooling sensation and dopamine release provide a renewed sense of focus and energy. This makes it ideal for waking up sleepy strains.

Catnip -Purring euphoria

Surprisingly, humans can absolutely experience euphoric effects from smoking dried catnip. The nepetalactone compounds in catnip mimic cannabinoids by binding to THC receptors and inducing relaxation.

Beyond providing a mild buzz, catnip adds a zesty, lemony essence to cannabis for flavor synergy. Combining catnip with weed amplifies carefree sensations of comfort and contentment.

Add a pinch of this feline favorite to your bowl and let the catnip carry you away to purring states of bliss for your next cannabis session by adding more of such herbs to smoke with cannabis.

Passionflower – Tropical Tranquility

Natural compounds in passionflower called apigenin provide relaxing, anxiolytic properties that complement cannabis nicely. This exotic vine also lends tropical fruit flavors of pineapple, mango and peach for a sweet taste.

When blended together, passionflower’s calming qualities help even out any tendency for cannabis to trigger anxiety, racing thoughts or paranoia. Its bioflavonoids induce tranquility and contentment.

Mullein Leaf – Lung Comfort

Mullein is valued in herbal medicine for its ability to soothe irritation and provide lung support. Adding a small amount of dried mullein leaves or flowers to your cannabis blend imparts mild anti-inflammatory and expectorant benefits.

You can also consider it as one of the best herbs to smoke with cannabis. The fuzzy mullein leaves also provide a smooth, cool smoke that mitigates cannabis’ harshness. Smoking mullein with weed helps Combat coughing or heaviness in the chest sometimes caused by potent strains.

Eucalyptus – Cooling and clarifying

Another excellent lung-soothing herb, eucalyptus also enhances cannabis’ effects aroma therapeutically. Eucalyptus lends bold, minty notes while also expanding airways for easy inhalation.

The clarifying camphor scent helps overpower lingering weed smells. Beyond flavor, eucalyptus provides a cooling, rejuvenating sensation that’s simultaneously tranquil and energizing.

Mix in a pinch of dried eucalyptus leaves and let its restorative properties clear your head while soothing any smoking discomfort.

Basil – Zesty stimulation

For an energizing twist, dried basil complements cannabis beautifully. Basil’s signature peppery, savory essence balances weed’s earthy flavor with a zesty kick.

But basil also provides stimulating properties, with eugenol that lifts mood and boosts focus. Combining basil with relaxing indicas creates a uniquely complex experience — chilled out yet mentally alert.

Mint – Fresh vigor

Mint contains abundant terpenes and aromatic compounds that provide invigorating effects, making it one of the excellent herbs to smoke with cannabis. The sharp, cool menthol flavor helps combat couch lock or sluggishness sometimes caused by indicas.

Mint’s refreshing properties lend renewed energy, mental clarity, and stimulation — perfect for creating a balance between relaxation and function.

Mind the ratios

When blending herbs to smoke with cannabis, use a delicate hand. Start with very small ratios like 5% or less herbal content by volume. This provides a subtle influence while ensuring cannabis remains the star.

Too much additional herb can dilute potency and create excess smoke. Get a feel for individual plants’ strength and optimize your ratios through experimentation. Achieving that sweet spot between cannabis and supporting herbs is an art.

Herbal allies for health

Beyond effects, many smokable herbs provide protective health benefits that can counteract risks from inhaling combusted plant matter. Options like mullein, marshmallow root, plantain leaf, thyme and hibiscus soothe lungs.

Other antioxidant, anti-inflammatory herbs like gynostemma, schisandra berry, ginger and clove help buffer smoke damage. Carefully formulated blends support respiratory function forclean, smooth sessions.

Time to get creative!

Now that you’re inspired, it’s time to start crafting your own signature smoke sessions! Look beyond just pure cannabis to enhance and start adding herbs to smoke with cannabis that will elevate your experience.

Nature offers a botanical treasure trove of herbs that lend their aromatic flavors, sensory effects, and health benefits to pair perfectly with weed. Let your inner alchemist explore the possibilities.

Why smoke the same old bowl when you can easily take your cannabis enjoyment to new heights? Fire it up – and spice it up!

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