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What is to know about CBD Tea?

Many people have tried CBD products in the form of edibles, tinctures, or vapes. But have you ever tried CBD tea? Many people still wonder about CBD tea before buying it. We have gathered all information here under one roof.  

CBD tea is a beverage that contains various amounts of CBD to help people relax or support other CBD benefits.

Tea-containing cannabidiol is not a medicine or a regular supplement. However, for thousands of years, traditional medicine practitioners have used hemp and cannabis products. According to CBD experts, it is both efficient and safe to use. You can now indulge in a tasty, fulfilling hot beverage with the added advantages of CBD at a time that works for you. It has been a fundamental component of many civilizations for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

CBD tea comes in a variety of tastes and formulations. Some include additional ingredients with health benefits, such as mint for congestion or chamomile for good sleep.

Does CBD Tea Contain THC? 

One of the most often asked questions about hemp tea is whether it contains THC. THC is found in the Cannabis plant, which is where hemp and marijuana come from. Hemp is sometimes confused with cannabis, although the two are not the same thing.

Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis.

While hemp contains tiny quantities of THC, marijuana has significantly more. The amount of THC in hemp isn’t high. Hemp is required to have no less than 0.3% THC content.

Hence hemp and hemp-derived tea, are allowed to use as long as they incorporate tiny quantities of THC – 0.3% or less.

Importance of CBD oil in a tea

Cannabidiol, mostly known as CBD, is a substance that is derived from hemp. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is not addictive and is well tolerated by people, therefore it doesn’t get you high. This makes it an ideal addition to tea for people who are looking to benefit from the compound but not get high.

Many users have claimed that CBD does offer plenty of benefits which we have discussed in detail in the next section. This means that adding the goodness of CBD oil to your next cup of tea will do wonders for you.

Benefits of CBD Tea 

  • Easy

If you already drink tea, switching one of your typical coffee breaks for a CBD tea break is all it takes to obtain your daily dose of CBD.

  • Pleasurable

You can make tea with your favourite flavours, so you don’t have to force yourself to take it. If you want to transform regular tea into CBD tea, you can even add a CBD food enhancer to it.

  • Avoid supplement

Do you think it’s unusual that you’re getting your CBD oil at work? CBD tea can be drunk openly in a crowded area without embarrassment, unlike tincture, or vaping. 

  • Portable 

CBD tea bags are lightweight and easy to transport, so you can take your CBD to the gym, on vacation, or wherever else you like.

Hempercamp tea comes in the form of tea leaves and tea bags. Choose from our wide range of CBD tea flavours. We have all kinds of flavours from fruity flavours and earthy green tea flavours to an English breakfast tea. 

Get better sleep 

Normal body functions are generally impacted by the lack of sleep. In extreme circumstances, it can deplete energy, impair attention, and result in some issues. Thus, the calming taste and scent of CBD tea might help tremendously with sleeplessness.

In order to completely relax the mind and body, it targets the underlying source of the issue, which can be many reasons or any other discomfort. Combining CBD oil with calming teas like chamomile, lavender, and peppermint can greatly enhance the quality of your sleep. 


To accommodate different palates, CBD tea bags are available in a range of flavours, such as morning tea and fruit-flavoured teas. Naturally, you may also add flavourless ingredients to your preferred teas, so regardless of how you choose to consume the CBD, you will be able to enjoy your hot beverage. 

Anytime and Anywhere—Flexible Product  

There is no particular time to drink CBD tea; it is a great way to start the day, take a break in the middle of the day, or even unwind at night. Enjoy your CBD beverage as you would a regular cup of tea, and when the desired benefits of CBD kick in, just switch back to your usual beverage.

How to Prepare?

CBD tea bags are quickly becoming available on the market. They contain an endless amount of cannabis per pack and require you to infuse them for them to be ready to use. 

Customers can also make a fresh cup of tea of their choice with a few drops of CBD oil or tincture added to it. Adding any type of fat to CBD can boost its absorption in the body only if CBD is hydrophobic. Customers can increase the bioavailability of cannabis in their system by adding butter or coconut milk.


All you need for hemp tea is water and hemp. Unless you’ve purchased a pre-made hemp tea bag that’s ready to use, the hemp can come in the form of dried leaves or ground hemp flower buds.

  • Bring your water to a boil as the first step. If using a teabag, fill a mug halfway with boiling water and leave the tea bag for 3–5 minutes in the mug before removing it.
  • If you’re using dried hemp leaves or buds, all you must do is bring them to a boil quickly, add any flavourings or sweetening, and then strain away from the residue.

Where To Buy CBD Tea in the USA?

Hemp tea is becoming more widely available. You can buy pre-made hemp tea bags or dry hemp leaves or buds to make your tea. You can get loose hemp leaves for tea and some fillable tea bags to put them in.

Each of these options is available from a variety of online stores. Other specialty retailers may carry the ingredients you require. 

At Hempercamp, we assure to provide the best quality of hemp-derived dried tea leaves and tea bags. All our products contain less than 0.3% THC making them safe to use and legally approved.

How many times should you drink CBD tea? 

Depending on the benefits you want, CBD tea drinking might be frequent or infrequent. Drinking tea is often a ritual or social activity for many people, so utilizing CBD tea is a simple and covert method to acquire the CBD you need.

It is crucial to keep in mind not to take more CBD or supplement products than the daily advised amount. The majority of products come with preparation guidelines and a suggested daily dose.

Start with a modest dose and gradually increase it to get the desired benefits. You may maximize the effects of your favourite CBD products and get more from the advantages of CBD tea by doing this.

Mixing CBD tinctures with tea 

The best part of making CBD tea is blending flavours to create your own taste profiles. With tens of thousands of herbs available, your possibilities for tea leaves are virtually limitless. By combining these tastes with top-brand high-quality CBD tinctures, you can further enhance their flavour.

Will you get high from CBD tea?  

CBD is not euphoric like THC. Why? Although both THC and CBD are cannabinoids, how they function in our systems is completely different.

The so-called CB1 receptors are stimulated by THC. Humans often experience sensations of pleasure when CB1 receptors are engaged, while some people also suffer worry. When consuming CBD, you will not experience euphoria, or being stoned since it doesn’t stimulate CB1 receptors.

In fact, CBD can lessen THC’s capacity to activate CB1 receptors, thus blocking some of the less desirable effects of THC. CBD is a useful product to have on hand for people who need to sleep better and feel energetic after smoking cannabis.

Different types of CBD oil in a tea 

If you’ve been keeping up with the new CBD trend, you’ve probably seen products with labels like “broad-spectrum,” “full-spectrum,” or “isolate” on the market. Everyone may find these terms complex, but novices and those who are only interested may find it particularly difficult.


Full-spectrum CBD, also known as whole plant CBD, is produced from the entire hemp plant. It includes various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. THC is furthermore found but only makes about 0.3%.


Between full-spectrum and isolates, broad-spectrum products fall within the group of three oils available today. The THC molecules are extracted and fully eliminated from the processing of the entire organic plant material. Because all of the other contributing cannabinoids and terpenes are still present in broad-spectrum products, those who use them can benefit from the entourage effect.


A pure form of CBD is called CBD isolate. There are no additional components from the cannabis plant in it. It primarily originates from hemp plants, which normally have relatively low levels of THC. The crystallised form of CBD known as CBD isolate is frequently crushed up and offered for sale as a powder.

Components that control the CBD tea dosage 

The dose that people can take may be influenced by a number of things. A person will require a varied amount of CBD depending on their physical condition or the reason they are taking it.

While some people require large dosages to control their epilepsy, lesser doses may work better.

Before taking CBD, consumers should also take into account their weight. When taking CBD tea and in many trials, medical professionals determine a dosage per pound of body weight. Therefore, those who are lighter should use smaller doses than those who are heavier.

CBD tea should be avoided or used in lesser doses by those who take other drugs that might make them sleepy. One should consult their doctor to see whether it is safe to combine alcohol and other drugs with CBD tea before doing so.

Bottom Line 

Hemp-derived tea is a beverage made by adding a few dried flower buds or hemp leaves to boiling water. Hemp tea is of course caffeine-free and abundant in beneficial cannabinoids like CBD. Many people prefer to make their hemp tea brew, but hemp tea bags are also available through online sellers and many supermarket stores.