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  • Sale! Cookie Dough Strains

    Cookie Dough Strain

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  • Dolato Strain

    Dolato Strain

    Love eating sweets? You will then adore Dolato Strain. This strain is well renowned for helping you to relax and prepare for a long, restful evening. Dolato Strain is about to replace all other strains as your go-to choice if you enjoy tasty and laid-back things.

    Do-Si-Do and Gelato, two good marijuana strains, are combined to create Dolato. An indica/Sativa hybrid that they produce has pleasant and enduring effects (depending on the manufacturer). Other articles reviewing the Dolato strain might refer to it as Dosi-lato. They are all similar, though. The defining characteristics of this strain are sweet, potent, and calming.

    Now that you have a basic idea about it let’s discuss the Dolato Strain in more detail. We will also focus on the taste, fragrance, and flavors of this strain. Let’s begin!

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  • Durban Poison Strain

    Durban Poison Strain

    This South African-originating landrace strain can be referred to as Durban Poison. Fortunately, it is non-toxic. It even has an exceptional flavor with vanilla, orange, spices, and cream notes. Read more about this strain below.

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  • Elmer’s Glue Strain

    Elmer’s Glue Strain — The Beautiful And Delicious

    Are you trying to find a tasty strain with a great high? Grab some of this weed, and you’ll have some seriously sticky, wonderful stuff in your hands. This 50/50 hybrid produces frosty, delicately tinted green buds with a pleasant pine cone aroma.

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  • Sale! Fatso strain

    Fatso Strain: Cannabis Strains

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  • Fire OG Marijuana Strain | Hempercamp

    Fire OG Marijuana Strain

    Grower’s Choice created the Octane Fire OG cannabis strain by combining the knockout power of the award-winning High Octane OG with the delicious flavor and uplifting mellow effects of White Fire OG. As a result, the flavor is kush and sour diesel with hints of fresh sweetness.

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  • Fruity pebbles strain | Hempercamp

    Fruity Pebbles Strain

    Cannabis has been in use for a long time and is derived from dried flowers, stems, and seeds from Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa. Marijuana contains THC compounds and other constituents. The strain of Fruity pebbles has been in circulation since 2006 in the US, especially in dispensaries in California.

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  • Gary Payton Strain

    Gary Payton Strain

    Gary Payton is a highly prized hybrid marijuana strain created by Cookies cultivar and named after NBA Hall of Famer Gary Payton. 

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  • Sale! Gelato 41 Strain

    Gelato 41 Strain

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  • Gelato Strain

    Gelato Strain

    THC Level: 20%

    Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Calm, Relaxing, Uplifting, Focus

    Medical Uses: Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Fatigue, Muscle Spasms, Headaches, Migraines

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  • Gelonade Marijuana Strain | Hempercamp

    Gelonade Marijuana Sativa

    Gelonade is a THC-infused Sativa flower that can be consumed by anyone. With a wide range of strains to choose from, find the ideal Gelonade for your specific needs and enjoy long-lasting relief.

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  • Georgia Pie Marijuana Strain | Hempercamp

    Georgia Pie Strain

    Georgia Pie is a potent hybrid strain developed by Seed Junky Genetics that crosses Gellati and Kush Mints. This strain is well-known for its pungent aroma, which smells like fresh peach cobbler. Georgia Pie buds have bright orange hairs with purple, orange, and green trichomes.


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  • OG Kush Aka Original Kush | Hepercamp

    GG-4 Strain

    Want to learn about an energy-boosting strain that also acts as a mood enhancer and has long-lasting effects? Well! It’s GG-4 Strain or Gorilla Glue strain. The strain is said to have rare Sativa genetics from Colombia, which are tough to come by in today’s strains. 



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  • Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain | Hempercamp

    Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain

    Girl Scout Cookies, sometimes known as GSC, is a potent cannabis hybrid strain. The Girl Scout Cookies strain was created by the Cookie Family in Northern California in 2012. GSC is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing an OG Kush cutting with the breeder’s F1 Durban Poison strain.

    • Light Green Profile
    • Great Concentration of Trichomes
    • Medium Sized Buds
    • Funky Nose
    • Strain Graded @ (AA)
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  • Gorilla Glue Strain | Hempercamp

    Gorilla Glue Strain

    THC levels in the Gorilla Glue strain range between 18 and 22%. Gorilla Glue is an excellent strain for treating chronic pain, depression, insomnia, nausea, and muscle spasms. This strain has an extremely harsh super sour diesel chemical taste that lingers on your tongue long after you’ve finished taking it. This strain’s aroma is even stronger, with a slightly sweet sour mocha effect accented by chemical diesel.

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  • Gorilla Glue Weed

    Gorilla Glue Weed

    If you’re still not convinced why Gorilla Glue is one of the most talked-about strains these days, consider this: it has a THC content of 24-26%, with some of the Phenos reaching as high as 30%.


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