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  • London Poundcake Marijuana Strain | Hempercamp

    London Pound cake Marijuana Strain

    London Pound Cake strain tastes incredible and will most likely put you in a relaxed state for quite some time, but she has been blamed for assisting with mental issues such as stress, PTSD, and misery. Some people who suffer from genuine agony find that this bud alleviates their symptoms.

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  • Mac 1 Strain

    Mac 1 Strain- The Long-lasting Energy Cum Mood Booster

    Want to know about an energy booster strain that is also a mood booster & whose effects last for hours? Well! Mac 1 Strain is it. The strain is purported to carry unusual Sativa genetics from the country of Colombia, which is difficult to find in today’s strains. The strain has remained extremely popular for a time.


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  • Mag Landrace O 1900 | Hempercamp

    Mag Landrace Strain

    The Mag Landrace O 1900 is an Iranian Kush that is widely cultivated in the state of Illinois in the US. This is funny because the Mag Landrace is among some of the unique strains in a state that just legalized cannabis for recreational purposes.

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  • Mendo breath strain | Hempercamp

    Mendo Breath Strain

    Sometimes, you need the perfect strain that brings all the best features to the table. The Mendo breath strain ticks all the right boxes if you are looking for a strain that packs quite a punch, smells good, and tastes good.

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  • Mimosa Strain

    Mimosa Strain, It’s Content & More

    Do you sometimes feel like resting & not getting started on a dull morning? Then, Mimosa Strain may be a great pick for you. Being an energy booster will bestow you with plenty of energy to work throughout the day. It’s sour yet sweet & is available in the same berry cum tropical citrus feeling. 

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  • Mochi Strain |

    Mochi Strain

    Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies were crossed to create a Mochi strain. It is a hybrid strain that favors Indica. It is often referred to as Mochi Gelato and Gelato 47. Mochi was developed by the Cookiefam.

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  • Obama Runtz Marijuana Strain | Hempercamp

    Obama Runtz Marijuana Strain

    Obama Runtz strain is a hybrid cross between Obama Kush and Runtz, two well-known strains in the cannabis community. 

    In this blog, we will dive deep into the characteristics, effects, and medical benefits of the Obama Runtz strain.

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  • OG Kush (Greenhouse) |
  • OG Kush Aka Original Kush | Hepercamp

    OG Kush Aka Original Kush Strain

    The OG Kush is a renowned variety. We searched high and low for the perfect OG Kush because there are so many imposters out there. With its nice tight boulder nuggets and light and dark green patterns, this breeder has really hit the nail on the head.

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  • Oreoz Marijuana Strain | Hempercamp

    Oreoz Marijuana Strain

    Oreoz is a potent marijuana hybrid strain created by crossing Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon. This strain produces a relaxing and long-lasting high. Consumers should exercise caution because Oreoz’s high potency may be overwhelming to those new to cannabis.

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  • Peanut Butter Breath Strain

    Peanut Butter Breath Strain

    Peanut Breath also referred to as Peanut Butter Breath, is a balanced hybrid. Mendo Breath and Do-Si-Dos were crossed to generate this strain, a lovely fusion of its two reliable parents.

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  • Peyote Cookies Strain

    Peyote Cookies Strain

    Peyote Cookies are not to be underestimated, with their highly addictive flavor and incredibly high THC levels of 20 percent or more on average.


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  • Pineapple Express Strain- A tropical experience | Hepercamp

    Pineapple Express Strain- A tropical Experience

    Pineapple Express’s term comes from its parent lineage, a hybrid Trainwreck combined with a native Hawaiian. Pineapple Express is, without a doubt, the most well-known cannabis strain. Due to its extensive success, this strain is available in various forms, including vapes, flowers, and concentrates. Read on to discover further about Pineapple Express.


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  • Sale! Pink champagne strain | Hempercamp

    Pink Champagne Strain

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    Light a Pink Champagne joint and prepare for the ultimate uplifting high! This fruity hybrid has a bubbly aftertaste that will leave you wanting more. If you want to put yourself in a good mood, this is the strain for you.

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  • Princess haze strain

    Princess haze Strain: Marijuana Strain

    Young people can enjoy the strain of parties without any hassle. They can have it outdoors as well as indoor usage. It is a substance for group enjoyment and social gatherings.

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  • Punch Breath Strain | Hempercamp

    Punch Breath Strain

    The punch breath strain looks like a bud that comes into its own after dinner. This is a good strain for an experienced weed head. It isn’t recommended for beginners at all. 


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