Raspberry Lemonade Strain Review

Raspberry Lemonade Strain Review
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If you are looking for one of the sweet but tangy-flavored strains on the market then the Raspberry Lemonade strain could be the right choice for you. It is not only the taste but the aroma of this strain is also incredible. 

While the Raspberry Strain is supposed to be overpowering, it is not overpowering. This is why it is one of the most popular strains among those seeking a sweet and tangy experience.

Read on to get more information about this strain.

Introducing Raspberry Lemonade strain

Raspberry Lemonade or also known as Strawberry Lemonade is said to be a hybrid strain or the love child that is created from two parents, namely, Lemon Skunk and Blueberry Kush. The characteristics of these two parents are imbibed in the strain offering a tangy fruity flavor that would surely enlighten your palate.

The strain is a slightly Sativa-leaning hybrid and is an excellent option if you are looking for a little daytime pep. You can use it in the morning or afternoon.

Raspberry Lemonade has won many awards including the best Sativa flower at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2016. It also took first place in High Times’ 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup as Best Sativa Concentrate.

How does it smell?

The aroma is glorious with the fresh and sweet smell of a lemon bouquet and an earthy berry hint. The combination of strawberries, sour lemon, and other citrus fruits with a hint of sweetness offers a genuine delight. 

How does it taste?

As the name suggests, the strain offers a taste of fresh strawberries and lemons. The sweet and sour taste of strawberries and the zest of the citrus are like a real eye-opener. 

While exhaling, you might feel the taste of a sweet and spicy berry flavor that just explodes on your tongue making you crave for more. 

What does it look like?

The flowers of the Raspberry Lemonade strain are medium-sized and are clustered in a way that makes it look like a cauliflower. 

Even though Raspberry Lemonade is slightly leaned towards Sativa, the buds have a dense, Indica-typical structure. The leaves are small and coiled inwards.

How is it cultivated?

Raspberry Lemonade can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, it requires very less maintenance.

While growing outdoors, the Raspberry Lemonade strain will require a warm and temperate climate. The ideal temperature should range between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The strain harvests by middle October and can produce approximately 14 ounces of bud from each plant.

It makes more sense to grow Raspberry Lemonade strain indoors so that you can have complete control over the climate. The flowering time is of 9 to 10 weeks while growing indoors. It can yield approximately 16 ounces of bud per square meter planted.

The strain’s plant grows a bit tall and may need occasionally pruning so that it fits indoors to grow in a small space.

The only issue is that you might not get Strawberry Lemonade seeds. Therefore, you will need to get clippings from a mature Raspberry Lemonade for creating clones.

How to use Raspberry Lemonade strain?

Raspberry Lemonade is usually taken through vaping. When smoked, this strain is the perfect mix of fruity flavors is sure to indulge your taste buds. 

Is it safe to consume?

There have been no side effects reported to date while using this strain. People have rather enjoyed consuming the Raspberry Lemonade in vape form along with other cannabinoids. It is safe as long as the product abides by the 2018 Farm Bill.

If you’re looking for Raspberry Lemonade strain to order, look it up on Google.

Reaching out to buy Raspberry Lemonade strain

The strain is available with many online outlets in the form of flowers, pre-rolls, and vape cartridges. Buy it from reputed sellers!

Final words 

If you have a sweet tooth and wish for something tangy too then try the Raspberry Lemonade strain. it is one of the best strains that are quite easy to grow and have a marvelous aroma and flavor.

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