CBD Honey Sticks: The tasty new CBD delivery system 

CBD honey sticks are the new delivery system for CBD that’s taking over the CBD scene. These tasty little sticks are being used to replace vapes and droppers with a new way to get a daily dose of CBD in your system.

The main benefit of using CBD honey sticks is that they’re easy to use, portable, and taste great! They can be enjoyed at home or on the go and are available in various flavours and strengths. You won’t have any sort of side effects but will feel a lot more relaxed and relieved on having CBD honey sticks.

CBD honey sticks in green apple flavour are super delicious and come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they’re made with high-quality terpenes that enhance the flavour and effects of the CBD oil inside them. This means you’ll get all the benefits of Cannabidiol without any harsh aftertaste or unpleasant taste — just delicious honey that tastes like candy!

What is so great about CBD honey sticks?

CBD honey sticks are made by infusing honey with CBD isolate, which is then heated up and blended into a smooth paste. The final mixture is put into moulds and allowed to cool, creating the familiar honey stick shape consumers are used to seeing in stores.

Well, they’re convenient, tasty, and easy to take: just bite off a piece and suck on it. They also offer a number of benefits that make them an excellent choice for anyone who wants their regular CBD without having to deal with the taste or texture of other forms of CBD products. For example:

  1. Convenience: These CBD honey sticks come in pre-measured doses, so you don’t have to worry about measuring your capsules or oils every morning before work or school. Just bite some off your mouth before heading out the door, and you’re good to go!
  2. Taste: If you’ve ever tried taking some CBD oil straight from the dropper, then you know how unpleasant it can be (especially if it’s flavoured). But these honey sticks taste the same as honey candy (and even better if you like the slight touch of the traditional CBD taste).
  3. Expense: These CBD honey sticks are quite cheap compared to CBD oil or traditional over-the-counter pain pills or antioxidants. They cost about the same as any other trendy snack.

Are these better than CBD oils?

These honey sticks are made from the same ingredients as CBD oil — Cannabidiol and carrier oil — but they’re created differently.

CBD oil comes from the raw hemp plant and is processed using high heat and pressure to extract cannabinoids from the plant. This process can degrade some of the plant’s compounds, making it less effective than other delivery methods.

On the other hand, CBD honey sticks are made by adding a little bit of honey to your favourite organic relaxing compound. This process preserves all of the naturally occurring compounds in honey and hemp, so you get all their benefits without any degradation or loss of potency during processing.

How to buy CBD Honey Sticks?

You can buy these CBD honey sticks in Green Apple flavour from any online retailer or nearby dispensary or weed store. However, it is always a good idea to order such products online as you can grab exciting offers every now and then. Most online portals offer discounts and other “buy one get one free” kinds of offers that one can avail. 

Just make sure to go through the details of the products to ensure that you are buying good quality products. These days it is very common to buy products from online portals as they will be delivered directly to your home in no time.

You won’t feel uneasy using this product, making it a great choice for those seeking that hard-to-find relaxation!


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