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Air Bar Disposable vape

This classic Air bar disposable Vape comes with more than 500 puffs of your favorite cannabis product fully flavored with different trendy tastes. It is fully packed with a generous amount of 1.8ml of e-liquid that has been blended with a 5% nicotine potency.



The Air bar disposable Vape is offered in a series of unique flavors that caters to the cannabis fantasies of devout users. 

The vape offers a puff count that is equivalent to about 20 cigarette sticks. Unlike regular weed strains, you can easily take this device with you and enjoy your favorite flavors while on the move. This high-caliber disposable vape has already created a lot of attention due to its great quality and reliability. 

The design focuses on ergonomics to promote convenient use

This disposable vape device comes with a disposable external casing that has been optimized ergonomically to enhance usage. 

The vape comes with a smart working mechanism that activates the contents inside to produce the right aroma and taste. 

You activate the device by simply pulling up on it.

This disposable Vape device has been made from quality external casing materials. This is why it is small, portable, and weighs significantly less. The 380mAh battery has been optimized to enhance performance and long-term use.

Features of the Air bar disposable Vape

  • Offers a puff count that is equivalent to 20 cigarettes.
  • Comes with a soft nozzle that promotes convenient usage.
  • Comes with an internal battery capacity of 380mAh.
  • Available in about 14 delicious flavors.
  • No need for maintenance.
  • An easily disposable pod that enhances convenient cannabis use.
  • It comes in a lightweight, compact, and portable external pod.
  • Features the right nicotine content and potency for the right cigarette-style throat hit.
  • Comes fully pre-filled and does not need any messy refills.
  • It comes fully pre-charged and does not need any subsequent recharges.

Flavors of the Air bar disposable Vape

This Air bar disposable Vape comes with a puff count of over 500. It is encased in a sleek airtight casing and offered in various flavors. These flavors are:

  • Air bar disposable cucumber
  • Air bar disposable watermelon ice
  • Air bar disposable pink lemonade
  • Air bar disposable peach
  • Air bar disposable mango
  • Air bar disposable O.M.G (orange mango guava)
  • Air bar disposable blueberry ice
  • Air bar disposable sour apple

Final words

Hempercamp is a popular vape review website that features the most trendy hemp products. Hempercamp is a one-stop shop for comprehensive information on hemp products and aims to create public awareness of cannabinoids and CBD products. This review of the Air bar disposable Vape is meant to inform users to maximize its use.


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