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Alien Cookies Strain

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The alien cookies come with a perfectly balanced hybrid strain, with the combination of alien dawg, Girl Scout cookies, and fire Alien Kush. These effective Sativa species blend together to get this great alien cookie strain. The specialty of hybridizing stains is created by combining some specific species to get the perfect stability of cookies.



The Alien Cookies strain comes with a 50% indicia and 50% Sativa ratio and an average THC of 21% or more and less than 1% CBD, so this potent cannabis strain relieves the body and mind. The Alien cookies strain is the best choice for a great day. It gives vanilla, lemon, sweet cherry, or mint flavors and is very comfortable to inhale, not overwhelming. The aromas are unique, offering sweet, earthy, and somewhat natural down the earth. 

The flavor and aroma play a considerable role, which effectively delivers relaxation for the users. It is an evenly balanced hybrid strain with a delicious flavor. The core function of the stains can be used to maintain a happy mood and get the perfect mindset to work in a focused way. As per the experts, it has potent effects, so it is safer to start slow to get enormous benefits.

How are the Hybrid Strains effective?

In most cases, the hybrid strains are developed with combinations of Indica and Sativa. It can be upper or lower depending on the dominant because the indicia and Sativa work differently. Many hybrid cookies are created and out on the market, but alien cookie stains tend to be the perfect choice for enthusiasts. The regular strain buyers showed a good response after using the alien cookies strain, which reached more people because of its remarkable effects.

This hybrid strain comes rich in pinene and is the perfect choice for people who want to perform actively. Sativa is recommended for use in the daytime. 

Alien Cookies Strains Reviews?

With the alien cookies, the strain comes with an average THC level which provides pleasant effects. The buds of alien cookies are a little chunky; their color is bright forest green and majorly covered with light orange pistil. It is perfect for social events and get-togethers. A gradual transition from a tranquil, content state to an otherworldly high is offered by this stain. As per the users, it is good to use them if the person wants to do something expressive, like doing creative things writing, painting, or sculpting uniquely.

How to grow the Alien Cookies Strain?

The alien cookie strain can be grown indoors and outdoors using a different methodology. Some people may not take this step because it needs proper care and it is also not easy to grow. While growing them indoors, it can be expected to have a harvest of 0.5 to 1 ounce in one square foot and outdoor harvests can expect from 1 to 2 ounces per square foot. In general, a harvest of 400 grams per plant can be expected. The flowers develop within 9-10 weeks whether it is indoor or outdoor. The genetics of the seed can impact the yield quantity. Along with genetics, the soil and the growing environment can also affect growth.


The Alien Cookies strain is one of the best hybrid strains out on the market; depending on the smell and flavor, many people love this cookie. Because it is very light and pretty good to use, give it a try and enjoy the result throughout the day.