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Baked HHC Vape Pen Blueberry Cookie 1g


The baked HHC vape pen blueberry cookie is the right device for you if you are looking for a healthy and innovative way to use your favorite weed strains. It features a delicious strain of cannabis that is produced by blending HHC with Blueberry cookies. This means that you get to taste the popular HHC which comes with a smooth and upbeat stone vapor.




The Baked HHC Vape Pen Blueberry Cookie features a concentrated cannabis device that produces a daily dose of your most desired cannabis products. It can be taken virtually anywhere to ensure that you are rejuvenated and uplifted any time that you feel like it.

This product is so potent that users are recommended to consume about one to two draws at a given time. They are then told to wait for nearly 45 minutes before they take a few more draws.
Baked HHC Vape Pen Blueberry Cookie
This is a product that gives you a realistic throat hit and is a little bit stronger than the delta 8 THC.

A Sleek and innovative design

The HHC vape pen from Baked is an innovative hemp vape stick that features a delicious blend of your favourite cannabis flavour. The product has been packaged in a sleek and innovative external casing.

This is a stylish vape pen, which provides a very delicious blend of your favourite hemp flavours. The blends are made possible through high-quality processing by organic methods. You can instantly feel engaged with the content of this vape pen.

Unlike many vape sticks in the marketplace, this product can be recharged. The product uses an innovative and smart mechanism to produce the gas which is healthy for all users.

The product offers a smart way to use your cannabis product daily. The external case is made from a high-grade and robust protective material.

This vape stick comes in an ergonomic curve and a pocket-sized shape to improve its use while on the move.

Features of the Baked HHC vape pen blueberry cookie

  • This is an innovative vape pen that can be recharged.
  • It can be activated with the simple use of a button.
  • Comes with a blend of the terpenes of Blueberry cookies and HHC (1g).
  • This is a stylish vape stick.
  • The product comes in a size of 1 gram.
  • It is made from botanical terpenes and HHC.

Final words

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