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Birthday Cake Strain

Birthday Cake Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the insanely delicious Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strains. This bud has a crazy tasty flavor of a fruity vanilla skunk with a hint of sweet nuttiness on exhale, as its name suggests.



Birthday Cake Strain – Introduction

Birthday cake is a cross between the cherry pie strain that is Indica dominant and the girl scout cookies strain that is Indica-leaning. The resultant product effectively balances the physical as well as the cerebral effects of the parent strains.

If you are looking for products that make you feel happy and help you be tranquil feeling relaxed, then you can try the birthday cake. The THC content of this strain is around 20% to 24%. It is a great mood booster, which is why it is becoming popular.

The reasons for the popularity of Birthday Cake Strain

There are many reasons why birthday cake is popular. The reasons include:

  • The effects that the strain produces on consumption are the main reason why it is popular. You would feel content and relaxed by using this strain. A feeling of tranquility would be experienced. It can also produce an energizing effect on consumption.
  • Apart from the beneficial effects, the taste, and flavor are key factors that make this strain popular. 
  • The flowers of this strain are sweetish and a bit skunky. The stench is a bit pungent, but it does not put off people. There is a tone of vanilla that you can detect in the flower’s scent. During drying and curing, there is a distinct change in the scent. 
  • Once the nugs are opened, then the flavor is that of earthiness with a fruity tone. This is what makes this strain so popular. The scent would take over the jar in which it is placed.
  • When the strain is smoked, the sweet flavor can be perceived. While there is a clear fruity flavor, the creamier and sweetish flavors overwhelm this. 
  • Since it is from the Girl Scout cookie family, the smoke turns out to be creamy and rich. This makes it perfect for dinner. 
  • Once the flavors and scents are established, then you would start experiencing its effects. The cerebral effects are non-sedative, which is another reason for its popularity. 
  • While it makes you relaxed, there is no stoned effect produced. This is another reason for its popularity.

Is this strain safe to consume?

The birthday cake strain does not produce a stoned effect. This is a very big factor that makes it popular. It also makes it safe to consume. Since it has a THC content of more than 20%, it may not be suited for novices. While it still remains safe, they could face adverse effects, which is something they need to consider.

For all others who have used wedding cake strain and other related ones, the strain is definitely safe to consume. The Indica strain ensures that the initial effect of stimulation leads to a state of calmness and relaxation. This strain is ideal for the nighttime relaxation.  

Is the strain legal in the US?

This strain is safe to consume and is legal in the US. You can buy it both offline and online. Being a recreational weed, it is safe to use. You should buy it from any trusted source. When you buy online, there may be discounts and offers that you must check. Many dispensaries offer free home delivery of strains. 

Final Say

Birthday cake strain has become one of the most popular THC products in the US. This is a fairly new strain and has gained in popularity fast. The strain is dessert-like and unique, which explains why it is so popular. At the end of a tiring day, you can relax by using this strain that is legal and safe to use.


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