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Black Diamond Marijuana Strain

Black Diamond is a potent hybrid strain with Indica leanings that exist to produce those distinct sensations. Let’s take a closer look at this unusual strain and figure out what makes it exceptional.



Black Diamond is a hybrid that is primarily indica genetically. It’s a cross of genetically modified Blackberry and Diamond OG, an OG Kush hybrid. This strain’s Indica and Sativa content is between 15% and 24%. Breeders have created one diamond of a strain that you’ll be proud to show off: Black Diamond. The marijuana community has always found a way to pay homage to all things beautiful, and breeders have managed to create one gem of a strain that you’ll be glad to have with you.

Black Diamond is a potent hybrid strain with indica leanings that exist to produce those distinct sensations. Let’s take a closer look at this unusual strain and figure out what makes it exceptional.

Terpene Profile: Botanical 

Black Diamond Strain: Indica

 More About Black Diamond Strain

 Black Diamond is 70 percent indica and 30 percent Sativa, with an average THC level of 18 to 24 percent and almost no CBD. This strain will make you feel like you’re in a warm cocoon, yet despite its indica dominance, its effects are surprisingly interactive. 

It grows well indoors or outdoors if you can get a seed or clone and have previous growing skills — this is not a beginner’s plant. This cultivar prefers soil over hydroponic media and prefers warmer climes, blooming in October outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere or eight to nine weeks indoors. Black Diamond has great bag appeal, with multi-colored blooms and a vibrant, powerful scent, in addition to its psychotropic intensity. 

This strain doesn’t require any specific instructions for growing. To add a purple-ish tone to it, breeders try to introduce it to more cold weather. In addition, the ease of growing this plant makes it convenient for you to get more from the market without the hassle. 


Black Diamond is distinguished by its elongated, almost cylindrical blossoms, which range in size from medium to enormous. The buds have a dense, robust structure for which other indica types are known. The leaves are a pale sage green color with pale brown pistils.

Some of the strain’s phenotypes also contain brilliant purple streaks caused by pigments called anthocyanins that are enhanced by cold temperatures throughout the developing phase. The crowning feature of these beautiful blossoms is icy white trichomes, which give them an extremely sticky texture and make them tough to break up by hand.

Smell and Flavor 

Black Diamond offers a deep aroma reminiscence of a berry like its parent blackberry when it is cured properly. The earthyness of this strain is powerful, vibrant and rich. 

Given its heritage, it has an earthy, sweet flavor with a little skunky odor. It has an overpowering blackberry flavor with burnt toffee flavors and woody undertones. 

In addition, this strain also has an oddly specific aroma with its incredible flavours without actually smelling like cannabis. The rich notes would feel amazing. Furthermore, the smoke of this strain is gentler and smooth (depending on manufacturers and method of consumption). 

The exhale of the Black Diamond strain will be similar to oaky flavors. It takes more traits in terms of flavors and taste from its blackberry parentage while taking little characteristics from the Diamond OG parentage. 


Does Black Diamond provide a high feeling? 

Yes, it is one of the extremely potent strains that have more than 20% THC in it. In addition, the CBD levels of this strain are near-absent. Hence, it provides a powerful high. It’s better to consume it in fewer quantities at the beginning and increase your dose when you find your body adjusting to it without hassle. 

What’s the possible side effect of Black Diamond Strain? 

The most visible and possible side effect of the Black Diamond strain that you may notice (in cases of high doses) is dry eyes and dry mouth (quite common with almost all marijuana strains). 

What does Black Diamond strain exactly taste like?

The Black Diamond strain tastes similar to blackberry with a tinge of hardwood and burnt toffee.


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