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Urb Extrax Blood Orange Delta 9 Gummies (10mg)

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URB and Delta Extrax bring to you their tangy hit, Urb Extrax Blood Orange 10 mg Delta 9 Gummies (10mg). These big-sized gummies come packed with Delta 9 THC in an exciting Blood Orange flavor. 

Urb Extrax Blood Orange Delta 9 Gummies Flavor

Who does not love Blood Orange? They are deliciously tangy, with a flavor profile that feels like a party in your mouth. These gummies combine the high of Delta 9 THC with Bood Orange. They have a subtly sweet orange note that infuses with raspy red grapefruit, a whiff of tart cherries, and mouth-watering raspberries.


These gummies are for everyone! Whether you’re a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. You don’t have to worry about these gummies as they are a 100% VEGAN. Made from the best quality and choicest ingredients, Urb Extrax Blood Orange 10 mg Delta 9 Gummies contain the goodness of nature in them. 

They are made from a mixture of sugar, sodium citrate, water, corn syrup, coconut oil, flavoring, color, citric acid, and lecithin.

Weight and Size

What’s the biggest gummy you have ever had? 2gm? 3gm? Not more than that? Well then, get ready to break all your previous records with Urb Extrax’s Orange Delta 9 Gummies. Because each gummy weighs a WHOOPING 6 GM. They are big enough to keep you very high for a long time.  

Federal Compliance

The big size they come in is not a problem for you. These gummies are made in a way that even though they weigh 6 gm and have 10 mg of Delta 9 THC. They still contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. This ensures they are federally compliant, and you don’t get your hands tied up with the law.


Wondering how you will store these Orange Delta 9 THC gummies? The good people at Delta Extrax and URB Finest Flowers have got you covered. You can store their gummies in individual wrappers in a cool and dark place.